business administration libcorpio management science libcorpio786 education and learning mba pakistan col mba commonwealth of learning information science information management library and information science lis studies management and organization human resource management managing human resources hrm blis mlis disaster preparedness drm disaster risk management disaster management natural hazards information technology tqm total quality management quality management organizational behaviour mis aiou library science organisational behavior operations management marketing management knowledge workshop management information system computer basics computer science e-commerce electronic commerce case study motivation inspirational quotes inspiration bba ‎ library science lis education words of wisdom wise words quotations golden words education risk assessment kaizen international ‎organization for standardization (i crm customer satisfaction stages of group formation group vs team stock exchange economics economic development management and outcome case presentation major characteristics performance evaluation job description job analysis history library education 20th century library ‎education 19th century library training library education ls relationship is information retrieval software hardware wellbeing lis wise sayings self-worth self-improvement self-confidence motivational quotes confidence chinese quotes chinese proverbs unity harmony friendship quotes. wise quotes friendship quotations friendly relationship fellowship fellow feeling companionship disaster prediction pakistan meteorological department (pmd) hazards in pakistan tion business administra disaster recovery planning report bia business impact analysis pakistan red crescent society (prcs) red cross/red crescent societies international ‎federation of red cross and red cre red crescent movement international committee of the red cross (icrc) international red cross the red cross impact analysis vulnerability assessment risk management process directorate general of civil defence rovincial disaster management authority (pdma) national disaster management authority (ndma) federal flood commission ndma rescue equipment mobilization rescue equipment communication media post-crisis communication crisis communication disaster mitigation significance of training participative leadership free rein leadership democratic vs laissez-faire leadership fitness-to-use (user-based approach for quality) fitness-to-standard (manufacturing-based approach top-down and bottom-up approach six sigma quality management techniques quality management tools essentials of quality management quality improvement quality control quality planning cost of quality dimensions of product quality quality characteristics tools and techniques theoretical framework key leadership clusters and attributes characteristics of a leader leadership- main driver of tqm leadership commitment leadership category leadership for quality ‎toyota model for process improvement continuous process improvement (cpi) approaches to process improvement bpmn process maps „process ‎maps / process flowcharts sipoc analysis cause and effect analysis dmadv dmaic six sigma tools value stream mapping five s lean tools process improvement techniques process quality „process model quality management principles (qmps) strengths and drawbacks of iso cost of iso certification process steps to iso certification international standards iso quality certification process customer retention making customers happier & retaining them need of quality relationship with customers quality of relationship with customers service quality objective of crm characteristics of quality ‎crm customer relationship management (crm) potential delighters satisfiers dissatisfiers managing customer expectations kano model categories customer expectations shop front model brochure model poster model advertising model business models for e-business and e-commerce importance of crm crm examples in practice types of crm technology components of crm software elements of crm crm strategy crm technology customer relationship management positive & negative aspects of e-commerce disadvantages advantages e-commerce sites social media major buying holidays entrepreneurs mobile e-commerce online payment market trends e-commerce services e-commerce in pakistan electronic commerce (e-commerce or ec) team performance demands and supplies sales records warehouse outlets inventory management urge pret intraorganizational system ‎interorganizational systems (ioss) inter-organizational system intra-organizational system resolve problems while selecting a domain name registration issues uniform resource locator (url) domain name system (dns) zip ‎address domain name strategic analysis process strategy formulation process goals and objectives and strategy objectives vision mission purpose and structure of the group important characteristics ‎of individuals in a gro reasons of groups formation kinds of groups groups group formation examples of management communication factors in communication elements in communication ‎‎(communication process benefits of effective communication practices communication in management process controlling as a managerial process advantages and limitations of controlling types of control control process importance of controlling controlling the impact of organization structure on productivi types of organizational structures centralized ‎vs decentralized organizational struc organizational structure advantages & disadvantages centralization & decentralization of authority organization’s study techniques in group decision-making group decision making group structure of an organization group communication classification of groups theories of group formation organisational behaviour organizational behavior group composition advantages & limitations of delphi method decision making techniques delphi technique transformation process in operations integration decisions in operations structural and infrastructural ‎decisions in opera operations strategy strategic capability strategic decision strategic planning strategy industry profile company’s background master celeste strategic role of forecasting in business types of forecasting forecasting approaches forecasting time horizons steps in forecasting fundamental forecasting principles features of forecasting forecasting business statistics exponential smoothing weighted moving average mean absolute percentage variation mean absolute deviation group layout fixed position layout combination layout product layout process layout types of facility layout design layout techniques design of facility layout objective of facility layout hierarchy of facility planning process of capacity planning measurement of capacity planning strategic capacity planning facilities planning capacity planning enterprise resource planning systems (erp) executive support systems (ess) geographic information systems (gis) group decision-support systems (gdds) decisions-support systems (dss) management information systems (mis) transaction processing systems (tps) data-gathering system information system (is) success and failure classification of information systems it vs is role of ‎information technology (it) in informatio case report comparison of outsourcing levels/types strategic outsourcing disadvantages of outsourcing advantages of outsourcing outsourcing models outsourcing vs offshoring transformational and tactical outsourcing strategic outsourcing ‎bpr– pakistani environment implementation of bpr in organization objectives & principles of bpr bpr business process reengineering strategies to gain competitive advantages classification of strategic role of ‎information characteristics of information system strategy information system strategy strategic role of information systems information systems challenges of it to business reengineering business processes challenges and challenges faced by managers it challenges functional areas of business information technology in business social media marketing smm search engine marketing sem search engine optimization seo c2c b2c b2b .com internet web technology dotcom strategies usd/pkr rates state bank interest rate parity imf recommends hedging exchange risk foreign exchange exchange rates economic indicators economic environment for business accounting and finance targeting strategy evaluating market segments selecting target market segments segmenting consumer markets behavioral) psychographic demographic types of segmenting (geographic market targeting market segmentation targeting segmentation business environment pestle swot analysis environmental analysis advantages of ‎strategic marketing planning & effe market positioning & strategic planning strategic planning & strategic orientation marketing concept positioning & strategic planning importance of promotion customer value and relationships – 4as & promotion) place price 4ps (product marketing mix ‎consumer buying-behaviour (example - educational consumer decision process for new products steps in consumer buying decision process variety-seeking buying behavior habitual buying behavior dissonance-reducing buying behavior complex buying behavior consumer behaviour consumer buying behavior organization study functions of mkis advantages & disadvantages mkis components of mkis need of the marketing information system mkis marketing information system organization's study research methods quantitative research quantitative analysis comparison ‎between time series and cross sectiona cross sectional research time series research cross sectional analysis time series quantitative techniques problem encountered in performance appraisal 360-degree appraisals method performance appraisal job analysis methods hr planning job analysis process job specifications planning process hrp process hrp forecasting techniques human resource planning hrp rewards strategies to increase motivation link between motivation and reward organization's profile organization's background career management career planning performance management strategy employee performance factors performance management process performance management strengthening selection & retention myths and realities different drivers of retention placement & retention programme selection process library research ‎methods quantitative research methods content analysis information seeking patterns ‎& barriers information need library users user education user studies domains of user studies interoperability collection ‎management and preservation information discovery ‎areas of research for dl innovation in libraries dl digital libraries ‎digital library information access innovation and research educational history managerial skills hr emba job specification lis education (pakistan perspective) medieval and early modern period ‎educational history of library and information sc lis education (world wide overview) slsh-19‎ subject ‎identification cataloguing classification library & information science sears list of subject headings similarities and differences library science vs information science relationship of library ‎science with information ls vs is computerized information storage information storage internet and e-‎mail in libraries information centers e-mail ‎application in ‎libraries internet application in ‎libraries information dissemination information retrieval and dissemination output devices input devices databases database searching self-esteem oneself success quotes education and training failure encouragement success philosophy putting training to work personal and professional development looking after yourself supporting academic staff supporting students managing matters library matters lis professionals library management academic librarians self-love self love self esteem
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