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Ppt on education system in india

A general study of the education system in India.

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Ppt on education system in india

  1. 1. The Education System in India -KARTIKEY BAJPAYEE Std. XII
  2. 2. • Education is the most vital asset of any nation - developed or developing. • There is always a scope for improvement in the educational sector of any country. • This project is targeted at highlighting the loop- holes in the education system of our nation and suggesting the possible remedies for the same. Introduction
  3. 3. The Loop-Holes • Influence of coaching centers and tuitions. • Absence of Education on moral values. • Less focus on the application of knowledge. • Unequal importance to sports and cultural activity. • Economic issues.
  4. 4. The Loop-Holes • Little focus on elementary education. • Unavailability of good quality higher education. • Absence of schools in the remote areas.
  5. 5. • Better education facilities in schools and colleges. • Provision of Moral education at schools. • Emphasis on the application of knowledge. • Better sports and co-curricular facilities. • Provision of scholarships to the economically weaker sections of the society. The Possible Remedies
  6. 6. • Better facilities for elementary education. • Establishment of better faculties for higher education. • Establishment of schools in remote areas. The Possible Remedies
  7. 7. Conclusions • There can be tremendous improvement in the education system of the country by some serious reforms, as discussed earlier. • The development of the nation can take place, genuinely, only if the education system is taken care of; as “education is the chief defence of a nation”. • The government must invest a lot more than present to build up better human resource, which can work for the development of the nation.