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Families Enjoying Active Travel


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Families Enjoying Active Travel

  1. 1. FEAT 1st takes six years’ experience in proven Active yearsTravel interventions to deliver whole family behaviourchange. For the fi t ti h F th first time f ili can participate families ti i ttogether in training and motivational activities. Add tothat vital information and advice and families becometruly confident to travel in ways which benefit theirhealth and the environment.
  2. 2. The Big Pictureyour projectReplace me with an image showcasing your work.Fit image to this box
  3. 3. Benefits and Savingsyour projectWhat are the social and How does your innovationfinancial benefits? reduce carbon emissions?•40% reduction in risk of death •Up to 20% less traffic at peak hours•One death per 33million km cycled •Up to 3.9m tonnes less CO2 per year (£236m)•Transport “costs” £48.7bn per year Transport costs •200% more children cycling everyday
  4. 4. Measures of Successyour project1.1 10% of kids cycling to school every day f kid li t h l d2. NCN saves 1,700 tonnes CO2 a day3. £288m in health benefits
  5. 5. Challenges and SupportprojectWhat are the biggest challenges or questions for your project?a) Investment vs. value for money vs. austerity measures ) y yb) Future implications and costs of not acting nowc) Help people to choose Active Travel as their first choiceWhat would most help your project to develop and grow?a) Political will and support at the highest levelb) Integrate Active Travel to all strategies at the highest levelc) Creation of a Transport, Public Health and Planning board