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Leveraging Linked In


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This presentation details how to use Linked In for increasing your professional awareness, how to create engaging posts, tactics within the app to increase your reach, as well as best practices for using the platform. Whether you're a beginner to the platform or someone who's had a dormant profile, learn ways to position yourself in a great way for this platform.

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Leveraging Linked In

  1. 1. Presentation Template LEVERAGING LINKED IN
  3. 3. Optimizing your profile TOPICS OF DISCUSSION Creating engaging posts Why video is currently undervalued Resources for content creation LEVERAGING LINKED IN
  4. 4. Welcome MessageCOMPANY PROFILE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin in aliquam elit. Cras finibus nulla nisl, in aliquam enim interdum non. Maecenas finibus vel sapien non molestie.  Sed scelerisque ligula sed ipsum imperdiet, scelerisque consectetur ipsum commodo. Quisque vitae lorem tempor velit varius blandit. Donec tincidunt vel sapien non molestie dui arcu, non gravida velit egestas eu. Agusta Source:
  5. 5. PROFILEPAGE • Name • Photo • Title • Custom URL • Location • Work History • About text • Body of work examples • Experience • Skills & Endorsements • Recommendations
  6. 6. Take advantage of the many options to personalize your profile with links to your website or other resources of your work and history as well as multiple ways for people to contact you. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin in aliquam elit. Cras finibus nulla nisl, UPDATING YOUR PROFILE LEVERAGING LINKED IN
  7. 7. Recruiters can find you as an eligible candidate for careers and jobs if you enable this option on your profile. Select potential job titles, job types, and locations you’re interested in taking a new position. ATTRACT HEADHUNTERS LEVERAGING LINKED IN
  8. 8. E N G A G E Review your timeline for posts and articles that you can provide supporting or contrary information that still provides value to the conversation(s). ENGAGE IN COMMENTS Search for groups in your target interest areas as well as groups in your industry to create content in and position yourself as a SME GROUPS Graphics, photos, and images also work well on this platform. Especially those that are informational, have inspirational quotes, and offer encouragement. GRAPHICS & IMAGES In this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like my entire soul, like these sweet. EDIT OFTEN WITH NEW CONTENT Go back and see what posts are working well and take note of the ones that aren’t, and increase on the content that is showing value for your followers. ANALYZE YOUR VIEWS Create short informational videos that are under 3 minutes that show how to do something, or explain talking points. NEW VIDEOS WEEKLY POSTING ON LINKED IN LEVERAGING LINKED IN
  9. 9. Get visual with images and graphics to help support your post content ANATOMY OF A POST LEVERAGING LINKED IN Average title length 35-50 characters, and post lengths up to 2,500 words Experiment with catchy titles. How-To, Free, Top 5, etc Use 3-6, hashtags at the end of your posts. Review and follow hashtags that are performing well Encourage your audience to comment with their points of view, supporting details, or examples Take notice of who is interacting with you and ways you can create more engaging content #
  10. 10. • The post will show up on people’s timelines when
 they log in, and not just when I post it. • Increased reach with each new like • Posts with more engagements get more reach • Be sure to reply to all of your comments • Post at least twice a week • Track the performance of each post over time LIFETIME OF A POST LEVERAGING LINKED IN
  12. 12. CONTENT STATS Organically this platform is undervalued when comparing to organic post reach on other social media platforms. Take advantage now before a correction happens and it’s back to pay to play! 2X Posts with images get twice as many comments than those without images 5X Video posts are five times as likely to get comments over posts with just text 2M Over 2 Million posts, articles, and videos of content are published daily Source:
  13. 13. There’s a lot to create, here’s some applications and website services that can help for FREE! Epic LEVERAGE APPS & SERVICES LEVERAGING LINKED IN
  14. 14. APPS & RESOURCES
  15. 15. www.yourdomain.comELEVATION 16 CONTACT US j p D e s i g n T h e o r y . c o m @jpDesignTheoryemail@jpDesignTheory.com407.490.2425