Question 3 kelly hunt


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Question 3 kelly hunt

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback? Question 3-
  2. 2. Throughout the process of making my Video I have made sure that i have done everything that my audience wanted . As I wanted my Video to be original I did choose a song I was unfamiliar with , this way not being able to copy off the actual Video for this song. As my song is Rock Genre I needed the audience throughout each step of the way to point me in the right direction as I wouldn’t know the first thing about a Rock Video, this worked to an advantage as this way everything I did was for the audience rather than because I thought it looked good . Firstly before I made any start in my Video what so ever I made a questionnaire and gave it out to an audience that my Video is aimed towards. Questionnaire – Rock Pop Music Video. What type of clothing would you expect a Rock Star to be wearing? What colours do you think match with the Rock scene? Is there something that symbolises Rock? Is there something that should be in every Rock Music Video? Would you expect it to be a Narrative, Abstract or Performance Video? Or, a combination of each? Should there be a message in the Video? What would you imagine the Artist to be dressed like? Should there be any Dancing in a Rock Video? Should the lyrics and visuals hold a relationship? Should the music and visuals hold a relationship? Is there something every Rock Artist must wear/do? If you could create a Rock Pop Music Video what is one thing you’d make sure it had? Which out of the two images below would you expect to find in a Rock Video? Which of the two make-up styles below would match a Rock Artist? After I got the results from this questionnaire I could then start to lay down some ideas for my video making sure I keep each of these points in mind.
  3. 3. Then to gain even more research on what image I should give my artist and character in the Video I made 3 mood boards with 3 different types of clothes , then gave it out to several people in my target audience and went with the one that received the most votes- 1 2 3 Number 1 received the most votes out of the 3 therefore I carefully followed this to style my location when filming, my artist and my character. Next up was planning an actual story for my Video. I went onto a site were you could read reviews on the song , this way I thought I could find out the kind of message the song is giving out to people that actually listen to this kind of music and particularly this song.
  4. 4. The next step I made in moulding together a Video that would be everything my audience wanted to see was choosing a name for a artist . I made a list of several names , handed them out to a certain amount of people in my target audience and also let them give there own suggestions : Again the name with the most votes is the one that I chose to use to name my artist. Then I had to choose the font for my Advert and Digi Pack , I made a list of 7 fonts and gave it out to my target audience- 1) Indie Black - Arial Black 2) Indie Black - Bell Gothic Std Black 3) Indie Black - Imprint MT Shadow 4) Indie Black - Copperplate Gothic Bold 5) Indie Black -  Elephant 6) Indie Black - Garamond 7) Indie Black - Castellar Then obviously I then used the one that the most people went for.
  5. 5. I also made a questionnaire to find out how much I should sell my Digi Pack for and gave it out my target audience- How much would you be willing to pay for a Digi Pack of a famous artist? £ 7.00 £9.99 £10.99 £12.99 £15.00 Other  (Please list below..) Each time I made a daft of my Digi Pack/Advert I tried to make sure I got some feedback from it, I also took a real Digi Pack cover and mine and showed several of my target audience so that I could see if I was heading in the right direction- This is the Digi Pack I showed to my Target audience.
  6. 6. After I had my final drafts of my Digi pack took them around to each of my target audience and asked them to chose a word they would describe it with, these are the results I got: I also did this for my Storyboard for my Video-
  7. 7. When my Video was all finished and finalised we took the opportunity of holding a presentation night to gain some feedback on our final text. For the over all score of my Video 14 people gave me 10/10, 13 gave me 9/10 and 8 gave me 6/10 . I am very happy with this result as the majority gave me full marks for the whole of my Video. For the skills of my Camera work, 18 people gave me 5/5 and 16 people gave me 4/5 , again this is a very high score for me to receive so I know that I held a steady shot when necessary and took a range of different angles and shots.
  8. 8. The scores I got for my editing skills were, 3 people gave me 3/5, 12 people gave me 4/5 and 19 people gave me 5/5 . this is excellent feedback as the editing process for me was the hardest part which took the most amount of time and perseverance , however looking at my feedback, it most definitely paid off. Scores for my control of costume, went as follows: 3 people gave me 3/5, 15 people gave me 4/5 and 15 people gave me 5/5- this is great as I took a lot of effort in making the mood boards to make sure I got the correct costumes for my Genre and from these results I did as the majority gave me 4’s and 5’s. The feedback on props- 11 people gave me 4/5 and 21 people gave me 5/5 , again this is a huge amount of people to give me such high scores on the use of my props. I am glad of this result as one of my main motifs of the Video was the Rose , which is prop therefore I know it worked well. For the lighting, 17 people gave me a 4 and 14 people gave me a 5 . I am very happy with this as I know a lot of the lighting in my Video was quite poor . As I filmed inside and in such a small area , the cameras couldn’t really handle the poor lighting therefore it showed up on my final Video. Everyone said the could tell what the style of my Video was, I am super happy with this. As it was a song I really didn’t know , I thought I may have struggled presenting the style across but with help from my target audience along the way, I made it perfectly clear.
  9. 9. Also everyone said that the style of my Video matched the Genre of the Music . Again for the same reasons as previous I am really happy with this. Everything I did, that made my Video what it looks like now, was to try and create a bond between the style and the Genre. 15 people gave me 4/5 and 16 people gave me 5/5 for my Video looking professional . I am most certainly happy with this as that is the aim in all my work- for it to look professional and make a good impression to the audience . Also on my Blog there is a word cloud of all the words people used to describe my Video . - http:// / On a whole, form this feedback that I have gathered throughout the process of making my Video , I think it has being a success. I have gained so many high scores on the questionnaire and some of the words people described my Video with were really positive and meaningful . I am with out a doubt happy with my overall finished and final texts- my Video, Digi Pack and Advert. If I could do it again I maybe would make some slight changes but nothing too big. Maybe just like introducing the artist earlier so that the audience could make a better connection with her. Also if we had more time and if we had better equipment I would make my Video much more dramatic and bolder but to say I filmed in the corner of a room I think my video is as dramatic as it can be.
  10. 10. I think if I hadn’t of gone into so much detail with my audience research then I wouldn’t of actually got such high marks in my over all audience feedback . I went through each step of my planning with feedback from my audience so that I made sure that my final product would be exactly what my audience stated they wanted to see. Things like what they should wear, the set, make up, costume, the font etc etc… all these things helped me round up a final text that was definitely what my audience would have expected . During the process of making each of my 3 texts all I had to do is check that what I was doing was the same as what the audience had told me they wanted to see. Everything else then just followed nicely, simply slotting into place . If I hadn’t have done so much research into every tiny detail of my texts I don’t think I would have done so well as I would of ended up with texts that contained elements that I wanted to see rather than what my audience made clear they wanted to see.