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071016 class admin


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Admin Reminders for Markma class

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071016 class admin

  1. 1. Marketing Management Prof. Remigio Joseph A. De Ungria Jr. BSChE, BSME, MBA, CDM, Diploma in MarkCom
  2. 2. HyperMarketing3 Management Admin #Hyper3Admin Vcoach Bong De Ungria, VIT Vision-Driven Coach Igniter Transformer
  3. 3. Outline #Hyper3Admin 1. Groups 2. Communication 3. Customer Research 4. Introductions 5. Scoring
  4. 4. 1. Form Permanent Working Groups Objective, Y: Create admin system to help class Form groups of 5 people (max) Aim for diversity & balance ( male/female, young/old, function/dept, level) Seat together (circular, cluster). Maintain gap and sit apart from other groups. Occupy rows 3 to 5 only Permanent seating position (till course end)
  5. 5. 1a. Group Activity #1: Y: Establish baseline ie. where class is on marketing knowledge 1. Elect/ volunteer 1 primus interpares (first among equals) in the group. All primus will coordinate with Vcoach on admin matters. 2. Decide on your group name (1 -2 words) 3. Take a group picture that symbolizes, illustrates your “current” group definition of marketing. 4. Tag the picture with names of all group members and post on Class Facebook page ( as a comment on the appropriate post. 5. Put a caption that states your group’s name and your group’s definition of marketing
  6. 6. 2. Customer Research Y: Applying Marketing’s basic requirement (for real!) A. Demographics (statistical) B. Connections (way to reach, social media behavior) C. Behaviorial and Psychographic (Lifestyle, Preferences)
  7. 7. Outline #Hyper3Admin 1. Groups 2. Communication 3. Customer Research 4. Introductions 5. Scoring