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Imagine a Smarter Workforce: Masters of Collaboration Series


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Social technologies have the power to transform enterprises into ecosystems teaming with innovative approaches, fresh solutions and dramatic decisions. How can you augment people’s natural capabilities with social tools to build relationships into a modern source of influence, creating more energy than they consume?

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Imagine a Smarter Workforce: Masters of Collaboration Series

  1. 1. . . . because a dumb workforce never made sense.March 5, 2013Masters of Collaboration SeriesIBM and InformationWeekSimulcast from Washington DC " to Seattle, Denver and more!Principal, SensifyGroup@marciamarcia
  2. 2. CC DeaPea Jay Gigabytes. 1,005,000 words. 147newspapers-worth of information. Each day.
  3. 3. Source of this stat and many more on my webiste at CC Thomas Hawk in 2 business leaders say they don’t haveaccess to information needed to do their jobs.
  4. 4. CC Thomas Hawk in 7 change efforts fail because personalchange isn’t addressed with the people it affects.
  5. 5. We are all here alone, together. CC Thomas Hawk
  6. 6. The brain forms 100 trillion connections. CC Institut Douglas
  7. 7. The job is to get big and strong, fast. CC Dennis Young
  8. 8. CC Joan M. Mas engaged employees are 87% less likely to leavetheir organizations than highly disengaged employees.
  9. 9. together, connected.We construct, create, discover, and succeed CC Mathew Sullivan
  10. 10. open, and constant.Our world is increasingly mobile, connected, CC Pieter Morlion
  11. 11. CC Malix“I store my knowledge in my friends.” Karen Stephenson
  12. 12. feel out of focus. In a connected world, moments of isolation CC Thomas Hawk
  13. 13. CC Andy Powe obstacles are keeping people fromdoing what they were hired to do?
  14. 14. welcoming our stories.Even when we feel stuck, others are there CC Martin Gommel
  15. 15. Start slow. Yet go. CC Victoria Pickering
  16. 16. CC Atomic Shed“Tools dont get socially interesting until they get technologically boring.” Clay Shirky
  17. 17. CC Thomas Hawk“Move from command and control to encourage and engage.” Jane Hart
  18. 18. How do you feel about social tools? " What are your colleagues currently doing with social tools? You customers? Your partners? What project that you’re personally responsible Demonstrate your interest in being at the table by for that would benefit from social tools? listening, learning and participating actively. Get clear. Get informed. " Get ideating. Get going.
  19. 19. CC Kris Krug your heart out. The band’s with you. "A crowd is waiting. Connect.
  20. 20. We are better together, connected."Would you please connect?"""Download the playground rules