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Four Elements of Internet Marketing:
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Link Building (LKB)
Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

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Social media marketing by mohamed abdelnaby

  1. 1. EMS
  2. 2. With all the social sitesavailable, it can be confusing deciding which one to use! EMS
  3. 3. This social marketing plan will help you:1. Understand how Social Marketing works2. Figure out what you need to do with social media marketing3. Get started with Social Media Marketing Step-By-Step EMS
  4. 4. EMS
  5. 5. Actions Regular blogging (at least weekly) Create RSS feed Encourage comments i.e. ask for feedback or thoughts on your articleMonitor Traffic to your blog (Google Analytics) Subscribers Comments Inbound links EMS
  6. 6. The more blogs you are on the more people you reach! EMS
  7. 7. EMS
  8. 8. Actions Create Fan page, customize welcome page Regular status updates Create and participate in groups, questions Create competitionsMonitor Referrals from other social networks Likes/comments EdgeRank score Mentions EMS
  9. 9. Actions Create detailed profile with credentials Create a group and encourage interaction Answer questions and post questionsMonitor Referrals from other social networks # of people in your network EMS
  10. 10. Actions Promote blog posts and articles Create corporate account Encourage employee account creation Respond to support issues & follow up Tweet tips, industry news & company updatesMonitor Following/Follower ratio Mentions Retweets EMS
  11. 11. WidgetsSocial widgets are placed on a website to enable visitors to share information about the website on a social site EMS
  12. 12. Actions Create widgets Distribute widgets Facebook Widget on websiteMonitor Widget count Mentions of widgets Referrals from widgets EMS
  13. 13. EMS
  14. 14. EMS
  15. 15. Actions Write good, quality original articles Include important keywords 1-3 times Think of what your audience would search for Spin article Include website URL for backlinksMonitor View count Ranking for important keywords Comments/Likes EMS
  16. 16. The more article sites you post on, the better! EMS
  17. 17. EMS
  18. 18. Actions Bookmark your blog posts and articles that may interest othersMonitor Referrals from bookmarking sites Ranking on bookmarking sites EMS
  19. 19. EMS
  20. 20. EMS
  21. 21. Actions Find and blog on industry related forums that have high traffic Always include your website URL in your signature Create profile with relevant information so users can find and identify you Engage in popular Marketing wikis such as Wikidot, WikispacesMonitor Referrals from forums/wikis Pages ranking for important keywords EMS
  22. 22. The more forums & wikis you are on, the better! EMS
  23. 23. For Your Company EMS
  24. 24. Actions Regularly update videos Always include a link to your website in the description and if possible the video itself Create a video series i.e. 10 Step Marketing Plan, with a video for each stepMonitor Views of your video and channel views Referrals from other video sites Individual video rank for keyword searches Number of subscribers EMS
  25. 25. EMS
  26. 26. EMS
  27. 27. Actions Upload photos from company/marketing events Daily company life Always include links back to website/blogMonitor View count Referrals Ranking for important keywords on these sites EMS
  28. 28. EMS
  29. 29. “Feeds are a way for websites to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers. Feeds permit subscription to regular updates”. - Google EMS
  30. 30. Actions Create an RSS feed of your various blogs and accounts on article sites Submit the above to feed directoriesMonitor Subscribers – new and existing EMS
  31. 31. EMS
  32. 32. EMS
  33. 33. Actions Find podcast directory Create podcasts using existing material i.e. webinars, videos, phone conferences, article contentMonitor View count Referrals EMS
  34. 34. EMS
  35. 35. EMS
  36. 36. • Manage ALL social media sites from one platform• Create social accounts automatically• Submit your articles and press releases to ALL major Blogs, Wikis, Article Directories, Hubs, Profiles, Micro Blogging, Social Networking, RSS and Ping sites. EMS
  37. 37. EMSSEO EMS
  38. 38. E-Marketing Solution EMS Know Yourselfhttp://www.E-Marketing/ EMS