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Advice Process for Effective Organizational Decision-Making


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Advice Process for Effective Organizational Decision-Making

  1. 1. @MichaelSahota Advice Process for Effective Organizational Decision-Making
  2. 2. Michael Sahota ~20 Years IT ~15 Years Agile STRATEGIC PLAY® ! ! Toronto Canada ~5 Years Culture & Leadership
  3. 3. @MichaelSahota How Do We Make Decisions?
  4. 4. 1 10 FEAR Centralized Distributed
  5. 5. 1 10 FEARPredict & Control Emergent
  6. 6. Decision-Making is the Genetic Code for Control
  7. 7. Consensus “A camel is a horse designed by a committee.” - Sir Alec Issigonis
  8. 8. The Boss Decides
  9. 9. @MichaelSahota Advice Process
  10. 10. Decisions = Power Why? »Better Decisions! »Engaged People »On the Job Education
  11. 11. “Any person can make any decision after seeking advice from: 1) Everyone who will be meaningfully affected, and 2) People with expertise in the matter.”
  12. 12. “The most amazing and rewarding experience with Teal so far has been taking on an initiative of my own and implementing the advice process.” - Carla Tancredi @Fitzii
  13. 13. How to Give Away Power. Who is the best person to make this decision? What is their: Knowledge of details? Context? Experience making decisions?
  14. 14. Advice Cards
  15. 15. Decision Poker Boss: “You can handle it. I don’t need to be involved.” Worker: “I am partly familiar with this. I want your expertise.” “Agreed.”“Agreed.”
  16. 16. Core Protocols - Decider Group Decision »Progress »Consent
  17. 17. Team Decisions - Decider Hand Sign Fingers Agreement? 5 I am all in.  I completely agree 4 I like this idea, sounds good. 3 I will support the idea. 2 I have some concerns, but I’ll go along and try it 1 I have serious reservations with this idea: question or alternative. 0 I am an absolute NO. (Exceptional, rare use) “I Propose …”
  18. 18. @MichaelSahota Decision-Making Models
  19. 19. How to Decide?
  20. 20. Lean A3 Process
  21. 21. Delegation Poker
  22. 22. Leader-Leader Use “I INTEND to …” Develop: »Competence »Context
  23. 23. @MichaelSahota Further Reading
  24. 24. Leader-Leader Really great source for understanding complexity of shifting (decision- making) culture. See Video
  25. 25. How I Can Help 1. Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Training @ Scrum Alliance 2. 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring (Skype) 3. 1/2 day Executive Briefing 4. Training & Coaching
  26. 26. The Expert in Agile Culture to Help You Grow Your Organization Call me. If you want …
  27. 27. “We thought we were hiring Michael to teach our staff how to 'do agile' but he taught us so much more than that. We started with an intense but stunningly effective Temenos session for the management team that was crucial to building the trust and connection we needed to truly function as a team. He facilitated a series of organizational development workshops that helped us understand and build towards a cultural and organizational context where agility can thrive and be sustained. Using a dynamic and highly engaging 'teach by modeling' style throughout, Michael helped us examine our team's values, mission and ambitions, adjust our structure and move us towards an empowered model of decision-making. When we finally rolled out Scrum and Kanban training, we were well positioned to support successful adoption. Michael is a master facilitator who applied expertise, experience, compassion and courage to navigate complex problems with us and put us on the path to transformation.” - Soo Kim, Senior Director, Digital Operations, CBC
  28. 28. Contact Michael Michael Sahota Phone: 416.999.3297 Email: Sign up for my newsleCer at: hCp://