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Classification of copper and copper alloys


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Classification of copper and copper alloys

  2. 2. Designated of alloys1. WROUGHT ALLOYSDESIGNATED C16000 - C79999FORGED,ROLLED,HOT AND COLD WORK CAN BE DONEGeneric name UNS numbers CompositionWrought alloysCoppers C10100-C15760 >99%CuHigh-copper alloys C16200-C19600 >96%CuBrasses C20500-C28580 Cu-ZnLeaded brasses C31200-C38590 Cu-Zn-PbTin brasses C40400-C49080 Cu-Zn-Sn-PbPhosphor bronzes C50100-C52400 Cu-Sn-PLeaded phosphor bronzes C53200-C54800 Cu-Sn-Pb-PCopper-phosphorus and copper-silverphosphorus alloysC55180-C55284 Cu-P-AgAluminum bronzes C60600-C64400 Cu-Al-Ni-Fe-Si-SnSilicon bronzes C64700-C66100 Cu-Si-SnOther copper-zinc alloys C66400-C69900Copper-nickels C70000-C79900 Cu-Ni-FeNickel silvers C73200-C79900 Cu-Ni-ZnUnifiedNumberingSystem(UNS)Three digit xxxUNS of five digitsxxxxxStarts with C
  3. 3. 2. CAST ALLOYSDESIGNATED C81300 - C99999THESE ALLOYS CAN BE CASTEDCast alloysCoppers C80100-C81100 >99%CuHigh-copper alloys C81300-C82800 >96%CuRed and leaded red brasses C83300-C85800 Cu-Zn-Sn-Pb(75-89%Cu)Yellow and leaded yellowbrassesC85200-C85800 Cu-Zn-Sn-Pb(57-74%Cu)Manganese bronzes and leadedmanganese bronzesC86100-C86800 Cu-Zn-Mn-Fe-PbSilicon bronzes, silicon brasses C87300-C87900 Cu-Zn-SiTin bronzes and leaded tinbronzesC90200-C94500 Cu-Sn-Zn-PbNickel-tin bronzes C94700-C94900 Cu-Ni-Sn-Zn-PbAluminum bronzes C95200-C95810 Cu-Al-Fe-NiCopper-nickels C96200-C96800 Cu-Ni-FeNickel silvers C97300-C97800 Cu-Ni-Zn-Pb-SnLeaded coppers C98200-C98800 Cu-PbMiscellaneous alloys C99300-C99750
  4. 4. Classification of copper alloys THERE ARE FIVE DIFFERENT CLASSIFICATION OF COPPER ALLOYS1)Unalloyed Copper2)Brasses• Copper – Zinc alloys• Copper – Lead alloys• Copper – Zinc alloys withTin and Aluminium additions3)Bronze• Copper – Tin alloys• Copper – Aluminium alloys• Copper – Silicon alloys• Copper – Beryllium alloys4) Cu-Ni based• Cupronickel (Cu-Ni)• Nickel silver (Cu-Ni-Zn5) Nickel silver
  5. 5. 1)Unalloyed Copper Copper content > 99.3%Roughly classify into three categories• Electrolytic tough pitchThis copper contains 99.9% Cu with 0.045 O content• Oxygen – freeOxygen-free copper is produced from electrorefined cathodecopper which is melt and cast in a reducing atmosphere of CO and N toprevent O.• Phosphorus deoxidizedPhosphorus is sufficiently added to producephosphoruspentoxide P2O5
  6. 6. 2) BrassThere are two Class of brass The alpha alloyswith less than 37% Zinc. These alloysare ductile and can be cold worked. The alpha/beta or duplex alloyswith 37-45% Zinc. These alloys havelimited cold ductility and are typicallyharder and stronger Families of Brass Cast alloy brasses Copper-Tin-Zinc alloys (red, semi-red and yellow brasses) Cast Copper-Bismuth and Copper-Bismuth-Selenium alloys. Copper-Zinc-Silicon alloys (Siliconbrasses and bronzes) wrought alloy brasses Copper-Zinc alloys Copper-Zinc-Tin alloys (Tin brasses) Copper-Zinc-Lead alloys (Leadedbrasses)
  7. 7. 3) Bronzefamilies of bronze are Cast bronze alloys Copper-Tin alloys (Tin Bronzes) Copper-Tin-Lead alloys (Leadedand high leaded Tin Bronzes) Copper-Tin-Nickel alloys (nickel-tinbronzes) Copper-Aluminium alloys(Aluminium Bronzes) Wrought alloys Copper-Tin-Phosphorus alloys(Phosphor Bronzes) Copper-Tin-Lead-Phosphorus alloys(Leaded Phosphor Bronzes) Copper-Aluminium alloys(Aluminium Bronzes)
  8. 8. Alloying Element Strength Color Electrical and thermal conductivity Machinability Corrosion resistant Wear resistant
  9. 9. Special Alloyswhich dont fall in any category which arementioned FREE MACHINING COPPERS COPPER-TUNGSTEN ALLOY