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Apps for Office Introduction


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Apps for Office Introduction

  1. 1. Work at RealDolmenSharePoint Server MVP since
  2. 2. Task Pane App Content App Mail App• Assist user working with one or • Adds embedded • Extends message and more documents content/functionality to documents appointments with custom UI and• Works in Word,Excel, PowerPoint • Only in Excel and Excel web app behavior and Project • Used in Outlook and Outlook Web App
  3. 3. Each App for Office is based on XML-based manifest• Points to a web page• Defines the type of the App for Office• Defines which Office applications it supports• Defines required capabilities
  4. 4. Office client Office Web Apps Task Pane App Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project Excel Web App Content App Excel Excel Web App Mail App(1) Outlook Outlook Web App(1) Exchange 2013 required, no IMAP/POP3 support
  5. 5. Office.contextDocument Mailbox Project R/W Selection Item Project Info Bindings User Profile Tasks Settings EWS Properties & CustomXmlParts Settings
  6. 6. • App for Office distribution/deployment model based on App Catalogs• Apps for Office are published by uploading its manifest to an App Catalog• Different App Catalogs • Office Store • SharePoint App Catalog • File share App Catalog • Exchange 2013 App Catalog (mail apps only)
  7. 7. Functional area Word Excel/Excel WAC PowerPoint Outlook/OWA ProjectGet/Set data as text,table, matrixSettingsGet FileBindingsCustom XML PartsHtml and OOXMLMailbox
  8. 8.