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Ministry of School

  1. 1 Ministry of School Ministry Of Education Government Of India S. B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management Near Jain International School, Kalmeshwar Road, Nagpur-441501. Mob. 9823218380 Visit : NAME OF STUDENTS :-  Ashish Sadavarti (ETC)
  2. Contents Ministry of School “ The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with open one” • Introduction • Type of school • IndiaTo DoTo Improve Education System • Advantages • My perception • Conclusion
  3. Introduction Education is the process of learning, or getting of knowledge, skills, values and habits of essential needs of life. Education system is differ from one and another country, not all the countries are following a common education system. Childhood experiences that influenced him/her His/her education People who influenced him / her 3
  4. 4 Types of school Public Government Private School International School
  5. 5 · All teachers are required to have a master’s degree before entering the profession. Cooperation not competition Make the basics a priority Starting school at an older age IMPROVEMENTAND EDUCATION SYSTEM
  6. India To Do To Improve Education System 6 • There is many changes should be made to improve the quality of our Indian education system. • Indian government needs to invest large amount in order to develop the infrastructure of schools and colleges. • Methods of teaching needs more change, Teachers should encourage the students to think logically & to increase creativity in students
  7. Advantages Indian School’sAnd Education System 7 • By comparing with other countries only in India every student have a basic knowledge about all the subjects. • Only schools in India follow the regular attendance methods that students will gain basic knowledge about their daily habitation and life needs. • Students go through many exams in their learning years, It teaches them to analyse their own strength and weakness consistently.
  8. My perception Significant Expensive Higher Education Significant Lack Of Funds 1 2 • Universities, professionals and technical education has become costly in India. Due to this reason everyone is not able to get proper education in India and this is the main reason of illiteracy in India. • The lack of sufficient funds is the main problem in the development of education. Due to insufficient funds most educational institutions is lack of infrastructure, science equipment and libraries etc. 8
  9. Conclusion 9 Ministry of School And Education of India
  10. 10 Thank You Ministry of School