Enterprise 2.0 – adding a social layer to SharePoint


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Yianni Achele talks about the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint, and shows with the integration of applications such as NewsGator, Yammer, telligent and jive, SharePoint can deliver a "best of breed" social media platform.

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  • These terms are not all the sameWeb 2.0 is a term that has been around for a while and it simply refers to Applications that facilitate information sharing or have a user centric focusSocial media or social software can be broken up into 6 areas collaborative projects (e.g. Wikipedia), blogs and micro blogs (e.g. Twitter), content communities (e.g. YouTube), social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), virtual game worlds (e.g. World of Warcraft), and virtual social worlds (e.g. Second Life)Social networking – is all about the relationships people have with each other. So a tool like Facebook are all about people and their relationships with one another Enterprise 2.0 - is the use of "Web 2.0" technologies within an organization to enable or streamline business processes while enhancing collaboration - connecting people through the use of social-media tools. Enterprise 2.0 aims to help employees, customers and suppliers collaborate, share, and organize informationSocial Business – Using the term social business is a bit ambiguous as it also refers businesses sustainability and businesses working with the community, but it also is used to in the same way as Enterprise 2.0. so I try to avoid using it
  • Over the past 10 years there has been a Shift in thinking on who is a knowledge expert.Knowledge only has value when shared.Traditionally people were viewed as knowledgeable if otherswent to them for information and only the information that was requested was shared. Today people are viewed as knowledgeable buy not only the quality of information they share but also the amount of information they share , that it is freely available and easily accessible.So Social software gives us the ability to make the sharing of information more efficient and effective Capture and re-use knowledgeMaintain human connections across a disparate workforcePressure to use new technologies for today's demanding workforce
  • These are some stats from the latest mckinsey and gartner studies on the benefits of social collaboration in the enterpriseOrganisations that introduce a social networking tool…… Are expecting the following benefitsEmail reduction – people no longer rely on email to get updates on what people are doing- access to internal experts – organisations have what used to take 3 days to get access to an SME, can now take 1 hours via social networking tools in their organisation – leveraging a microblogging tool- access to knowledge more quickly – by being able to access experts quickly – people are accessing knowledge more quickly - all this leads to increased productivity which means reduced time to market and giving people more time to be innovative……
  • -So lets jump straight in and have a look at how we can implement enterprise 2.0 in SharePoint-just a quick background on SharePoint. -While SharePoint has been a leader in the document and content sharing category for some time, it has remained admittedly weak on the social media front. A number of companies from the third-party ecosystem are trying fill the gaps between the portal's strong points and shortcomings with an arrayof popular functions-When I started off on this journey at looking at different ways you could add a social layer to SharePoint I didn’t actually realise how many companies are out there which could potentially do this job effectively with SharePoint.- On the left hand side of the line are the big players when it comes to enterprise 2.0 and SharePoint. what I will do today is go through firstly the features that nearly all of these social media tools are offering and secondly what are the differences form an integration point with SharePointOn the right hand side of the line we will not cover in the presentation. Then Why have I put them up you ask me.SharePoint can integrate with pretty much any of the social media tools out there. Some of them have web parts released be the company's themselves or 3rd party's but the larger proportion are by the development community so an example is the facebook kit for SharePoint. There are similar ones available for twitter, linked in and every other tool on that picture
  • In the latest The Forrester Wave report there has been a big shift from focusing on technology such as ERP, Human Capital Management, product lifecycle management to collaboration tools.In the lead quadrant you can seeAll the tools we will look at have are in the leading pack of social tools and they all have varying levels of integration with SharePoint
  • So as you may or may not know, SharePoint is a beast when it comes to what it can do.Its an internet, extranet, iternet, document management system, workflow system, Reporting tool, plus may more but it has also made a huge leap in incorporating social media features making it a leader if you wanted an end to end enterprise 2.0 solution. Its not going to do everything though and as jane touched on it does have gaps.What you can see here is the out of the box SharePoint mysitewhich has had great improvements since the last versionYou can:- Follow users – like facebook – automatically records the fact someone has happened…..integrate to another system….Status update
  • can’t do upload videos, photos, etcGreat improvement on SP 2007 Status updates Find the expert capabilityWho my colleagues areNewsfeed – this is in the My Site only – and the webpart can’t be deployed to the homepage or a teamsiteStatus updates – doesn’t allow image upload, video updatesNo mobile access to do the status updatesIn My SitePretty cool rightBut what if it doesn’t do exactly what you want or its not as easy to use as some other tools out there in the consumer market.What are your options
  • Well you could try customising it.What you can see here are some variations of the profile page you get out of the box.And you can customise a large proportion of the profile page to suit your companies needs like changing page layout, style, web parts etc.What you are doing though is making changes to your specific needs which depending on what they are might be your best option as you are not purchasing a packaged solution that does allot more than what you actually really need it for.But lets say you do go down that path of packaged solution. What do they really give you that SharePoint doesn’t or how do they do it better?
  • Here are the main features that the tools I mentioned earlier have
  • Jane Headon uses a variation of this which I really like and what I want you to think about are these themes as we go through the features
  • The activity stream collects a continuous flow of events, content, and activities to provide users with relevant and timely information. You can filter all of these events including those from  SharePoint, external social media streams (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn), and other internal and third-party applications.Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Social Sites Microblogging Software4.    Administer – administrative social software tools give you control of a secure and reliable systemDelete inappropriate microblogging updates or commentsUse APIs for publishing social collaboration and microblogging activities and retrieving activity stream data and details on users1.    Converse – exchange information on the fly within your organizationLet users talk all they want – status updates can be more than 140 charactersMake microblogging status updates more personal and contextual by easily uploading relevant videos, links, business files, and images2.    Find – reduce noise by focusing on the channels of information that are importantTargeted updates to specific colleagues or communitiesEffective social collaboration by classifying updates with hashtags and viewing a tag cloud of hashtagsIntegrated with Activity Streams, the Social Sites event store3.    Access – multiple rich clients are availableUse business social software clients - including email, mobile, and desktop - for flexible updating and consuming of status updates, comments, and likesReceive an optional, daily email digest of all microblogging and social collaboration activity in the last 24 hoursSocial Sites now makes Microsoft SharePoint even more social with SharePoint social networking features that include easy SharePoint integration. NewsGator continues to deliver the best enterprise collaboration software for business with Social Sites for SharePoint 2010.NewsGator Social Sites goes above and beyond SharePoint 2010 to make your organization truly SharePoint social.By integrating Social Sites directly into your SharePoint 2010 collaboration deployment, you can focus on delivering value to your users and unifying your technology infrastructure while fully leveraging your SharePoint social network - instead of building custom applications or learning and supporting additional technologies. Increase adoption among stakeholders, streamline communication, improve employee recruiting and retention, and boost overall productivity with Social Sites 2010.Don't wait to maximize the benefits of your SharePoint investment. Take a look at our social software capabilities - your competition is already deploying them now. So, contact us to find out how we can guide you down the path towards Enterprise 2.0 success.
  • Traditional Suggestion boxIdeation is an iterative and social process that benefits from concepts like crowdsourcing and collective intelligence. Whether you’re inventing new technologies, advancing existing products, or trying to improve service delivery - it’s crucial to provide intuitive methods that support the capture of input, feedback, and conversations from your customers, partners and employees.The Social Sites 2010 Idea Stream solution package provides a user-friendly interface to gather, evaluate, and prioritize ideas all within the context of your social experience. Our ideas module is integrated directly into your work stream where users can collaborate, participate and stay engaged.Simple user interface for idea submissionOne-click to vote (and un-vote) for an ideaEasy-to-use discussion and commenting featuresSearch and sorting functionalityAdministrative interface to create campaigns, categorize ideas, turn voting on and off, and moderate conversationsAccess to insights and filters – which ideas are ‘most popular’ or ‘hottest’Display of all user actions (idea creation, voting, commenting, and promotion) into the Social Sites activity streamIntegrated online communities for light-weight project management of promoted ideasExport data to Excel to analyse and use for presentation materials
  • Profile page for CommunitiesUsers can easilycreate communities,My profile – if they have ask me about HR and if someone a posts a question re @HR then the person will get the question in newsfeeds join communities, and recommend communities. And once a community member, users can conduct ad-hoc conversations and search for and share knowledge. Newsfeeds on the community page filtered on a number of #tags. Tabbed browsing in the sitesCommunity Discovery & RecommendationsRecently-created and most popular communities accelerate engagementSearch and tag clouds for easy discovery of communitiesRecommended social communities based on your reading activity, social network, and intranet activityCommunity Insights
News feed of the latest activity undertaken by other community membersTagging, discussion comments, and document postingUser events and statisticsRSS Subscriptions & Notifications
RSS subscriptions to social community updates and newsUpdates and notifications via the location of your choice, including SharePoint, mobile phones, web, and desktop interfaces               Automatic Content Population
Automatic population of social communitiesFresh, dynamic, relevant content with community tags and RSS news feeds Community Member Display
Photo listing of all community membersMouse-over access to profiles for easy people discoverySocial Bookmarking
URL tagging directly from internet browsers so content automatically appears within the community for viewing by colleaguesCommunity targeting and comments
  • With most of the tools you can get a YouTube like experience with the ability to rate, comment and tag videosThey can also show you related videos based on the tags associated with them
  • MobilityView the activity stream Enter a status updateAccess their communityFind and interact with colleagues and community members initiate emails, phone calls, or targeted updatesReceive proactive notifications when colleagues like or comment on your activities
  • Depending on the tool so can also show information SharePoint so libraries, lists, documentsintegrated access to SharePoint content:LibrariesDocumentsContactsPicturesVideosTasksAnnouncements,Bookmarks,
  • If you’ve already got SharePoint and you want to add a social layer to it, newsgator is by far your best option and there are no integration issues, duplicating, information permissions
  • In the last couple of years Jive has become what many say is the leader in social business software, heading up many research reports on social business and collaboration, including this year’s Social CRM Magic Quadrant from Gartner.But trade off isYou don’t have a fully integrated environment.Jive does provide a SharePoint connector which links its main components to SharePoint main components you still have 2 separate systems to maintain
  • Similar to Jive if you were to use yammer You don’t have a fully integrated environment with SharePoint.Yammer provides Document & List Integration - Send links to documents, calendar events, and tasks from SharePoint to Yammer feedsActivity Streams - Automatically deliver activity updates from SharePoint to colleagues on Yammer.Federated Search - Finds Yammer information displayed side by side your SharePoint search results.
  • Like Jive, Telligent's integration package aims to provide a unified platform for knowledge sharing. Unlike Jive, the company highlights its offering with both its own social community software and document‐centric collaboration tools from Microsoft, promoting balanced corporate communication, employee collaboration and innovation.For example, businesses can connect media libraries within Telligent Enterprise to Microsoft SP10 document libraries while maintaining the appropriate levels of security and privacy:Telligent Enterprise files are immediately moved to Microsoft SharePoint 2010File changes or additions automatically are captured and updatedMessaging is heavily consolidated, giving SharePoint 2010 members visibility into the activities of users connected to the Telligent platform.
  • - What we can see here is a comparison matrix which puts all the key featuring offerings of the tools against each other.- As you can see they are all pretty comprehensive in the feature they offer all covering of the basics like, communities, mobility, micro blogging, blogging, activity streams.- The differences come when we consider Microsoft stack integration in particularly outlook, link, SharePoint, and the SharePoint search.- what we have seen is that newsgator definitely does give you allot and when you factor in its tight integration with SharePoint because it is installed in it rather than separately like all the other tools it’s a clear winner.
  • This is a picture which I really like which I've seen in multiple places and it would have had a big impact with audiences say about 2 years ago.I think as of Nov 20011 we can clearly say that that little man would be washed out to sea and the day has passed where we can sit on the fence
  • Its time to get your surfboard out and ride this wave because it has already hit the shore. That slide really made me remember my Photoshop skills
  • So where does that us.The early Enterprise 2.0 adopters jumped on board this wave between probably 2007 and todaythere are plenty of case studies out there about their success.We are at the cross road now of early adopters and early majority and the market is being flooded with tools and enhanced features.The next phase of adoption early majority is where we can now see where the market is at and as a company can make much safer decisions in what path you want to take with your enterprise 2.0 strategy.
  • Enterprise 2.0 – adding a social layer to SharePoint

    1. 1. Enterprise 2.0 – Adding a SocialLayer to SharePointImpact 2011 Sydney23/11/2011Yianni AcheleBusiness Consultant
    2. 2. Agenda  What is Enterprise 2.0?  Enterprise 2.0 Tools  Tool Features  Tool Comparison  Why Implement Enterprise 2.02
    3. 3. What is Enterprise 2.0  Web 2.0 — Applications that facilitate information sharing or have a user centric focus  Social Media / Social Software — The use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue  Social Networking — Building and reflecting of social networks or relations amongst people  Enterprise 2.0 — The use of social software within the company, between company and their partners or customers".3
    4. 4. Who are the Knowledge Experts4
    5. 5. Enterprise 2.0 Benefits5
    6. 6. Enterprise 2.0 Tools MySites6
    7. 7. Enterprise 2.0 Studies7
    8. 8. SharePoint MySites My Site is a personal site that gives you a central location to manage and store your documents, content, links, and contacts. My Site serves as a point of contact for other users in your organization to find information about you and your skills and interests.8
    9. 9. SharePoint MySites Features MySites  People Profile Pages  Tag Clouds  Personal Sites  My Network  Status Updates  Blogs  Ask Me About  Wikis  Note Board  Content Rating  Recent Activities  Content Tagging  Org Chart  Colleague Suggestions  Add Colleagues (Friends)  Keyword Suggestions  Social Bookmarks9
    10. 10. Customised MySites  Make enhancements to anything that SharePoint provides us out-of-the-box  Customise features to specific needs  Most commonly changed items include changing page layout, style, web parts  No wasted investment as you are only enhancing features which will be used10
    11. 11. Social Software Features User Profiles Activity Stream Microblogging Communities Desktop/Outlook Analytics Integration Private Lync Client /External Messaging Integration Access Mobility Ideation Video Expertise RSS Feeds11
    12. 12. Me How does it help me We How can we work better together Us How does it benefit us12
    13. 13. Activity Stream13
    14. 14. Idea Stream14
    15. 15. Communities15
    16. 16. Video Stream16
    17. 17. Mobility – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone17
    18. 18. Mobility – iPad App18
    19. 19. NewsGator  NewsGator was named Microsofts 2011 US Partner of the Year  Named a leader in enterprise social platforms by Forrester Wave  Make SharePoint Social  Leverages your current SharePoint investment by enhancing it rather that a separate application integrating with SharePoint19
    20. 20. Jive  Jive SBS (Social Business Software)  Is an Intranet, Extranet and CRM but with a focus on the community over the content  Jive SBS is a standalone on premise product and express is a cloud solution  Gartner research on social media positions Jive in the leaders quadrant of the magic quadrants for Social CRM, Externally Facing Social Software, Social Software for the Workplace.  It was also named a leader in enterprise social platforms by Forrester Wave20
    21. 21. Yammer  Among the fastest growing enterprise software companies in history, exceeding over 3 million users in just 3 years  More than 80% of the Fortune 500 are using Yammer  Built social from the ground up with ‘Facebook DNA’: Facebook’s Founding President, Sean Parker serves on Yammer’s Board of Directors  Recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Collaboration, Q3 2011  Recognized with Deloitte Australia in the 2011 Forrester Groundswell Awards as the winner in the Management: Collaboration System category21
    22. 22. Telligent Considered to be the leading social software solution for the .NET architecture which SharePoint is built on Like Jive, Telligents integration package aims to provide a unified platform for knowledge sharing Unlike Jive, it promotes its offering with both its own social community software and document‐centric collaboration tools from Microsoft22
    23. 23. Comparison Matrix Functionality My Sites Newsgator Jive Yammer Telligent User Profiles Communities Mobility Analytics Micro Blogging Blogs Private Messaging Activity Stream Org Charts APIs Desktop Apps Custom Branding Outlook Connector Video Privacy Settings Extranet access Office Communicator Ideation Integrated Search Cost Free Licensed Licensed Free/ Licensed Licensed Deployment n/a SharePoint add-on Stand Alone App Cloud Stand Alone App / SaaS23
    24. 24. Cant Stop This Wave24
    25. 25. It’s when, not if25
    26. 26. Enterprise 2.0 Adopters26
    27. 27. Questions?Yianni Acheleyianni.achele@uniqueworld.net