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  1. 1. A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLEyour project sportsrecycler sportsrecycler promoting a healthier lifestyleTo promote lifelong active choice o o p o o e e o g ac e c o ce ofthe use of bicycles [recycled and new]as an environmentally preferable anddependable means of transportation indaily life, and as a leisure/pleasureactivity. Through that to worktowards preserving the environment,encourage h lthi lif t l and healthier lifestyles, drecycling and re-use.
  2. 2. The Big Pictureyour projectReplace me with an image showcasing your work.
  3. 3. Benefits and savingsyour project Describe the 3 key benefits and carbon savings of your project.What are the social How does yourand financial benefits? innovation reduce carbon emissions?• Healthier/more active people • Cycling=carbon-neutral• Increased re-use of transportation discarded bicycles • More bikes=less carbon• Assistance towards self self- emissions on the roads sustainability through the • Eliminating 75% of one’s sale of new cycles car trips=significant reduction in one s carbon one’s footprint
  4. 4. Measures of successyour projectDescribe 3 ways in which you have measured success and demonstrated yourD ib i hi h h d dd t t dproject has made a difference. This might include behavioural change, low carbonemissions, renewable energy source. 1. Good participation in local cycle to work schemes k h 2. Excellent take up in bike ride transfers p 3. Increased sales of both new and recycled bicycles
  5. 5. Challenges and supportproject Describe the project’s biggest challenges and the key forms of support the project needs to develop and grow.What are the biggest challenges or questions for your project?a) Balancing our commitment to fulfilling our social remit whilst developing a competitive business modelb) Keeping up with public demand for goods and servicesc) Balancing innovation with the need to survive financiallyWhat would most help y p your p j project to develop and g p grow?a) Increased contractual workb) Increased tendering/procurement opportunities/activityc) Possibly a more high street visible presence