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New trends in data analysis and visualization on the web


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New trends in data analysis and visualization on the web

  1. New trends in data analysisand visualization on theweb by Javier de la Torre, Sergio Alvarez (Vizzuality)
  2. The world of information ischanging
  3. BeforeData is power Now Meaning is power
  4. We are all time generatingnew dataSometimes intentionally, sometimes not
  5. Internet is full of data witha lot of stories to tell
  6. So, the challenge is tosqueeze those data, get thestories, and create a way totell them
  7. How we do that?
  8. How to find the stories behind data?Analyzing and engaging**We will get into that part later
  9. And, how to tell them?Visually
  10. So, What we have?Data visualization
  14. But what’s the point of it?We live visually
  15. Visual ThinkingThe practice of usingpictures to solve problems,think through stories, andcommunicate clearly
  16. Visual Thinking80% of our brain is dedicatedto visual processing
  17. Visual ThinkingVisual processing is part ofour history
  18. Visual ThinkingWritten language is originatedfrom drawing and sketching
  19. Maps as visualization.A new revolution
  20. GIS arrives to Internet
  21. A new field was bornNeogeography
  22. Visualization requires datacapturing and data analysis
  23. Cloud computingAmazon AWS
  24. Distributed volunteer grids
  25. But...What about tasks wherecomputers are not good?
  27. So...What about using humans?
  28. Science making use of Human ComputationCitizen Science
  29. Summarizing...
  30. Science needs bettercommunication.Visualization is a good way
  31. Citizen science represents anew exciting way to do research