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Reinventing Organizations for Agility

These slides (from Agile Toronto 2015) describe how we may dare to create environments where Agile may flourish so we have Organizational Agility.

My message is really simple:

If you want Breakthrough Results
Cultivate Culture to
Create Places People Love to Work and
Start with Yourself.

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Reinventing Organizations for Agility

  1. 1. @MichaelSahota Reinventing Organizations for Agility
  2. 2. Michael Sahota ~20 years IT 14 years Agile STRATEGIC PLAY® ! !
  3. 3. Get The Results You Want
  4. 4. Cultivate Culture
  5. 5. Create Places People Love to Work
  6. 6. Start with Yourself
  7. 7. @MichaelSahota The Story on Agile…
  8. 8. Three years ago …
  9. 9. Sources:  Mul,ple  Workshops  with  100’s  of  par,cipants;  2015  Version  One  Survey   Agile Success is Limited by Culture
  10. 10. Agile Mindset Doing Agile Being Agile Agile Practices
  11. 11. Most Value Comes from Mindset/Culture, not Practices ~20%