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Question 3 of my evaluation

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Evaluation question 3

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 3.What have you learnt from your audience feedback?<br />
  2. 2. Planning<br />Throughout my research and planning I tried to gather enough feedback and investigations to ensure that I was able to meet my target audience market.<br />
  3. 3. First of all I created a questionnaire in which consisted of 5 simple questions:<br />Explain your ideas of an Indie/Rock genre<br />What are good Indie/Rock music videos that stand out?<br />What elements make the Indie/Rock style?<br />What would you like to see in an Indie/Rock music video?<br />Would you prefer a narrative based video or band performance video?<br /> The feedback received from this questionnaire was extremely useful, as I wanted to ensure I was meeting the needs of my target audience, the questionnaires were distributed to a lot of my peers that have the indie style and also have a common interest in the Indie/Rock style bands and artists<br />Therefore, before I started planning it was imperative that I gathered this information to help me with planning and creating my main product of the music video and ancillary texts of a digipak and magazine advertisment.<br />
  4. 4. Digipak Designs...<br />Through thorough research and planning (sketching etc) I designed 4 different Digipak packages. For the same people I had previously used for the questions (as they were the right target audience) I presented them with each design with a brief explanation of each design- why I chose the certain designs, photographs etc.<br />
  5. 5. My results<br />Ithen asked for each to chose one they thought would-<br />Suit the target audience (basically them- 16-25 year old unisex interested in Indie/Rock genre)<br />Show a clear concept and reflect the specific genre<br />Be most appealing in stores such as HMV etc.<br />I collected my results and showed them in this pie chart showing that option A was the most popular and <br />successful.<br />Overall, the most helpful feedback I received was from my first initial rough cut of my main product of the music video, at first I think I struggled to find a clear concept that was clear throughout my video and the feedback I received from my teacher and classmates helped me realise this. <br />Therefore after much discussion I made the decision to re film the performance aspect to my music video, along with some different shots of the lead singer Tamara. This was definitely the right decision as it helped me to improve my video successfully to have a different mise en scene and that suited my audience and genre of band.<br />
  6. 6. Chosen ancillary texts feedback...<br /><ul><li>Professional
  7. 7. Indie style
  8. 8. Had an certain style to show brand image
  9. 9. Liked the photographs of the band
  10. 10. Looked like a real digipak and advert.</li></li></ul><li>Music Video Feedback<br />Overall, when presenting my Final Music Video I received a lot of positive feedback and had demonstrated a lot of improvement with the first initial rough cut.<br />In my opinion feedback enabled me to improve enormously in my work, help me gain advise by communicating directly with my target audience to ensure I was meeting the needs and demands of this particular audience/market.<br />Specific elements of the music video that were mentioned as effective were<br /><ul><li>The use of the visuals to reflect the song lyrics
  11. 11. The band performance and setting –linked with genre
  12. 12. Use of black and white in band performance
  13. 13. Good lip synching
  14. 14. Camera angles</li></li></ul><li>Personal opinion<br />Liked my concept and idea<br />As it was introducing the band needed to have a clear brand image- which it did<br />Perhaps should of added lyrics to the insert<br />Had a clear link between each product<br />