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Guide for VCoach Bong


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A Free For All is an integral part of a 20 year highly personal marketing plan. aten

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Guide for VCoach Bong

  1. 1. Grand Slam Guide Free For ALL used in the HYPERMarketing Plan for vCOACH Bong Bong De Ungria
  2. 2. Professor’s Note “Free for All” represents “way of thinking” which serve as an integral part and guide for a student’s 20 year personal marketing plan. Typical “Free for All” references are books, famous people’s philosophies, songs, methods or techniques, paradigms. The student needs to translate the “wisdom” for the free for all to a personal level. Hence, you will see the “I” and how the wisdom applies to the student. For student assignments, the minimum is to have at least 1 “Free for All”. Here are 3 of Vcoach Bong’s Free For All samples…
  3. 3. Marketing Plan for Life Free For All Example #1 Note how the general guide of the book is translated to what I should do. The “personalization” or “translation” of the “Free for All” is the most essential part of this student exercise.
  4. 4. My Marketing Plan for Life vCoach Bong based on book of Robert Michael Fried 1. Define Business- – Who Am I? I am vcoach Bong 2. Assess Market- Capitalize on Strength – My marketing, technical & communication talents 3. ID PTM- Discovering Real Me – Excel in 7 roles as Christian, husband, father, brother, son, COO, vcoach 4. Launch Strategy- Find Niche & Risk – Vision-driven coach for people who want to achieve – (risk: not everybody will want to be coached)
  5. 5. My Marketing Plan for Life contamination marketer Bong De Ungria 5. Weather PLC- Innovate Continuously – Continuously learn 6. Balance Mix- Build My Brand – Hy-per Contaminate markets. 7. Expand Reach- Create My Legacy – Digital vcoach on-line 8. Campaign Ad- Reawaken Creativity – Keep pace with technology. I’ve got mail
  6. 6. My Marketing Plan for Life hypermarketer Remigio Joseph De Ungria 9. Plan Distribution- Share Time & Energy – Navigate with hypermaps & daily plans 10.Achieve Sales- Reach Goals – Specify daily, monthly, annual, 20 yr targets 11.Analyze P & L- Keep Score – Review actual vs. targets 12.Seek Opportunities- Make Dreams Real – Every day in every way, get better & better
  7. 7. Greatest Salesman in the World Free For All Example #2 Here, the 10 scrolls in the book are already personalized since it starts each action with “I will…”
  8. 8. Ten scrolls: I to V I will… 1. Form good habits & become their slave (Today I begin a new life…) 2. Greet this day with love in my heart. 3. Persist until I succeed 4. I am nature’s greatest miracle 5. Live this day as if it is my last.
  9. 9. Ten scrolls: VI to X I will… 6. Be master of my emotions 7. Laugh at the world (for this too shall pass) 8. Multiply my value a hundredfold 9. Act now 10.Pray for guidance
  10. 10. Sports or hobby based inspiration Free For All Example #3 I play tennis with a passion. A tennis coach can give me lots of advise. To be a free for all, I just translate this sports advise to how I can use it in real life.
  11. 11. My Top 10 Winning Tennis Strategies Technical Skills From 30 years of living the game
  12. 12. 1. Begin with Service. Serve 4Ps (Purpose, Power, Percentage, Placement) • Begin the point with service • First serve- Purpose & Power • Second serve- Percentage & Placement • If double fault, then next point • Return serve- visualize response choices
  13. 13. 2. Keep Eyes on the ball • Focus on ball from opponent’s racket to just before I hit it • 1 second freeze on point of contact; don’t look up or follow ballpath immediately • Anticipate
  14. 14. 3. Take ball early • Create angles: increase court possibilities • Prepare swing • Start big steps, small adjustment steps • Be there before the ball • Mindset: early is 10x better than late
  15. 15. 4. Attack with Forehand: run- around, inside out • Maximize strength (forehand) • Make weaker side reliable instead of liability (backhand) • Use leverage to create power and angles • Use foot speed and anticipation
  16. 16. 5. Follow through & use topspin • Improves accuracy and reliability • Increases margin of error (late hit, bad bounce, net cord)
  17. 17. 6. Attack net after a short ball • Take control • Step forward • Be Alert: at net, shorter response time, be extra vigilant
  18. 18. 7. Compete vs. 3 opponents • Accept those beyond my control – My Opponent – Environment • (umpire, weather, wind, court, net) • Lead those within my full control – Me and my attitude
  19. 19. 8. Recover to dynamic starting, ready position • After hitting shot • After error • After point • Always move feet
  20. 20. 9. Creatively Visualize • Score • Choose stroke response to opponent • Adjust strategy to opponent’s level of play and my current condition
  21. 21. 10. Score! • Adjust tactics on current score and my play level relative to opponent • Can’t and don’t win all points • Avoid Errors: anything in excess – Too long, Too short, Too wide – Too late, Too early
  22. 22. Final Note How do you know if you have the right “Free for All” component for your 20 year personal marketing plan. If you can say yes to all the following questions, then you have the right free for all: 1. Does it inspire you to be better? 2. Does it give you a guide on how to live your life? 3. Are you OK to seeing this free for all everyday? 4. Will you never get tired of seeing this free for all. 5. Will you update this free for all when its time to do so?