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Microsoft Groups Demystified: Groups, Teams and Distribution Groups End to End

Microsoft Groups Demystified: Groups, Teams and Distribution Groups End to End
Five keys to successful group management

How are you handling Microsoft groups as you adopt more and more the cloud? What should you do with your DLs? For hybrid environments, the reality is that legacy groups are a real struggle, and most organizations leave security groups in place while creating new ones in the cloud. Double the groups can mean double the frustration.

Join us for this webinar, where we’ll explore the history of security groups and distribution lists and give you a deep dive and approach to understanding best practices for how best to approach users and group security in the cloud with Microsoft 365. We’ll also explore the new Teams Information Boundaries and Unified Labeling and classifications to paint a clearer picture of security and classification in Microsoft 365.

This session will take comprehensive look at Microsoft “Groups end to end” and work to cover some common groups questions:

What about lifecycle and cleanup?
Policy & Naming standards?
Is writeback an option?
How do I sync my groups?
What can I do for coexistence and hybrid?
I want to copy my on-prem groups can I do that?
Can I setup my groups as dynamic or rule-based in the cloud (and potential additional costs)?

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Microsoft Groups Demystified: Groups, Teams and Distribution Groups End to End

  1. 1. Resources Manage Groups with PowerShell Manage Microsoft 365 Groups with Graph Microsoft Groups for IT Architects @joeloleson Active Directory Security & Management Tools Download our FREE I D E N T I T Y DEFINEPLAN PROVISION AUDIT ARCHIVE THE FIVE KEYS TOTHE FIVE KEYS TO GROUP MANAGEMENT SUCCESSFUL Define Hybrid Group Management Strategy for Security and Governance DEFINE 0101 Plan Self-Service or IT Led Group Management with Oversight PLAN 02 PROVISION Provision Groups with Lifecycle in Mind. Include Owners Location and Department.03 AUDIT Use Dynamic Groups or Automation to Periodicly Review Membership and Usage.04 ARCHIVE Archive unused groups. Cleanup obsolete groups to support zero-trust security policy.05 MICROSOFT MVP & RD GROUPS MICROSOFT 365 ADMIN CENTER EXCHANGE ADMIN CENTER ON PREMISES EXCHANGE & ACTIVE DIRECTORY AZURE AD ADMIN CENTER Microsoft 365 Groups Security Groups Mail-Enabled Security Groups Distribution Groups Shared Mailboxes Microsoft 365 Group Shared Mailboxes (EXO) Distribution Groups Mail Enabled Security group Microsoft 365 Groups Security Groups Group-based licensing Security Groups Distribution Lists Exchange Distribution Groups Shared Mailbox (no sync) MICROSOFT 365 P O W E R S H E L L S E R V I C E M A N A G E M E N T MICROSOFT GRAPH API - GRANULAR MANAGEMENT AZURE AD CONNECT A HYBRID APPROACH MANAGING GROUPS MICROSOFT GROUPS A SINGLE IDENTITY ACROSS MICROSOFT RESOURCES MAIL–ENABLED GROUPS Grant access to resources and use for email notifications. MEMBERSHIP & ACCESS CONTROLS Teams, Outlook, Yammer, SharePoint, Planner, Stream, Forms, StaffHub and more ADMINISTRATIVE UI Microsoft 365 Admin Center,Azure AD Admin Center and Exchange Admin Center DISTRIBUTION GROUPS  Send notifications and email alerts to a group of people. . SECURITY GROUPS Grant access to resources such as SharePoint sites and file shares. MICROSOFT 365 GROUPS Collaboration between users, inside and outside your company. Identity and access managed and secured centrally for all users within the organization IDENTITY BASED SECURITY PERIMETER MICROSOFT GROUPS DEMYSTIFIED Five Keys To GROUP MANAGEMENT SUCCESSFUL MICROSOFT GROUPS SPONSORED BY Cayosoft