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2013 - App Dating MESI Conference (Apps for Evaluators)


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2013 - App Dating MESI Conference (Apps for Evaluators)

  1. 1. App Speed Dating MOBILE LEARNING – MESI 2013
  2. 2. Note-takingThe iPad’s software includes a note-taking apps whichcan be synced to a one’s Google and iCloud account.Other note-taking apps such as Evernote includes manyadditional features and a large number of apps that workin conjunction with Evernote. For Microsoft Office usersthere is a OneNote version for the iPad that can helpdesktop users to continue using the same program foraccessing their notebooks. Notability and Simplenote areother good choices.
  3. 3. Voice RecordingSome note-taking apps such as Evernote and Audionoteallow users to include audio recording within their notes.Unfortunately, these recording may have a limit of 90minutes or less depending on one’s product subscription.There are also advantages to having a separate audio file.Evernote requires a subscription for greater space. Using aprogram such as iTalk (iPhone) or Voice Recorder (iPad)allows users to record audio in the background for hoursand for audio files to be sync to a cloud storage service.
  4. 4. Video RecordingRecording interviews can be a very unique and usefulway in which to use an iOS or other mobile devices.Apples iMovie is one of the best and most user-friendlymovie recording programs available in the App Store.iMovie retains a lot of the functionality of is desktopcounterpart. Other programs such as Pinnacle Studioallow for a similar level of editing capability andcustomization. If videos are recorded for social mediapurposes, Vine or Socialcam, among others can be usedto quickly share video snippets.
  5. 5. Survey ToolsThere are multiple survey tools available for iOS but feware as powerful as QuickTap Survey. QuickTap allows forboth online and offline data collection. QuickTap is notweb-based and it allows images to be uploaded formultiple choice questions. While QuickTap is the bestoption available other programs such as TouchPointBusiness are good alternatives. If a connection to theinternet is available tools such as a Google Form orSurveyMonkey, PollDaddy among other web-basedsurvey tools could be used effectively.
  6. 6. PresentationVarious presentation applications are available in the iPadthat allow you to create and share very attractivepresentations. In terms of capabilities, Apples Keynote isprobably the most powerful presentation tool on the iPad.It allows you to add 3D graphics and other attractivefeatures. Prezi is another application that can help delivera unique presentation experience for the viewer. Using a3D landscape Prezi can help zoom into key points in apresentation
  7. 7. Presentation - IIThere are multiple powerful presentation apps on theiPad. CloudOn allows users to access their PowerPointsand other Office documents, edit them and share themthrough its interface. Another presentation tool worthmentioning is Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is a free applicationthat allows users to create a visually stunning presentationusing only Creative Commons images or images availablein your iOS device through its useful search engine forCreative Commons images.
  8. 8. To Do ListsAs mobile devices iOS devices are easy to activate andaccessible in most places. Because of their connectivityand accessibility they are a great way to stay up to dateon relevant events. iOS applications include a largenumber of attractive to do lists, pomodoros and timers tohelp increase productivity. These apps help users toeffectively stay up to date with their schedule providingusers with regular reminders. There are many appsavailable to fit each organization style includingToodledo, Any.DO, Clear, List!, among many others.
  9. 9. MindmappingAmong the various apps that can help to map an idea ora project are iThoughtsHD, Grafio, Popplet, andMindnode. These apps can be somewhat more expensivebut they can help their users in brainstorming ideas andvisualizing connections through touch friendly interactions.Some apps such as iThoughtsHD allow for image importingand for easy export into other platforms. Grafio providesfor attractive visuals and allows for finger drawing shapesand intuitive touch formatting. Grafio is visually attractiveand conducive to creativity.
  10. 10. PlanningProject planning is a skill that benefits most evaluatorswhich requires effort to master. As portable, connecteddevices, iOS devices can help in the planning process.Some applications include multiple functions and many ofthe tools needed to organize and share a project. Bento 4and Beesy are two of the best known apps in thiscategory. These apps include calendars, allow for note-taking, include to-do lists, audio notes, Evernote exports,picture imports among many other features that cansimplify the execution of a project.
  11. 11. Webinars and Video ConferencesOnline conferencing apps such as Adobe Connect, Fuze,or GoToMeeting allow for meetings to be hosted orattending via an iPad. This can be helpful whenconducting synchronous online focus groups and onlinediscussions. These same applications are used for webinarsand some of them include recording features. AdobeConnect allows for the use of polls, drawing and othertools to help increase interaction. It also include a livechat feature.
  12. 12. Cloud StorageCloud storage is increasingly being provided by manycompanies. Two of the highly recommended programsare Google Drive and Dropbox. Other programs such asSugarSync,, or SkyDrive also have largecommunities of users. Most of these programs utilize the“freemium” marketing model. These programs allow youto maintain copies of files in the cloud across differentcomputers so your files are always accessible. They alsoallow for collaboration in projects as folders and files canbe more easily shared.
  13. 13. Pdf AnnotationTwo of the most powerful Pdf annotation tools areGoodreader and iAnnotate. Other free options such asPaperPort Notes are also available. These programs allowfor various types of edits to be made to Pdf files includinghighlighting, marking, and signing. These applications canalso sync to different cloud storage programs to ensurethat the most recent copy is quickly available acrossdevices. Some of them allow for files to be edited, text tobe added, and for the completion of form.
  14. 14. Social MediaSocial Media is increasingly an effective way to share andgather information including possibilities for marketresearch. There are multiple applications that aggregatesocial media information. Some of them aggregate botha Twitter and a Facebook feed. Flipboard and Tweetbotare two good examples and different takes in effectivelyusing and managing social media feeds. Flipboard alsofacilitates the management of RSS feeds and other newssources.