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Social Media U: The Role of Social Media and your Identity


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This presentation provides individuals with an overview of how to leverage social media for their own online identity and reputation. Topics discussed include: what is social media, case studies with online identity, and LinkedIn. This was presented to the Department of Communication students at California University of Pennsylvania in March 2014.

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Social Media U: The Role of Social Media and your Identity

  1. 1. Have you ever ‘d yourself?
  2. 2. What if I told you I went out to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and found what each have you have been posting…
  3. 3. and created a PowerPoint with your unprofessional posts…
  4. 4. But before we learn a little more about each of you…
  5. 5. Who is this guy? Graduated from Slippery Rock University (2005) B.S. in Emerging Technology & Multimedia Graduated from Syracuse University (2006) M.S. in New Media Taught at Syracuse University & Onondaga Community College Instructor at Slippery Rock University Social Media & Web Design (Public Speaking too) Doctoral Student at Duquesne University Ed.D. in Instructional Technology & Leadership
  6. 6. Ready to learn about your classmates??
  7. 7. Ok, didn’t create a PowerPoint, but I could’ve. The question is.. How did that make you feel?
  8. 8. Presentation Overview • What is Social Media? • How to Use Social Media Effectively • Online Identity & Reputation Case Studies • Social Media and You • Questions & Answers #CalUsm
  9. 9. What is social media? #CalUsm
  10. 10. Social Media Revolution 2013
  11. 11. Social Media is more than a platform.
  12. 12. Social media is about…
  13. 13. Listening & Monitoring
  14. 14. Community Social media is NOT community – it facilitates community. Each community is unique and there is no guaranteed recipe for success.
  15. 15. Networking The network will always be there, now the trick is how to you mesh it into your everyday business plan.
  16. 16. Networking Not connecting with one person. You are connecting with many. The one connection bridges you to their network.
  17. 17. Conversing Using these websites to converse with friends, family, customers, potential customers, employees, stakeholders, etc. Who are they? PEOPLE.
  18. 18. Conversing For brands, people connect with brands online and the conversation online typically starts around offline brand experiences.
  19. 19. Storytelling The narrative is no longer linear, but a nonlinear experience.
  20. 20. Collaborating & Sharing A place where you can come together from all over the world. A place where you can share things all over the world.
  21. 21. Understanding Social media is just a piece – or multiple pieces – to the puzzle. You need to understand how each one works and if it fits into your strategy.
  22. 22. Content You need to learn to produce content that people want, use and bring into the conversation.
  23. 23. Benefits of Social Media Learn more about your brand. Discussion about your brand becomes easier for people. Easily share information about brand. Higher commitment and involvement.
  24. 24. Online Identity and Reputation #CalUsm
  25. 25. Social Media Cost Me My Job
  26. 26. Facebook “Friends” with a co-worker?
  27. 27. Oh yeah, and this was CC’ed to the entire office.
  28. 28. Facebook “Friends” with your boss?
  29. 29. They won’t know, because they aren’t my Facebook Friend and don’t follow me on Twitter…
  30. 30. Even Senior Members of Management can slip up…
  31. 31. The college life…
  32. 32. Meet Sam.
  33. 33. Meet Sam. AKA @Vodka_Samm
  34. 34. "An Intelligent Young Woman With a Bright Future.” (Went for $295 on eBay)
  35. 35. Social Media and You #CalUsm
  36. 36. Social Media and You
  37. 37. Social Media and You Google Dashboard
  38. 38. Digital Business Card
  39. 39. LinkedIn Profile
  40. 40. LinkedIn: Student Jobs
  41. 41. Questions or Comments? Social Media U The Role of Social Media on your Identity By Doug Strahler @profstrahler