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SharePoint Server 2013 : The big five


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: SharePoint Server 2013 is more than just a set of tools and features. It’s a platform which puts people at the center of the business, making sure that employees, customers and partners can connect with the people and information they need to get work done. This session will focus on the Big Five, the top business benefits and reasons for upgrading to SharePoint 2013. This fast-paced session with live demos aims to inspire you to become the information change hero within your organization.

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SharePoint Server 2013 : The big five

  1. 1. SharePoint 2013 : The Big Five
  2. 2. About me Work at RealDolmen ◦Principal consultant and product manager SharePoint Server MVP since 2005 ◦Active in Belux Information Worker User Group – ◦Blog: ◦E-mail: ◦Twitter: @jopxtwits ◦
  3. 3. Today’s agendaTrends and business factsThe Big Five – main business drivers for SharePoint 2013Enabling SharePoint workloads
  4. 4. Trends impacting the way we work1 billionsmartphones by 82% of the worlds online 18 Average S&P 5002016, 350M of thosebeing used at work population engages in social networking years company lifespan today. 75% replaced by 2027
  5. 5. Is your company a survivor?“…incessantly destroying the oldone, incessantly creating a newone…the perennial gale of creativedestruction” (Schumpeter, 1942)
  6. 6. Top performing companies haveengaged employees Source Gallup: Employee Engagement: How to Build a High Performance Workforce
  7. 7. Collaboration is required for valuecreation Sales Marketing Finance
  8. 8. The Big FiveHow to respond tocurrent businesschallenges:Organizations are faced with faster changePeople expect more from organizationsKnowledge work becomes increasingly strategic
  9. 9. Enabling SharePoint workloadsSocial tools integrated SharePoint 2013 New unified search Empower users of all Mobile experienceinto the work makes customizing platform takes levels with new insights adapted to multi-experience with focus sites easier for information discovery using familiar tools device realityon productivity user, web designer and to the next level professional developer alike.
  10. 10. SocialCHANGES THE WAY WE WORK TOGETHER4/11/2013 11
  11. 11. SP 2013Social Share ideas and content Stay connected and grow your network Enable crowdsourcing & idea generation ... using a controlled environment
  12. 12. DemoTHE SHAREPOINT 2013 SOCIAL EXPERIENCE4/11/2013 13
  14. 14. SP 2013 Sites Design - support tools designers use to build rich and beautiful sites Publish - create, reuse and consume content Engage – surface the right conten to the right user
  15. 15. DesignUse any design toolFollow industry standardsOptimized for any device
  16. 16. PublishAuthor once – reuseeverywhereDynamic search-drivenpagesQuickly adapt to newonline needs
  17. 17. EngageTargeting (segments andindividuals) to meet businessgoalsUsage based adaptiveexperienceDevice-adapted experiencesand channel specificpublishing
  19. 19. SP 2013Search New clean user interface with actionable results New search architecture Personalized and more relevant search results New customization model for search
  20. 20. DemoTHE SHAREPOINT 2013 SEARCH EXPERIENCE4/11/2013 21
  22. 22. SP 2013 BI Excel 2013 for data cleaning, mashups, exploration and visualization Mobile touch friendly BI across Windows, iPad and Android Mobile BI native apps planned Excel PowerPivot and PowerView in O365
  23. 23. DemoFROM DATA TO INSIGHTS WITH SHAREPOINT 20134/11/2013 24
  24. 24. MobileExperience Mobile browser views Native app support e.g. SharePoint Newsfeed app Office Web Apps with mobile support Developer support for mobile with device channels, mobile push notifications and CSR
  25. 25. SP2013 Mobile browserexperienceSite Navigation Doc Libraries Timeline Creating a New Task
  26. 26. WP7/8 - SharePoint NewsFeed AppHelps you keep up with importantdiscussions from anywhereEasily navigate between thenewsfeeds that are important to youCapture and share information thatcan be relevant to a number of yourpeersYou can easily get to everything youare following
  27. 27. iPad/iPhone SharePoint App•Pivoted views of the newsfeed: Following, Everyone, Mentions and Activities•Auto-completion for #tags and @mentions in a post or a reply•See the list of people you are following and the ones following you•Stop and start following someone directly from the app•Upload pictures
  28. 28. Key takeawaysSharePoint helps you facing thebusiness challenges in today’sworldSearch and social are key inSP2013Focus on what drives yourbusiness and choose appropriateworkloads to start with
  29. 29. Thank You4/11/2013 30