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Community language learning [ CLL ]


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Published in: Education
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Community language learning [ CLL ]

  2. 2. THEORY :. Also known as ‘ Counseling – learning ’ .. It’s a good method to practice speaking and listening .. Teacher’s and students’ role : [ Teacher = Counselor / Students = Client ]. Relationship between teacher and students : [ dependency  independency ]
  3. 3. . Native language are permitted among students .. Translation will be provided by the teacher .. Specially created for adult learner who might fear to appear foolish .. Students apply the target language independently when they feel confident enough to do so .. Students are encouraged to express how they feel about the learning process .
  4. 4. Activities : 1 ) Translation Students form a circle A student speak out in his/her mother tongue Teacher translate it into the target language
  5. 5. 2 ) Tape recording Students speak out in their mother tongueTeacher translate the language chunks into target language Students repeat the chunks in target language Only target language production are recorded
  6. 6. 3 ) Reflection on experience Teacher takes time after carry out various activities Students are allow to express how they feel about the activities Teacher indicates understanding / empathy
  7. 7. 4 ) Group work Tasks like discussion of a topic , preparing a conversation are givenStudents work in a small groups to complete the task Present it to the rest of the class
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES :. Works well with lower levels students who are struggling in spoken English .. Lower students’ anxiety and overcome threatening affective filter.. It creates a warm , sympathetic and trusting relationship between teacher and learners . . Counselor allow the learners to determine type of conversation . . Train students to become independent .
  9. 9. DISADVANTAGES :. Some learners find it difficult to speak on tape .. In order for students to become independent , teacher might neglect the need for guidance .. Teacher has to be highly proficient in the target language and in the language of students .. Translation is an intricate and difficult task . The success of this method relies largely on the counselor’s translation .. It is time consuming to carry out .
  10. 10. THE END[ Thanks for paying your attention ! ! ! ]