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Language teaching methods


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Language teaching methods

  1. 1. Language Teaching Methods• The Direct Method:  done entirely in the target language.  learner not allowed to use MT. Grammar Rules avoided. Emphasis on good pronunciation.
  2. 2. • Grammar Translation Method: Learning is largely by translation to and from the target language. Grammar rules are to be memorized. Long lists of vocabulary learning by heart. No emphasis placed on oral skill.
  3. 3. • Audio-lingual method: The theory behind this method is that learning a language means acquiring habits and custom. Much practice of dialogues of each and every situation. listening- practiced/drilled. Then written form is………
  4. 4. • The Structural Method: Language as a complex system of grammatical rules. Order/gradation of structures (simple to complex level…….). Morphology-Phrase-Sentence-Discourse.
  5. 5. • Community Language Learning: Attempts to build strong personal links between teachers and students. No blocks to learning. Mother tongue is used and translated by teachers for repetition by learners.
  6. 6. • Immersion Method: Learners immersed in language learning (say English) the whole day at school. Expected to learn other subjects (other than lang.) through English (target lang.).
  7. 7. • Task-based Language Learning: Focus of teaching is on the completion of a task which itself is interesting to the learners. Learners use the lang. which they already have to complete the task. Little correction of errors.
  8. 8. • The Natural Approach: Stresses the similarities between the learning of L1 and L2 languages. No corrections of errors. Learning takes place by the students being exposed to language that is comprehensible or made comprehensible to them.
  9. 9. • Communicative Language Teaching Method: Focus is on enabling the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately.  in various situations and contexts. Choice of context bound usages and then social/contextual significance.