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Greening your small and medium suppliers


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Greening your small and medium suppliers

  1. 1. Greening your small Insert and medium suppliers logo hereA revolutionary process for public sector bodies tomeasure and improve the environmental impact of theirsmaller suppliers.•Simple EMS designed for smaller businesses•Innovative hands-on tools•People focused, not document focusedThis cost effective method helps to ensure soundenvironmental management in the supply chain.
  2. 2. The Big Picture
  3. 3. Benefits and savings Describe the 3 key benefits and carbon savings of your project.What are the social and financial How does your innovation reducebenefits? carbon emissions?•Increases EMS take up in small •Hard-to-reach suppliers achievebusinesses from just 15% excellence in line with accreditations such as ISO14001•Builds improved relationships withsuppliers and strengthens local •Addresses all impact areas, includingcommerce consumption of resources (water, energy and materials) and waste•Allows the purchasing team tosecure the benefit of reduced costs •Action focused and embedded inin the supply chain standard operations, not an extra burden or form filling exercise
  4. 4. Measures of successDescribe 3 ways in which you have measured success and demonstrated yourproject has made a difference. This might include behavioural change, low carbonemissions, renewable energy source.1. Reduced costs2. Reduced carbon emissions3. Environmental advocates across your supply chain
  5. 5. Challenges and support Describe the project’s biggest challenges and the key forms of support the project needs to develop and grow.What are the biggest challenges or questions for your project?a) It is difficult to identify the individuals within the public sector to establish andmanage this project.b) Given the importance of supply chain engagement, what are the barriers fororganisations to use this management method?c) Helping public sector organisations understand the significant cost savings and thepositive impact on the local economy.What would most help your project to develop and grow?a) Opportunities to have discussions with the key stakeholders for supply chainprojects.b) Understanding the opportunities to build on this project immediately.c) Finding the early adopters to roll this out.