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Ackbar Joolia - Traffic in endangered species: visualizing the CITES database


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ackbar Joolia - Traffic in endangered species: visualizing the CITES database

  1. 1. CITES Trade DatabaseConvention on International Trade for Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna over 11 million trade records...and increasing over 50 000 scientific names more than 700 000 trade records annually Ackbar Joolia - UNEP-WCMC
  2. 2. Wildlife trade: second most lucrative after drugs think elephant ivory leather products / fur agar-wood opportunity for raising awareness
  3. 3. huge amount of data...‘untaped wealth of resource’uniqueover 25k downloads per year plusdirect requests
  4. 4. What can be done with the data? lots of things trends intelligent searches interactive, instant, comparative visualisations generic/flexible approach
  5. 5. How can the data be organised?geographically : country levelspecies level : all sharks -> blue sharksdifferent categorisation levels trade in hunting trophies all wild species
  6. 6. What have we got now?very basic search not a good interfaceflat results / downloadvery recently, launched the CITESDashboards
  7. 7. CITES Dashboards
  8. 8. Challengesworking with data as islots of dataaggregation possibilitiesneed to provide a ‘better’ servicerobust efficient performant framework
  9. 9. potential areas of work
  10. 10. Search facilitysimple / advanced sets of query exporting/importing countries species terms / purpose / source‘intelligent’ ways of searchingflexible approach
  11. 11. Visualisationcertainly the most attractive partpotentially ‘endless’ possibilities hereany ideas from anyone?everyone loves nice flowing summarisedinformationinstant view of trendsidentify emerging trends on an‘automated’ basis
  12. 12. Comparative ‘graphs’ trends top most something... drilling features maps to show trade patterns, or more... selective graphs change over time
  13. 13. Robust efficient distributed architecturecurrent structure not a good platform/architecture to work offplatform that would work as efficientlyin ‘real-time’dashboard built on a subsetany ideas? Is it a viable solution?Hadoop / HBase ?Bigtables ?
  14. 14. Integration / Interaction with other datasets / projects impact of climate change? in conjunction with RedList data? Poverty index?
  15. 15. Sensitivitywildlife trade is a business for certaincountriese.g. watch straps from Switzerland >100k/yearsole earning for certain families
  16. 16. SensitivityThere is confidential informationNot to create tensions among countries,or ‘finger-pointing’Should be a tool / set of ideas to outlineuseful constructive information abouttradeneed to encourage parties to report
  17. 17. Other projects...we maintain the species database forCITES and EUworking very closely with SCITES toencourage electronic permittingmore and more countries adhering
  18. 18. ‘Real-time’ v/s Real-time data electronic permitting huge step to get trade information as soon as issued EPIX project which aims at extracting data from countries power of Trade query tool with real- time data
  19. 19. What are my expectations?Hope the subject and unique dataset is ofinterestwe could make a big impact with efficientvisualisation toolbut also, what about a distributedarchitecture? How to process huge data inefficient/fast manner?Are there any other ideas for best utilisationof the data?
  20. 20. Thank youWe have brought a subset of theTrade data to work on for thoseinterestedA good prototype would very easilyfind its way onto a proper product