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Components of a computer system


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Components of a computer system

  1. 1. Components of a Computer System 3.1.1 a b
  2. 2. Learning Objectives• By the end of this lesson all of you will; – define the terms hardware, software, input device, storage device and output device; – describe the purpose of input devices, storage devices and output devices;
  3. 3. HardwareHardware are the physical components of a computer– eg the input devices, output devices, primary storage(memory) and secondary storage (backing store),Central Processing Unit etc. Note that input and outputdevices are collectively known as peripherals. External Hardware Internal Hardware Monitor Hard drive Printer CPU Keyboard Fan Mouse Motherboard Microphone Sound card
  4. 4. SoftwareSoftware are the sets of instructions/programs that are loaded into the memory ofthe computer in order to perform a task or tocontrol the operation of the computer. Systems Software Application Software Operating systems Word processors Utilities Web browsers User interface Game applications
  5. 5. Input DeviceAn input device is hardware that allows datato be entered into a computer. Manual Input Automatic Input Keyboard Barcode reader Mouse Sensor Microphone Magnetic stripe reader Scanner Optical mark reader (OMR)
  6. 6. StorageA storage device is hardware that allowsdata to be saved, long-term, after it hasbeen inputted into the computer. Examplesinclude;• Hard drive• DVD• CD• Flash memory (USB)
  7. 7. Output DevicesA storage device is hardware that allowsdata to be saved, long-term, after it hasbeen inputted into the computer. Examplesinclude;• Monitor• Printer• Projector• Speakers
  8. 8. Task 1• On the F451 course on Jogle go to topic number 1• Under lesson one you will need to complete the definitions task.• You should include at least 2 sentences for each, including at least 5 examples.
  9. 9. Computer SystemsA computer system isone that is able totake a set of inputs,process them, andcreate a set ofoutputs. This is doneusing a combinationof hardware andsoftware.
  10. 10. Input DevicesThe purpose of an input device is to providedata in a computer system ready forprocessing.
  11. 11. Storage DevicesThe purpose of a storage device to store data andsoftware for later use. The storage device will makesome use of physical effect to represent the data.• CD, DVD, Blu-Ray – a laser burns dark pits onto the medium. Each pit is a binary digit.• Hard drives and magnetic tape use magnetic domains to represent data.• Flash drive use electric charge to store the dataA primary storage device is the main computer storagedevice, and a secondary device is one where you canalso store files, but is not the main storage you use.
  12. 12. Output DevicesOutput is the stage where the informationobtained by the processing is presented tothe user in a suitable format. Examplesinclude;• A printout of exam grades• A digital display on a petrol pump• A sound from a smoke alarm
  13. 13. Task 2• You will need to download and complete the Input, Storage and Output devices worksheet.• You will need to think of some extra examples by yourself.
  14. 14. Task 3• Using your smart phone, or a school camera you will need to find 5 different examples of input and output devices around the school.• Use your imagination and think of examples other than ones found in a computer room.• For each image you will need to explain where it is found in the school, and what its purpose is.
  15. 15. Review Learning