Top 8 Ways to Build your Facebook Page Audience


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Now that your Facebook Business Page is set up, the next question is, who would you like to connect with, and how do you build an audience?

There is no point in having an amazing Facebook Page if no one knows about it. Without an audience, you have no one to share posts with or to have conversations with.

To start building your audience, look first to your current customers or clients and supporters of your business to Like your Page. Your existing clients and supporters are the people most likely to read your posts, most likely to Share your posts and most likely to engage with your Page.

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  • @undefined Didn't wanted to be negative, but first of all, I would leave 1 and 2 – this is so annoying to your contacts and not everyone is interested in the thing you are doing right now.
    Second – why would you want to build Facebook audience? FB is cutting down your reach and makes you pay for it, which makes it pretty expensive platform over time. It's good to ask about the ROI of building FB audience in the first place (and maybe consider another platform).

    FB likes are vague metrics, you don't want more likes. You want loyal customers, you want to sell. Likes are neither of those.
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  • Feel free to share your knowledge with us.
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  • @janhabich Couldn't agree more. This is more like a 101 on Facebook Page. Quite a disappointing read.
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  • @undefined Hi Jan, thanks for your response. Sorry, you didn't find it deep enough for you. Please feel to let us know of some of your tips, it would be great to learn from you.
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  • 1. Invite friends – one of the most annoying things you can do.
    2. Import contacts – 'Why are they bothering me with their Facebook page?! I'm just a guy who delivers pizza to them!'
    3. Promote page – Ok, this is obvious.
    4. Like your own page – well, this is obvious too.
    5. URL – sure, why not.
    6. Like button – this actually can work
    7. Signage – With proper message this can work
    8. Be proactive = create even more clutter, invest more time and money in space where you have absolutely no control.

    Conclusion: How to be annoying and use obvious techniques to help my brand on more and more expensive marketing platform.
    Sorry, but I can't find nothing deep here. Those are basics that will surely help build some audience, but the title is rather misleading.
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Top 8 Ways to Build your Facebook Page Audience

  2. Invite Friends1 Let your friends and the people in your life know about your Page. Your friends who Like your Page add instant credibility to your Page. They are quick to share your News Feed posts to their own network of Facebook friends. Your friends can get your Page to go viral.
  3. HOW TO INVITE FRIENDS? To invite your friends to like your Page, you must be using Facebook as yourself and not as your Page. Once you're using Facebook as yourself, you can invite your friends to like your Page. From your Page: •  Click Build Audience at the top of your Page •  Select Invite Friends •  Click Search All Friends to select a list or type a friend's name in the search box •  Click Invite next to the friends you want to invite
  4. Import Contacts2 Why not invite your business contacts, industry colleagues, or employees to Like your Page? They are just as important to you and to your business as your Friends are. They are ideal ambassadors of your Page, and your business.
  5. HOW TO IMPORT CONTACTS? If less than 5,000 people like your Page, you can invite your email contacts to like your Page. You can also import your contacts by providing your email address and password. To invite your email contacts: •  Click Build Audience at the top of your Page •  Select Import Contacts •  Upload a file or choose your email service and follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Promote Page3 You may want to reach more of the people who are important to you after you have connected with your Facebook Friends and business contacts. Facebook’s Promote Page are ads you can run with a specific target audience group and with a budget to suit your needs. Promote Page ads are specifically designed to promote your Page to others to generate Likes on your Page.
  7. HOW TO PROMOTE PAGE? To promote your website from your Page: •  Go to the Page associated with the website you want to promote •  Scroll down to the About section on the left side of your Page's Timeline •  Click Promote next to the website listed for your Page •  Fill in the details about your promotion •  Click Promote Website If you haven't added a website to your Page, you can do this by going to the Page Info section of your Page's Settings.
  8. Like your Page4 Don’t forget to like your own Page. As a business owner, you need to be your own business ambassador, and the same concept applies to your Facebook Page. Be the first to like your Page, and set the scene for others to follow.
  9. HOW TO LIKE A PAGE? From a Page: Click Like on the Page's cover photo. From a News Feed story or an ad: Click Like or Like Page in the story or ad. From search: Type a topic or name you're interested in and click to select a Page from the results. Once you're on the Page, click Like on the Page's cover photo. From the About section of someone's Timeline: Scroll down to the Likes section, hover over a Page that you're interested in and click Like.
  10. Custom Facebook Page URL5 Ensure you claim a custom Facebook Page URL (web address) such as Use your custom Facebook Page URL in all marketing material including flyers, brochures, business cards, email signatures and websites.
  11. HOW TO CREATE A CUSTOM URL? You can customize the web address for your Timeline or your Page by choosing a username. You can choose a username that Facebook suggests or create your own. Select Check availability to see if the username you want is available. If it is, click Confirm to confirm your choice. Note: You must be an admin to choose a username for a Page.
  12. Social Plug-Ins6 There are many social plugins you can add to your website to generate more Likes for your Page. Add a LIKE BUTTON on your website to cross promote your Page.
  13. WHAT IS A LIKE BUTTON? The Like button is a social plugin. It’s a way for people to share their interest in content off of Facebook (articles, videos, products, etc.) and provide recommendations to their friends back on Facebook. The Like button and other social plugins can be placed on any website. When people logged into Facebook visit a site that uses the Like button or another social plugin, they can have a more social experience by seeing which of their friends have liked something or liking it themselves and sharing it with their friends on Facebook.
  14. Facebook Signage7 If you have a retail store, just like you would add a Like button on your website, you can start telling your customers about your Page by placing in-store signs.
  15. “To reach today’s consumers; businesses must follow consumers to their new communication channel of choice: social media..” #Facebook “Don’t get too hung up on the number of Likes you get. Focus more on being real, and to genuinely connect with the people that matter most to you and your business. Your most engaged Fans are the people who will help tell your story to others.”
  16. Be Pro-active8 Remember to have fun connecting with your Facebook fans, and always be pro-active in inviting more of the people that matter most to your business. Be active, and invest your efforts to make your Facebook relationships engaging, interactive and most of all interesting so your fans are eager to share your posts onto others.
  17. “To reach today’s consumers; businesses must follow consumers to their new communication channel of choice: social media..” Jenny Lee-Koksal CollaborationCafe “Treat your Facebook Page like you’re starting a new relationship. It takes time, effort and some patience but you will be rewarded with a community of loyal Fans who are like a hive of busy bees working on your behalf to spread your message onto a wider network of people you could not have reached on your own.”
  20. BY JENNY LEE-KOKSAL. @jennyleekoksal Founder & Enthusiastic Social Media Explorer at CollaborationCafe, Blogger, Social Media Coach, Visual Content Designer, Presenter, Visual Data Storyteller & Trainer. My goal is to empower and educate businesses to harness the power of social media to easily connect with more people, customers, clients and prospects to grow strong and sustainable relationship-based businesses.