Grammar common error presentations


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this presentation is created as an assignment for the EAP class 0091.

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Grammar common error presentations

  1. 1. Grammar Common Error presentation This presentation explains the following grammatical concepts: Clauses (Dependent and Independent) Sentences Fragments Run-ons articles
  2. 2. Joining ClausesA dependent clause can be joined to an independent clause to make a sentence Dependent and independent clause Frank studies hard because he wanted to get an A. Or Because he wanted to get an A, Fred studies hard. (When the sentence starts with the dependent clause, it must have a comma before the independent clause) Because Frank studies hard, Error: he wanted to get an A. .
  3. 3. FragmentsFragments look like sentences but are missing a subject or a verb, or they are put together incorrectly. Fragment ErrorTold everyone must do homework. No subjectThey their homework. No verbBefore he finishes his homework. A dependent clause by itself Teacher told everyone must do homework. They finished their homework. Before he finishes his homework, he always recheck his work.
  4. 4. Articles a, an, and the: identifying the articles where to use properly.My greatest accomplishment in anten years is to be an/aentrepreneur.I have a/an strong desire to aserve to the nationEntrepreneurship is one of the themost important pillars of anation.
  5. 5. Sentences: Correct the following1. Frank managed to make it home and changed his clothes, and he told his parents he fell off his bicycle, he avoided punishment for playing with explosives.Correction:Frank managed to make it home and changed his clothes. He toldhis parents he fell off his bicycle, so he avoided punishment forplaying with explosives.OrFrank managed to make it home. He changed his clothes and toldhis parents that he fell off his bicycle. He avoided punishment forplaying with explosives.He left town shortly after. Didn’t see him again for five years.He left town shortly after and didn’t see him again for five years.
  6. 6. Run-ons Run-ons (fused sentences) occur when clauses are joined incorrectly.Identified errors and fixed:He wanted to put the computer away first, so Frankplaced the desk properly, and he set up the computeron the desk.Most successful people balance both depend oncircumstances, but it should eliminate a negativeemotion like anger.
  7. 7. Interactive Exercise (Quizzzz)1. Although prescription medicine can help cure a disease --- it can hurt you if you take too much.a. disease; itb. disease. Itc. disease, itAnswer = C
  8. 8. 2. When you finally take the test --- you have more chances to getan A.a. test; youb. test. Youc. test, youAnswer = c
  9. 9. 3. The feeling is the greatest --- and priciest gift that can beshown each and every human activity, The emotional activitysurely provides happiness --- and heals everyone’s heart so thateverybody can have new energy to live with.a. none/noneb. ; / .c. , / ,Answer = a
  10. 10. 4. There were other people who got selected with me --- theywere on the same team.a. me, andb. me, butc. me.Answer = a
  11. 11. 5. Albert Einstein was ___ famous scientist.a/an/theAnswer = aEinstein left his country and lived in ___ States until he diedin 1955.a/an/theAnswer = theFinally, before you sign ___ agreement to join, read thecontract carefully.a/an/theAnswer = an