"Enchanted Objects and People:" Data Driven AR


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My slides for The Potential For Augmented Reality in Education Panel, SXSW, 2011

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"Enchanted Objects and People:" Data Driven AR

  1. 1.     Enchanted Objects & People: Data Driven Social Augmented Realities          Th e Potential of Augmented Reality for Education,SXSW    March 11th, 2011 Tish Shute @tishshute http://www.ugotrade.com
  2. 2. Magic as a Metaphor for Ubiquitous Computing [and Augmented Reality] - Mike Kuniavsky, 2007 "Someday we may wave accelerometer-enabled wands to summon search engine genies and encrypt mail with biometric rings, and it’ll all seem as comfortable as dragging a document to the trash."
  3. 3. Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary iPhone game.  A Geo-Social, Massive Multiplayer, Augmented Reality Game by Ogmento In 2011 smart phones are bringing augmented reality & ubiquitous computing to everyone, everywhere through a "magic lens"
  4. 4.     Augmented Realities are where a number of fields collide...   ambient findability, urban psychogeography, narrative structures, ambient games and devices, 4d (time-space), explorations of place and memory, designed animism, enchanted objects and people, to mention just a few...         quorum-sensing
  5. 5. “ AR is maturing from displaying last year’s text bubbles and dinosaurs to big data overlaid on the world.”  Sophia Parafina.   ( Strata 2011 )
  6. 6. I began my interest in AR doing special effects for film using an Elicon Motion-control camera   (combined above with the computer graphics software Cinema 4D .)
  7. 7. Back in the day we ran a camera the size of baby elephant on a railroad track to create magic - seamless blends of of virtual and physical reality
  8. 8. 2010, Adriano Farano's Quadmented - AR for mobile story telling.
  9. 9. Location and Spatial Integration Location is more than a set of co-ordinates - "it comes into being through the activity of being there or going through that place, and not just a target or destination."     Julian Bleeker, Situated Technologies, #5
  10. 10. Some possible dystopic futures! Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop , by Keiichi Matsuda
  11. 11. * How can we combine multiple data sources and information delivery methods into day-to-day activities in a way that is meaningful? Brandon Carson asks:
  12. 12. Firstly,  people should be able to curate their own data magic.   AR is about people interacting with data in realtime. It should not be about pushing data to users. Image from Matthew Buckland .
  13. 13. image from Polyvore AR is mobile, local and personal. Do you know where your data is?
  14. 14. The Locker Project "it's almost like a multichannel mixer ....you start to create these federated sources of data where now you have a teacher data mining, in a safe manner, the sleep and health habits of all the students along with report card information. And you suddenly realize that Johnny is borderline diabetic and falls asleep at recess." (Alistair Croll) Can we build social augmented  experiences with people at the center of their data?
  15. 15. Brandon Carson on Yahoo! focus: <ul><ul><li>Location as a Filter or a Trigger </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Distributed content across locally networked devices, multimodalities </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>voice, gesture,  visual overlays </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Seamless moves between platforms, devices, screens </li></ul></ul></ul>
  16. 16. TeleHash - a new protocol for the edge of the network
  17. 17. Your toothbrush knows how many minutes you brushed today. The fish tell you what you dumped in the river.   Amphibious Architecture – submerges ubiquitous computing into the water.   Hybrid Social Networks
  18. 18. Keiichi Matsuda - Augmented City [in 3D ]
  19. 19. Beyond the tropes of Minority Report - Sid Grabriel's Light Nucleus and Anselm Hook's Slow Code .
  20. 20. The challenge of making the invisible visible when many of the things that are interesting & significant to our lives don't look like much! Nanex: Crop Circle of the Day – Quote Stuffing and Strange Sequences .
  21. 21. Immaterials: light painting WiFi film by Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen .
  22. 22. For more see my website http://www.ugotrade.com    tish dot shute at gmail @tishshute     And see you at Augmented Reality Event !