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Tips, Tricks and Strategies on Better Business Blogging


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Originally presented at Social Media Masters LA 2011 on September 9, 2011

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Tips, Tricks and Strategies on Better Business Blogging

  1. 1. Social Media Masters LAHow to blog like your businessdepended on it!Tin Dizdarevic - Zemanta | @zemanta
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER:IMPLEMENT these steps right from the start, it will bemuch much much harder to do it later after you’vealready started blogging. | @zemanta
  4. 4. Blogging for Business- BASICS - Setting up and optimizing your blogging platform- CONTENT - Content Strategy- ENGAGEMENT - Find your audience and engage with them- MEASUREMENT - Bare Bones Analytics - Social Media | @zemanta
  5. 5. Set up and Optimize your Blogging Platform- WordPress (self-install) or Other options (Blogger, TypePad, MovableTypeother CMS platforms)- Find a web host that offers excellent support for yourblogging platform. | @zemanta
  6. 6. Setting up Plugins/Tools- Basic - Setting up WordPress (Theme, Akismet, User Mgmt) - Blog Roll - Google Analytics - Dedicated Email Address - Photo Sharing Service - Commenting Platform (Stick with WP/Akismet or consider Disqus, et al)- Analytics - Google Analytics- Social Media - Twitter Tools - AddThis | @zemanta
  7. 7. Creating a Content Strategy - Who’s writing? - Double check, triple check - Split up the responsibilities (by expertise, by availability, etc.) - Outsource? - Style/Voice - Design your blog to match your overall branding. - Create styling/copywriting templates for bloggers to follow. - Aside from guest posts, stick with same voice for the posts. | @zemanta
  8. 8. Creating a Content Strategy - Who’s Writing CEO/Owner Product ManagerProvide overall company vision as Write about new product updates,well as personal thoughts. upcoming features, ask for feedback. Marketing Manager Sales Manager Announce new initiatives. Announce new customers, Promote team members. Write interviews with existing customers about press mentions. Follow overall marketing strategy Dedicated Blogger Fill in the gaps, develop new series. Prod team members for blog ideas | @zemanta
  9. 9. Creating a Content Strategy - Outsource - Influential blogger in the field - Content marketing services (Contently) - Go cheaper? Is it really worth it? | @zemanta
  10. 10. Creating a Publishing Schedule - Create regular series: - Customer Profiles - Influencer guest posts and interviews - Product highlights - News (mentions, product/service changes) - Lists! - Highlight trends in your space: - Respond/Republish relevant stories - News: - Mentions in the media - Product/service changes | @zemanta
  11. 11. Examples of Posts - Customer Profile - Highlight your best customers - Show how they are using your organization’s services or products (ideally with a video) - Use direct quotes from the customer - Allow them to write their own post in their own words - Can be reused as case studies or can reuse existing material | @zemanta
  12. 12. Examples of Posts - Influencer Interviews - Create a set list of questions that you can reuse - Allow for flexibility - Best is in person > skype > phone > email - Record the interview for use as video as well - Take into account resources to transcribe and edit the interview | @zemanta
  13. 13. Examples of Posts - Product Profile - Evergreen posts on products that can rotate or be republished - Focus on underperforming products and tout the benefits - Present relevant use cases | @zemanta
  14. 14. Examples of Posts - Company News - New Hires - New Product Features - Company mentions in social media (blogs/twitter/ Facebook) - PR mentions (traditional media) - Official announcements (press releases, statements) - Issues/Resolutions | @zemanta
  15. 15. Examples of Posts - Industry Trends - Quotes from relevant recent media coverage - Links to blogs by influencers in your space - Your organization’s stand on these trends | @zemanta
  16. 16. Examples of Posts - Lists - Quick links to 10-15 stories of note | @zemanta
  17. 17. Engaging Your AudienceSLOW DOWN! - Potential Audience - Look at your competition - Find users on Twitter and Facebook - Take advantage of resources like Technorati and Klout to ID audience and influencers - Influencer Outreach - Link to stories by influencers - Reach out to them to let them know of the link - Comment on the original post | @zemanta
  18. 18. Engaging Your Audience - Encourage Comments - Challenge Them - Finish off with a concrete question Make sure you have the resources to react to comments when they come in! No crickets, please! - Embed a poll | @zemanta
  19. 19. Engaging Your Audience - Embed a Poll | @zemanta
  20. 20. Perfect Blog Post- Keep the copy concise (~500 words max)- Include a relevant image- Include links to related content(both internal and external)- Be cognizant of SEO (titles, subtitles, keywords) | @zemanta
  21. 21. More Relevant Posts | @zemanta
  22. 22. What if no one is reading?Consider Distribution Services, such as Outbrain, BlogGlueand.... Zemanta. | @zemanta
  23. 23. SEO Optimization- CMS Optimization (URL Structure, Title)- Post Optimization (Title, Headers, Tags)- ID Keywords (Google Keyword Tool) | @zemanta
  24. 24. Now, measure it all- Social Media Reach (Crowdbooster, Klout)- Web Traffic (Google Analytics)- Bits and Pieces (Hootsuite, Share back with the team regularly | @zemanta
  25. 25. Measurement - Social Media Reach (and Effectiveness)- Post Retweets/Likes/+1 (total reach)- Comments (holy grail of engagement)- Facebook Likes- General Social Media Sentiment- Social Media Measurement Tools - Crowdbooster, Klout,HootSuite Reporting | @zemanta
  26. 26. Now, measure it all - Web Traffic- Visits/Visitors- Time spent on blog- Traffic coming from known sources (own web site, socialmedia, partners, mentions, influencers)- Organic traffic | @zemanta
  27. 27. Now, measure it all - Sharing- ROI?- Keep all stakeholders apprised- Change strategy as needed- Create actionable reports- Connect activity to specific events | @zemanta
  28. 28. ResourcesZemanta Business Blogging SeriesHubSpot - Tremendous resource for online marketingContent Marketing InstituteSEO Myths & WP Magic - Casie Gillette15 Must Have Tools for Better Blogging - Contently | @zemanta
  29. 29. Questions?Get in touchTin Dizdarevic - Marketing Director, / | @zemanta