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The memory process


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These are three steps of memory process.

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The memory process

  1. 1. The Memory Process
  2. 2. The Memory Process The memory process consists of following three steps. Encoding This is the first step of memory process. When we get the information for the very first time, this type of memory refers towards encoding. Three different ways of encoding are given below: Visual Encoding: It gets the information through images. Acoustic Encoding: It involves the encoding of information through sounds. Semantic Encoding: In this type, encoding has been done through the meaning of information.
  3. 3. The Memory Process Storage This is the second step of memory process in which information is rehearsed with the passage of time. Retrieval This is the last step of memory process in which stored information is recalled with distinct intervals of time.
  4. 4. The memory process consists of these three steps encoding, storage and retrieval. These three steps are used in human beings to store and retrieve the memory. In my opinion, the use of images to store and retrieve information is considered more effective. Shena Mah – Operations Manager at