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Questions About Social Media You Haven't Dared to Ask


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In followup to my keynote at the #NASSP13 Ignite conference, I facilitated a webinar answering questions from National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) members on March 27, 2013.

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Questions About Social Media You Haven't Dared to Ask

  1. 1. If Social Learning is the(or Answer, What’s the Question? known who to ask)National Association ofSecondary School PrincipalsMarch 27, 2013Marcia Conner@marciamarcia
  2. 2. Marcia Conner MARCIA  CONNER   ! Principal, SensifyGroup#NASSP13#ON24VLE Author, Advisor, Industry Analyst
  3. 3. What is ? How can I use itto ? How do I get started with ? If my students use will itcause              ? If our teachers         will they then ?When is better than           to ? Is a fad? What are theramifications if we don’t          ? What’sbest for ?#NASSP13
  4. 4. What is a  poke  (or  4square)    ? How can I use itto engage  parents? How do I get started withTwitter? If my students use YouTube will itcause  IT    headaches? If our teachers pin  to  Pinterest will they then neglect  their  families?When is Skype better than  email       to contact  people? Is Farmville a fad? What arethe ramifications if we don’t use  Instagram?What’s best for creating  community ?#NASSP13
  5. 5. Is  social  media   just  a  waste  of   time?   #NASSP13 CC to manage our time is as critical to success as how we learn to waste it. Time management takes practice.
  6. 6. Isn’t  giving  everyone  an   opportunity  to  post  whatever   they  want  like  handing  out   spray  cans  for  them  to  put   graffiti  on  our  walls?   #NASSP13People will say the wrong things. Help them say the right things.
  7. 7. Can’t  students  harm  their   reputations  permanently  by   using  social  media?   #NASSP13 CC Olga Palmer Recruiters who view socialsharing look to reduce risk, not popularity. Those who don’t yet, will.
  8. 8. How  can  we  make  sure   people  are  only  doing  their   work?   #NASSP13People will do other things. And they will remain engaged.
  9. 9. #NASSP13 CC Victoria Pickering people permission, a path clear of obstacles, and they will participate. Slowly at first.
  10. 10. How do you feel about social tools? What are your teachers currently doing with social tools? Your CC Aldo Cavini Benedetti students? Parents?Get clear. Get informed. Get ideating. Get going.What project that you’re personally Demonstrate your interest in beingresponsible for would benefit from at the table by listening, learningbeing augmented by social tools? and participating actively.
  11. 11. SOCIAL LEARNINGHow can we be stronger together, connected? #NASSP13
  12. 12. We are better together, connected.Would you please connect?marcia@marciaconner.comhttp://marciaconner.com the playground rules