The Jack Point Home for Pedestrian Playables, Chapter 6


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The Jack Point Home for Pedestrian Playables, Chapter 6

  1. 1. Oh! You scared me! Well, welcome back to The Jack Point Homefor Pedestrian Playables, a Residential Facility for People withPsychological Differences Challenge!Our playable, Leila Shankel, wants to become a fairy, or at least tohave fairy wings surgically implanted. Since this costs a lot ofmoney, she is currently working two jobs and saving up. Leila isworried about her future, and with good reason. There are only twoliving residents left, and she has yet to be promoted. Not tomention that inconvenient development from last time...Which I believe is all you need to know to be able to follow along!
  2. 2. Last time, I left you with an image that probably made you say“Wait! What’s going on? How did that happen? Isn’t that againstthe rules?”
  3. 3. Well, it’s a baby bump, acquired in the usual way, one presumes.And yes, it is very much against the rules. Fortunately, the wholefiasco happened on Leila’s day off.
  4. 4. When I say “the whole fiasco,” I really do mean the whole thing,thanks to a highly illegal pregnancy-and-babyhood acceleratorLeila was able to get her hands on.Since nothing about this situation is challenge-legal, I figured itwas okay. I have Plot to develop for other of my stories.**Ruth’s (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge and Already in Progress, tobe precise.
  5. 5. Aside from the whole illegal-and-illegally-accelerated pregnancy thing, it was a fairly normalday off at the asy -- at the residential facility.Leila restocked the fridge while Joe scavenged inthe trash.
  6. 6. Both Joe and Jeffina took sponge baths despite thepresence of a fully functioning and actually-clean-for-once tub-and-shower combo upstairs.Jeffina bathes a lot, come to think of it. I supposeshe’s one of a new line of waterproof robots?
  7. 7. And Joe discovered his purpose in life.JOE: Oooh! Oooh! I’ve got it, Professor! I can get myself andeveryone else out of here in one piece if I have two hundredseparate and distinct visits from you. Is that right? Did I figure outout the answer?
  8. 8. The professor apparently answered in theaffirmative, because Joe wasted no time inbeginning to fulfill his mission.
  9. 9. Or at least Joe was dedicated to his missionuntil he discovered a more important one. Itconsists of four steps:1. Stompy-wave and complain about not beingable to get to the refrigerator.2. Complain about being hungry.3. Cheer for Jeffina, who is playing the piano.4. Repeat from Step 1.
  10. 10. Eventually, Joe got tired and turned over stompy-waving andwhining duties to Jeffina, who did her level best. And that waswhere things stood when Leila got home at four p.m.
  11. 11. The first thing Leila did was order a pizza…LEILA: Yes, a super extra large deep dish with double everything,stat!
  12. 12. …before cleaning up the offending instant meal.LEILA: There, Jeffina, it’s gone. You can get to the fridge. Youknow, you could have done this exact thing any time you wantedto.JEFFINA: Does not compute! Routing error!LEILA: (sigh) Well, maybe you’ll remember for next time, okay?
  13. 13. Joe and Jeffina ignored the pizza in favor of feeding themselves.Jeffina, at least, had some excuse, since she cooked herself a mealfrom the previously blocked fridge. Joe, on the other hand, had thenasty green and buzzing instant meal that had been on the counterall day.Which he got to via a route that had been clear all day.Leila seemed to give up on the two of them just as much as I did,since she used the toilet, changed into her regular clothes, and satdown to play the piano.
  14. 14. And that would be the point where I lost the challenge.
  15. 15. Since I’d lost anyway, I figured why not try to resurrect Leila?After all, she’s got a family who love her very much.
  16. 16. …Aaaand that worked about as well as you’d think it would.The moral of the story, boys and girls, is don’t cheat whilst playingan asyl -- a residential facility for people with psychologicaldifferences challenge.
  17. 17. ScoreBase score: 100Minus number of days in the asylum: -17Minus 5 resident deaths @ 20 points each: -100Minus 1 visitor deaths @ 30 points each: -30Minus playable death: -11,000,000Total: -11,000,047
  18. 18. Running totalsFires: 4Potty accidents: 10Sponge baths: 7Aspiration failures: 29Shrink visits: 7Pass outs from exhaustion: 5
  19. 19. Survivor’s skillsJeffina Twain3 Cooking points3 Logic points8 Creativity pointsJoe Grundstrom2 Cooking points1 Body point1 Logic point8 Creativity points
  20. 20. What -- you didn’t think that was the end, did you? With all thoseloose ends? No, I like to wrap things up.
  21. 21. There was a little problem to be resolved -- or two, really. You see,Leila hadn’t told anyone about her illegal-and-illegally-acceleratedpregnancy, so nobody knew who the babies belonged to. Whenquestioned, Joe said the stork brought them while he was asleep.Jeffina announced that they were hers, but since she then addedthat she’d built them on a workbench, she was not believed.Logically, that left Leila as a potential parent, and if it wasn’t formultiple witnesses who swore (accurately enough) that she hadn’tbeen pregnant any time in the preceding week, custody might havebeen granted to Leila’s sister Rose, or possibly even to Abhijeet.However, since Leila’s maternity seemed physically unlikely, thetwins were instead placed in foster care.
  22. 22. Foster care was (very briefly) the house of Leila’s sister Phoebe,since Phoebe was connected to both Leila and the orphanagethrough her sorority sister Catherynne, who runs it. Not thatPhoebe’s house was an ideal situation, as it was full to bursting,what with Phoebe; her husband Chant; Chant’s daughter; Phoebeand Chant’s son; and Chant’s mother, aunt, and grandfathers. Thechildren were only there for a few hours, until Catherynne and herhusband Douglas Wheeler were able to pick them up. Since Phoebewas prostrate with grief, Chant handed the kids over.You can read more about them in the Wheeler family segments ofAlready in Progress.
  23. 23. As for the other two inhabitants of the asy -- residential facilty,they remained in the house at their own request. Since Joe was avoluntary admit with no official diagnosis beyond “likes to wear apink gorilla suit,” the authorities had no grounds to remove him. Inan unexpected twist, Joe and Jeffina experienced swoopy harpsound effects in (where else?) the bathroom. Presumably, theylived happily ever after.I personally was quite cross that my least favorite residents werethe only ones to survive, and I don’t plan to keep up with them.
  24. 24. Finally, I believe I mentioned in one of the related shorts thatAbhijeet is a brujo*: a man who can use magic. Now, if you are areasonably powerful brujo, and if the woman you loved has justdied, do you think that you’re very likely to sit on your hands?Neither was Abhijeet.Okay, so he used a Bone Phone, but they don’t give those to justanybody, you know.*Pronounced more-or-less like “BREW-hoe.” Because I get to pick whatwords I use and I like brujo better than warlock, that’s why.
  25. 25. Abhijeet wasted no time in proposing, and Leila wasted even lessin accepting. To add to the happy ending, Leila’s lifebar has beenreset with no loss of skill points, meaning she’s only two cuts awayfrom permaplat.Not that it matters anymore.
  26. 26. ABHIJEET: Please don’t get mad at me again, but now you’re outof that place, we really have to talk about this.LEILA: “Again”? I’ve never been mad at you.ABHIJEET: Um, yes, you have. We had a big fight last week abouthow you wouldn’t leave and you wouldn’t let me help you.LEILA: I don’t remember fighting with you at all.ABHIJEET: No? Uh… What’s the last thing you remember?LEILA: You kissed me for the very first time.* But you said youcould help me? How could you possibly help me more than youalready have?*This points to retrograde amnesia covering about two weeks, since thathappened on Day Four.
  27. 27. ABHIJEET: Like this.
  28. 28. LEILA: Squeeeeeeee! Fairy wings! Oh, Abhijeet, you’re the bestguy I could ever ask for!
  29. 29. So you see, it’s a happy ending after all. You can read more aboutLeila and Abhijeet in Already in Progress, if you are so inclined.Thank you for joining me in this challenge! Until we meet again,Happy Simming!