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Build a facebook page


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Step by step guide to help you build a basic Facebook Business Page.

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Build a facebook page

  1. 1. The Basics of Building a Business Page on Facebook
  2. 2. Understand the difference between a Personal Profile and a Business Page Personal Profile Business Page• All about ”me” • All about business/organizations• You are allowed ONLY ONE Profile • Multiple business pages allowed• A Profile is for a person only! • You “Like” a page• You “friend” a profile • “Likers” are added instantly• Friends must be accepted • A Page can have unlimited “likers”• Limited to 5000 friends • Page is open for public viewing• You set privacy codes on profiles • Customization allowed (iframes/fbml)• Not able to add customization • Page insights are available• No page insights • Message all connections• Messages limited to 20 friends at a time • Searchable and you can advertise a page
  3. 3. Where do I find pages?•  Business pages are built using your personal profile.•  Your personal profile becomes the administrator of the page. You may add additional administrators.•  It is suggested to have more than one administrator to your page incase you are unable to get to your profile, however, choose someone you trust because they can delete you as an administrator and take control of your page.•  Open Facebook and log in. Then in the address bar type in•  On the “Pages” screen click “create page” on the top right corner
  4. 4. Select your Category
  5. 5. Click each box and look at the categories to find the one that best fits your business.Recent changes to pages now allow you to change this if you choose the wrong option. Be careful choosing this option Community pages and causes don’t have all the options offered by other categories
  6. 6. Read the Facebook Pages Rules by clicking the hyperlink
  7. 7. Edit your page
  8. 8. Your SettingsUse this tab to set the following: When you are logged in on your profile do you want to write on the page as yourself or as the page? Do you want email notification when there is interaction on your page?
  9. 9. Basic InformationUse this button to go back to your page and view what you have done. But don’t forget to SAVE your work first
  10. 10. Take advantage of the “ABOUT” box.That information shows up on the left hand side of your page all the time
  11. 11. Add all your social media addresses to the website box. Use the different boxes to fully explain your business. DON’T FORGET: Click the SAVE button when you are done!
  12. 12. Insert a Photo and edit the thumbnailThe thumbnail is the picture that identifies you when you post on your page or on other pages
  13. 13. A Good ThumbnailAdjust the thumbnail so it is recognizable and represents your company brandDON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR WORK!!
  14. 14. Featured Likes and Page Ownersmay be added to your page under the profile picture “Featured Likes” are pages that your page likes Page owners) are the administrator of the Page. If you are your brand or the owner of your company- consider using this to let people know who they are liking
  15. 15. Add Featured LikesReturn to view page and click “Use Facebook as Page” Like other pages that relate to your Business or that you/your business support.
  16. 16. Featured Return to edit page and adjust featured likes or page owners. You can choose which 5 pages you would like to be featured on the left side bar of your page. You may also choose to show yourself or the other administrators as “owners” of the page.This is important if you are your own company and you want people to know who they are doing business with.A large brand may choose against this option. But remember that you are exposing your personal profile and your personal profile picture needs to remain professional.
  17. 17. Manage Administrators (People who can edit and speak as your business) Start typing in a persons name or email and SAVE It is advised that you add an additional person as an administrator of your page incase you loose access for some reason. However, choose someone you know can you can trust because they coulddelete you as an admin and take control of your page. They will also be able to speak on behalf of your business
  18. 18. Banner photosBanner pictures for pages are shuffled so you don’t have control of them like you do on personal profiles. If you want to use this banner for branding, choose photos that can be placed random order.
  19. 19. Browse the apps tab to see what other things you would like to add to your page
  20. 20. You may want to consider Custom Pages using Iframesbut this may require hiring someone to build for you. Recently Face book discontinued adding FBML to pages. Developers now are required to customize pages using Iframes.
  21. 21. “Share” the page by easily posting a link to your personal profile. Leave a message requesting help from your friends
  22. 22. The “Share” posts on your personal profile. Your friends just have to click the share button to post on their profile page and then hyperlink over to the page and “like”.
  23. 23. Suggest to friendsSuggest to your friends – ask your friends to “like” the page and share with their friends. This is different fromthe share button because this goes to your friends “other” message box.
  24. 24. Where is the “other” message tab? On a personal profile – click the Message button on the left side bar- the “other” tab will appear under messages. This is where all messages from pages will show up. While a page can not direct message their fans due to spamming issues- you can update fans on events – this is where those updates appear. It is important to note at this time that your number of fans on your page is not nearly as important as thequality of your fans. You need fans that engage and need your business. Asking your personal friends to “like your page” is important to help build credibility to your page with a few numbers and to get the 25 “likes” to shorten your username. But, remember it may not create fans that will give you the best return on your investment of time.
  25. 25. Shorten your URL When you get 25 fans you can shorten your URL to make advertising your page easier Go to: only get one chance so be sure of your name choice and double check your spelling.
  26. 26. Start posting on your page!Remember your page needs to evolve and change as new apps and features are developed. Always keep your branding in mind and be consistent. Now plan your posting strategy and have fun! Still have questions? Feel free to ask at