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9 lowenstein


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Published in: Technology
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9 lowenstein

  1. 1. The Confluence of Protected Areas and Armed Conflict in Central Africa Jake Lowenstein (
  2. 2. Grus japonensis
  3. 3. “In some respects, indeed, wildlife benefitsfrom warfare: combatant armies effectivelydesignate war zones as “off limits” to casualwanderers thus quarantining large areas ofAfrica from hunters and poachers.” Meyers(1979).Virtually no work has been done toquantify large-scale patterns on therelationships between civil-conflictand biodiversity.
  4. 4. Project Idea• To model the spatial-temporal relationships between protected areas and civil conflict in Central Africa 1960-present. • Is conflict more likely to occur with proximity to PAs? • Is conflict more likely to occur after PA designation?
  5. 5. Datasets• World Database on Protected Areas• Armed Conflict Location and Events Dataset (ACLED)
  6. 6. ACLED• Designed for disaggregated conflict analysis and crisis mapping•  Data are currently being coded from 1997 to early 2010 and the project continues to backdate conflict information for African states to the year of independence.
  7. 7. ACLED• These data contain information on • the date and location of conflict events • the type of event • the rebel and other groups involved • changes in territorial control. 
  8. 8. ACLED•  Events are derived from a variety of sources, mainly concentrating on reports from war zones, humanitarian agencies, and research publications.• The precision of each event is coded.• Data can be assimilated easily into any GIS, mapping program, or statistical package.