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Audience feedback transcript

  1. 1. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK TRANSCRIPT Audience feedback from first edit of music video: After posting the first edit of our music video on YouTube, I transferred it onto Facebook and asked for feedback from the people on my Facebook. One respondent stated that the music video looks professional and it looks exactly how they would expect an indie music video to look like. Another respondent stated that they liked the camera work however they did not like how shaky it was at some points. Furthermore, all respondents picked up on the narrative and how it is the story of a girl and her struggles with her boyfriend. From their feedback, I’ve learnt that we have met the target needs of the audience in terms of what they expect an indie video to look like. Also, one respondent stated that some parts of the video were shaky, as a result Hannah used iMovie to stabilise the shot. Their feedback has helped us to improve the lighting, stability and pace of the music video and it has also consolidated the fact that our target audience are enjoying our music video as one respondent also stated that they liked the cliff hanger of the first edit because they wanted to know what happens next. Audience feedback from final edit of music video: I posted the final edit of our music video on Facebook and asked my target audience to rate the video out of 10, what they thought of the narrative and performance elements, what they thoughtof the editing and what genre do they think the music video belonged to. From my audience feedback I learnt that an indie music video is not always centred on a performance. For example many of my respondents wanted to see more of the narrative element and Hannah, our editor, tried her best to include all of the shots we took of the narrative elements and I believe we succeeded in making a music video that has an equal balance of performance and narrative elements. From the feedback I also learnt that our target audience thought our music video was edited very well and that the song worked well the visuals on screen. The feedback has helped me to understand the needs of our target audience better and it has also made me understand the indie genre better in terms of what is more important- a performance or narrative element, or both.Audience feedback of magazine advertisement:I posted the magazine advertisement which was designed by Hannah onto Facebook and asked mytarget audience to give us some general feedback. My target audience wrote that the advertisementlooks professional, stylish and effective. One respondent wrote that they would expect to see ouradvertisement in a magazine and one other also wrote that the advertisement as a whole is very eyecatching and recognisable. From our audience feedback I learnt that their feedback matters verymuch and that prior research is very important. To create a magazine advertisement without anyresearch into colours, layout, font and images is of no help at all as it will not aid us in producing afantastic magazine advertisement that does our band justice. The fact that my audience picked up onthe colour schemes, star ratings at the bottom and the misplacement of the “Q” assures me thatthey’ve enjoyed our magazine advertisement and find it to be what a magazine advertisement shouldlook like.
  2. 2. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK TRANSCRIPTAudience feedback of digipak:After me, Leon and Hannah completed the digipak, I posted it onto Facebook and asked forfeedback. I asked my audience to answer the following questions:1) Does the design of the digipak look indie?2) What do you think of the pictures, font?3) Is the digipak design visually appealing?4) What do you like/dislike?5) Any other comments?All of my respondents commented that the whole digipak looks very professional and that they wouldexpect it to be on the shelves of HMV. One comment stated that the images of the band were veryyouthful and would catch their eye “in a retail environtment”. One comment also stated that theyliked the band’s introduction and their signature in the inside left cover of the digipak as it added apersonal touch to it. They also stated the the font fits in perfectly with the whole digipak and that thecolours, layout and images are very effective in portraying the band’s “indie” look. From my audiencefeedback I’ve learnt that striking colours and images are important in creating a successful bandimage. For example if I chose a bland font, colour and image and turned it into a digipak, it would notcorrelate with the success of my group’s music video. I’ve also learnt that elements such as the font,colour and images matter to the audience too as they are ones who are consuming the producttherefore the audience are just as important as the designers.