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Stuart Lynn - OldWeather - Visualizing climate data of the day


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Stuart Lynn - OldWeather - Visualizing climate data of the day

  1. 1. 2.6 million minutes per day 1 hour = 2.5 months of human brain power 200 million minutes per day1 hour = 16 years of human brain power
  3. 3. Community of 484291 Users for context : 12 armies in the world that are larger than the Zooniverse user base(China, USA, India, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam and Mynamar). Standing side-by-side the Zooniverse could now fill the Vatican or hand-in-hand we could get half way around Saturn’s moon Mimas We weigh the same as about 70 fully-loaded 747s and output a combined 42 Megawatts of energy Assuming Santa delivers to 6.5 billion people this Christmas – it will take him just over 7 seconds to deliver to 350,000 people.there are now more people in the Zooniverse than there are in Iceland (or Belize or nearly the Bahamas)!
  4. 4. March 8th 1918
  5. 5. PartnersRECLAI MProject:Clive Rob AllanWilkins Philip Brohan on Gordon Smi
  6. 6. Date LocationWeather History
  7. 7. 709,205 Pages 193 Ships22665 Users
  8. 8. Data