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Social Media in the Realtor ® World

  3. TODAY • Facebook • Instagram • What we are not doing today: • Talking about how to start a brand new Facebook page • Getting offended if you get picked on 
  4. WHY CAN WE TEACH A CLASS ON THIS • #1 because you came to listen, we can teach! • We have increased the Chamber FB fan base by 2,000+ in less than a year • We have increased the CVB FB fan base by almost 1000 since January 2017 • We have increased our Twitter following over 100+ in less than a year • We have increased our Instagram following over 1000+ in a year
  5. WHAT IS YOUR STRATEGY Our #1 strategy in using social media is to create a relationship with people that will allow them to see us as a resource for accurate & timely information about our community. Our #2 strategy in using social media is to push as many people as possible to our website because then we can begin converting them into paying customers.
  6. TAKEAWAY Social media is social. It is about creating community. It is the butcher store, the church social, the quilting group from 40 years ago. It is your word of mouth. People buy from people. Because the #1 form of advertising in today’s world is still……??? Social media is about conversations that turn into conversions. You are working to build a relationship.
  7. THIS IS MY * I am not a lawyer or a REALTOR ® I am merely offering you advice based on what I have read in the Rules of Georgia Real Estate Commission, articles & items from the Fair Housing Administration. If you are ever in doubt of what is real or true you should consult an attorney, your Broker and/or the GREC.
  8. FACEBOOK • You need a BUSINESS Facebook page, not a friend page • Because it’s the rules • Because you can be fined (REALTOR ® in VA fined $450 in July 2018 for not clearly disclosing brokerage association) • Because without it you have no leverage against things like take-down policies when your business is your brand
  9. SOCIAL NO NO’S • When practitioners discuss commissions or working with difficult agents in Facebook groups, they’re potentially running afoul of the Code and risking exposing their behavior publicly. Even if the group is private, a fellow member could take a screen shot of the conversation and file an ethics complaint against you. • Don’t vent about another agent • Don’t share another agent’s listings as it could constitute improper advertisement of their listing. For example if you attend an open house & post about it on your feed, you cannot engage in any practice that is inconsistent with exclusive representation agreements that they have with their clients. • Many agents have Facebook business profiles that note their role as a real estate professional and the company they work for. That generally satisfies the requirement of Article 12, Standard of Practice 12-5, that REALTORS® must clearly identify themselves and their company when advertising online. But your personal Facebook profile may not include such details, and if you post listings or other advertorial material on that page, you could be violating the Code. • You have to provide a direct link to display the information that keeps you in compliance if you are out of character space or when advertising in electronic messages of limited information.
  10. NO NO • A common topic that comes up in real estate–related Facebook groups is commissions. If someone is complaining about a commission they received and asking for feedback, it can be tempting to spill your own experience. But aside from it being in poor taste, you could be revealing confidential financial details about your client if you speak in too much detail about a commission. Article 1, SOP 1-9, requires REALTORS® to preserve the privacy of confidential information about their clients even after the end of their business relationship. You would need their permission first before revealing such details publicly in order to avoid an ethics violation. • Before you make a claim on a social media site or in any print or non-print advertising about your ranking in the market, make sure you include the criteria you met to make the claim. Without including the criteria your claim could be construed as false or misleading advertising. There is an MLS rule and an article of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics that addresses false and misleading advertising. • Fair Housing. March 2018 saw the National Fair Housing Alliance filing suit against Facebook.
  11. YES, IT’S HARD
  12. NOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! • Social media is like any other marketing, follow the 80/20 rule. Facebook in particular will push you down for posts that are too promotional. • Avoid posts that make you sound arrogant or unapproachable. Or unrelatable. You have to humanize your business. • Publishing inappropriate items. If you have to think about, it’s wrong. • Don’t inflate your posts. This can get you in hot water & make people not trust you. If you use facts or figures, use accurate ones, not rounded up or down ones. • Images & videos are key • Two of the worst errors you can make on social media are paying others to provide false reviews for your business or like your Facebook page. Your audience may not even notice you’re doing these egregious social media marketing acts, but doing so will certainly waste your time and effort and potentially lead to issues with the social networks themselves.
  13. AND THIS IS HOW YOU KEEP DOING IT…. • You have to engage others. Not just post on your own page. • Monitor ROI • Everyone is trying to sell, those that can inform are more likely to get sales. • Get reviews. Don’t leave a closing without it! • Have a plan • Do an album for every listing. • This doesn’t mean you should share everything! Let’s talk about links & making posts your own.
  14. AND KEEP GOING… • Use an editorial calendar • Fill out your about section • Don’t like your own posts are yourself • Learn how to add events • Change your cover photos • Learn how to tag • Verify your page • Tell your story
  15. RESOURCES • media-posts-for-agents/
  16. TIME • It should not take you more than 10 minutes per day. • Post 1-2 times per day. • Like other posts, comment & ask questions. • A PLAN will help you execute this.
  17. INSTAGRAM • Is visual. • Is artsy. • Doesn’t want poor quality photos. • Doesn’t want a photo of the whole house unless it’s super cool (like really old or ultra modern!) • Doesn’t typically like pictures of you. • Needs to have the same look/feel • Include a link in bio to your website • Tag photo locations • Learn how to do your story • Use #
  18. TIME • Should not take more than 10 minutes per day. • Post 1x per day • Like other posts, comment when you can • Post a short 15 sec video in your story
  19. FUN & USEFUL APPS • Desygner • Slack • Follow cop (or similar) • Photofy • • Letstag • Hootesuite • VSCO