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What’s next and beyond Design Thinking


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It is time to move Design Thinking to the next level. Companies and design thinkers need not only embrace creativity but also include other design focus areas in the entire process, such as design planning and execution. The workshop will give an overview on the current and next stage of Design thinking, and it will also take a glance on how to go beyond it.

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What’s next and beyond Design Thinking

  1. 1. What’s next and beyond Design Thinking Jane Vita Sr. Service Creator @janevita BMW Summer School Version 0.1 /July 2016
  2. 2. LEANSERVICECREATION Jane Vita Sr. Service Creator Jane Vita has over 19 years’ experience in digital services and media, including cross- platform design, digital strategy, digital reputation and performance. Jane has helped to create new digital services and transform existing ones with clients including Nokia, NSN, Samsung , Ericsson, Volvo, Renault, Marcopolo, Lojas Renner, Positivo Group, , Banco do Brasil, Bematech, Gol Linhas Aéreas, Porto Seguro, Nokian Tyres, Honka, Iittala, Stockmann, Viking Line, Safmarine, YIT, Fira and ABB. Previously Jane worked at Fjord, Ixonos and other big and small companies in Brazil. She also teaches Service Design in Digital Context at Laurea University and she is Doctoral candidate at Aalto University, Media Lab. EDUCATION Doctoral Candidate Media Lab - LeGroup Aalto University 2016-current Service Innovation and Design Master of Business Administration Laurea University of Applied Sciences 2012-2014 Web Design Post-graduation PUC-PR 2001-2003 Industrial Design – Graphic Design Bachelor degree PUC-PR 1998-2001 •  Digital Business Strategy, •  Service Design, •  Experience Design, •  Interaction Design, •  Interface Design, •  Information Architecture, •  Gamification, •  Storyfication •  Design for Conversion, •  Rapid prototyping @janevita
  4. 4. Our toolbox
  5. 5. LEANSERVICECREATION Design Thinking
  6. 6. LEANSERVICECREATION From Making people want things Marketing and advertising, Product dominant
  10. 10. LEANSERVICECREATION To Making things People want Service Design, Design Thinking, Service dominant, People centric
  15. 15. LEANSERVICECREATION Design Thinking A user-centered approach to problem solving
  16. 16. “Design thinking is a system that uses the designer's sensibility and methods to match people's needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business can convert into consumer value and market opportunity.” TIM BROWN, CEO OF IDEO, HBR, 2009.
  18. 18. LEANSERVICECREATION Imagines the world from multiple and different perspectives. Empathy Thinking Like Designers Constructively faces opposing ideas that lead to models that will satisfy all. Knows how to create and facilitate dialogue. Integrative Thinking There is always a potential solution to be found. Optimism
  19. 19. LEANSERVICECREATION Can accept completely new directions, takes risk taken, looks for the problems worth solving. Experimentalism Thinking Like Designers No lone creative genius, benefits from other discipline collaboration Collaboration
  21. 21. LEANSERVICECREATION “Some” Design Thinking Principles It is PEOPLE CENTERED, focuses on user’s experience, specifically the emotional ones. It is HOLISTIC, creates a model that examines complex problems, benefits from system thinking. It TOLERATES FAILURE and it is optimistic. TANGIBILITY RULES, visual facilitation and storytelling are great ways to make the abstract, clear and concrete. It is SIMPLE, it has a clear and directing value proposition. It INSPIRES, but is also COMMITTED to great outcomes. Find PROBLEMS WORTH SOLVING, the ones that inspire and needs critical and creative thinking. It is CONTEXTUAL, talk with customers and other people involved in the context of the problem.
  22. 22. LEANSERVICECREATION Cyclical and Interactive The Design Thinking process (i.e.) INSPIRATION Discover, understand, observe, interpret, POV IMPLEMENTATION Business model, pilot, storytelling, evolution IDEATION Ideate, experiment, prototype, test, improve
  23. 23. How to be people-centered?
  24. 24. LEANSERVICECREATION Behaviour lens •  Focus on individuals •  Experience is shaped by choices and attitudes, drivers and barriers •  People and their activities exist in a context •  People are the actors •  People have choices •  Etic – viewed from outside people’s worlds
  25. 25. LEANSERVICECREATION Socio-cultural lens •  Focus on people as carriers of practices Experience as an outcome of dynamic mixture of elements •  People and their activities co-produce the context •  Actions are distributed •  People make decisions resulting from their localized activities and participation in a practice •  Emic – viewed from inside people’s worlds
  26. 26. LEANSERVICECREATION Identifying patterns Patterns from Big Data •  Answers what is happening •  Numbers •  Helps identify issues in the past and present •  Reliability and generalizability •  Algorithms do the interpretation •  Shows reality •  Behavioural analysis – what people do and what drives this •  At a distance •  Specific and focused •  Detailed
  27. 27. LEANSERVICECREATION Understanding context and personal-behaviour Insights from Thick Data •  Answers what does it means •  Stories •  Helps to inspire possibilities for the future •  Credibility and transferability •  Interpretation is a collective process •  Constructs reality •  Cultural analyses – social meanings •  Close in and interactive •  Open-ended •  Holistic
  28. 28. LEANSERVICECREATION Open data Data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone – subject to the requirement to attribute and sharelike. Examples: •  Public traffic •  Public transportation •  Photos •  Healthcare data Personal data From specific applications by the user permission Examples: •  Facebook •  Gmail •  LinkedIn
  29. 29. LEANSERVICECREATION What’s next and beyond
  30. 30. “What is being labeled as ‘design thinking’ is what creative people in all disciplines have always done.” DOM NORMAN, THE DESIGN OF EVERYDAY THINGS
  31. 31. LEANSERVICECREATION Focus areas of design Broad goals with social & cultural corporate implications. Directing designers and interdisciplinary teams. Products Information Services Design Strategy Design Management Design Planning Design Execution Converting strategy and insights into objects, images and actions.
  32. 32. LEANSERVICECREATION Creativity Everyone can be creative •  Designers are great examples of how to work with your creativity •  Creative intelligence developed, creative confidence •  Perhaps not everyone should be designer, but bring up the inner child. •  Designer? How to be a better maker, enabler? •  Appreciating the effective execution that will translate your great ideas in to meaningful, engaging and functional solutions.
  33. 33. LEANSERVICECREATION Questions? Feedback?
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  35. 35. JANE VITA Sr. Service Creator @janevita