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Using Facebook as your Business profile


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Why, When, and How to use Facebook as your business profile instead of your personal profile.

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Using Facebook as your Business profile

  1. 1. Why & When to use Facebook as your Business Personal Profile Business ProfileUsing Facebook asyour businessprofile instead ofyour personalprofile:Most Facebook business pageshave probably never triedswitching from their personalprofile to their business pageprofile. There’s good reasonto do it, and do it often!
  2. 2. Why & When to use Facebook as your BusinessUse Facebook as yourbusiness profile:Switch from your personal user profile to yourbusiness profile. Go to the business pageand with the “Admin Panel” displayed, click on“edit page” and select “Use Facebook as________”.
  3. 3. Why & When to use Facebook as your BusinessYour business clients arelikely on Facebook.Search for them!:Search for your business clients and“like” them. They will get notified byFacebook that “XYZ Company likes”them and they will likely return the favor.Example of a search for “Moran Insurance”:
  4. 4. Why & When to use Facebook as your BusinessSearch for other local businesses and organizations:Search for other local pages and places to like in surrounding communities. Example of Annapolis Md. search.Note that Facebook allows you to narrow your search to “people”, “pages”, places”, etc. Search Facebook “Pages” Search Facebook “Places”
  5. 5. Why & When to use Facebook as your BusinessActively monitor yournewsfeed:While using Facebook as thebusiness name, go to your “NewsFeed” (click the Facebook logo in thetop left) and all the places/pages youliked will have their updatesdisplayed.When you see an activity you like,click the “like” button. Your businessname will display.
  6. 6. Why & When to use Facebook as your BusinessShare another’supdate!:In addition to liking another pageactivity, you can click “share” and itwill be displayed on your businesspage. You can also add a comment.The other business will see that youshared their update.
  7. 7. Why & When to use Facebook as your BusinessRecommendations arevery important, but canonly be made whileusing your personalprofile:Certain activities on Facebook can’tbe completed while using Facebookas the business name.Switch back to your personal profileby going to the top of your page andselecting the drop down arrow.
  8. 8. Why & When to use Facebook as your BusinessRecommendations:Go to your business page and review thebusiness you have previously “liked” andwrite a “Recommendation” for them.You can only write a recommendation whileusing Facebook as an individual. You areunable to write a recommendation whenusing Facebook as a business.It is best to write the recommendation asthe business owner and reference yourbusiness; e.g., “As the owner of XYZPlumbing in Annapolis, I highly recommend_____”. This is an example of others recommending Moran Insurance. How powerful is that? NOTE: if a recommendation area is notappearing on the business page, it isbecause a physical address for thebusiness is not being used on Facebook.Most likely because they have multiplelocations.
  9. 9. Email: Phone: 614-285-5240 Facebook: goal is to help you achieve yours!