Dicole Training and Workshops


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Dicole training and workshops about social media are targeted to public sector institutions and international businesses world wide.

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Dicole Training and Workshops

  1. 1. Training & Workshops Instead of a megaphone now it is time to listen and have a conversation
  3. 3. Social media is so much more than just Facebook and Twitter. IBM, Ikea, Starbucks, Dell, Nokia, Ford, Obama and many others have successfully benefited from the use of social media in their operations. When well implemented, social media is not just a detached marketing tool, but an integral part of all business activities. Improve your return of investment in digital Affects Various Organizational Levels working environments and online ‣ Management. communities. Improve leadership and ‣ Communications, marketing and sales. customer service. Empower your employees ‣ R&D and customer service. to achieve more together. ‣ IT and HR. Potential Areas of Application • Acquire more customers and serve them ‣ Customer communities and partner networks. better based on more advanced metrics. ‣ Developing customer service. ‣ Increasing transparency. • Collect better ideas and take them into ‣ Improving internal & external communication. action as concrete products. ‣ Developing teams and their practices. ‣ Networking and recruitment. • Inspire your staff to increase efficiency with ‣ Product ideas and innovation processes. digital tools and online collaboration. ‣ Organizational learning and education. ‣ New marketing concepts and approaches. ‣ Leadership in digital environments.
  4. 4. Go deeper and get ahead with the best experts on the field.
  5. 5. TEEMU ARINA LECTURES Social media in work, management and learning. Net generation. Make your event a success by having one of our leading Finnish speakers at your event. SAM INKINEN Creativity and innovation Our professionals have at least 10 years of processes. Futures studies. international experience on grasping the opportunities of social media in organizations. ESKO KILPI Interactive value creation. Our diverse backgrounds will guarantee a spot on Management in digital working environments. approach for every market, audience and event. Our customers include some of the largest JUHANI VÄKIPARTA Social media and social enterprises, leading growth companies, public change. International markets. institutions, research centers and universities. TOMMI RISSANEN Digital ecosystems and new OUR SERVICE INCLUDES media technologies. • Speeches and panel discussions. • A session lasting up to 2 hours. HARRI LAKKALA • Material and possible recordings. Social media in the enterprise. • Also online webinars and presentations.
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA 101 TRAINING Social Media in General Our training session will focus on going ‣ Phenomenon, statistics and key terms. ‣ Impact on organizations and society. through social media principles in an ‣ History and future outlook. understandable, visual and engaging way. Social Media Services Theory and practical examples support ‣ General and market specific tools and services. each other. The session will provide its ‣ Case stories and best practices. participants with a wide overview and Social Media Monitoring and Metrics ‣ Identifying keywords and target groups. basic starting points for using ‣ Social media monitoring tools and practices. social media in their practice. ‣ Metrics and competitive intelligence. Building a Social Media Architecture ‣ Search engines and search engine optimization. OPTIONS ‣ Connecting services together. • Half day – Basic overview. Social Media Governance • 1 day – More case stories and ‣ Strategies and tactics. more time for discussion. ‣ Leadership in digital environments. • 2 days – Deeper, wider and more ‣ Staff roles, resources and guidelines. even more interaction. ‣ Best practices on participating on online discussions. • Sessions include material. ‣ Copyright, security and privacy issues. Risk management.
  7. 7. Workshops as seeds for success.
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA IDEASHOP The idea generation workshop aims to Opportunities will open from the personal, crystallize future opportunities based on organizational and customer centric points current business requirements. Quickly of view. Values, principles, practices, tools generate ideas about the real value of social and channels will be discussed. media in your own organization. Our energetic, idea rich and result oriented The session creates foundations for practical session will last for half a day. We will implementations, guidelines and strategic utilize various interesting participative thinking. Participation will motivate methods for group interaction. After the ownership and help to identify bottlenecks. session you will receive a visual summary report and suggestions for next steps. OUR SERVICE INCLUDES • Two facilitators. • Half a day workshop. • Report and material.
  9. 9. CLOUD COMPANY STRATEGY WORKSHOP You don’t need a social media strategy. Due to digitalization the business What you need is a strategy that environment becomes more and more enables the implementation of digitally real-time. The central principle of work distributed practices in your business. becomes creative work that we do in In the digital era, the communication interaction. Organizational tools and practices of many organizations are based processes need to be improved to match on old paradigms of communication. As the requirements of digital environments. an example, most meetings have more or In the workshop we will discuss and less the wrong people present. The most create the first draft for a successful practical way to increase efficiency is to communication strategy. improve your communication practices. OUR SERVICE INCLUDES • Interview and background research. • Half a day workshop. • Two facilitators. • Report and material.
  10. 10. Workshop facilitators.
  11. 11. TEEMU ARINA is focused on management, work and learning in social media. He is an internationally known public speaker, consultant, writer and CEO of Dicole Ltd. Arina has practiced technology entrepreneurship for over 10 years and has worked as an advisor on many international projects involving social media. In the last few years he has delivered hundreds of presentations at recognized conferences, summits and universities in Belgium, USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Russia and Italy. ICS: DS A ND TOP EYWOR on Blog: http://tarina.blogging.fi K Open innovati edia Social m ion Net generat Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tar1na a rning Online le rvice de sign Se osy stems D igital ec
  12. 12. ESKO KILPI focuses on the challenges of knowledge work and digital work environments. As an internationally known executive adviser Kilpi has delivered numerous keynote presentations at management conferences globally, authored many books and participated in leading academic research. As an international consultant he advises both public sector organizations and leading global multinational companies in Nordic countries, Europe, Middle-East, Far-East and USA. ICS: ND TOP ork KEYW ORDS A Know ledge w crea tion iv e value nts Interact en vironme Blog: http://eskokilpi.blogging.fi dig ital work Manag ement in se Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/eskokilpi the enterpri ial sof tware in product ion Soc gies Peer- ate nic ation str Commu
  13. 13. SAM INKINEN is a well-known Finnish media scholar, lecturer, futurist, writer, journalist and consultant who has traveled to over 100 countries. Sam Inkinen has written, edited or co-edited dozens of books and articles regarding media, technology and culture. He lectures regularly in various European universities and acts as an advisor for several R&D projects regarding content services, social media, experience economy, creative processes and innovation. P ICS: RDS AND TO tu re KEYWO rt, desi gn & cul A Website: http://www.inkinen.org sses Cre ati ve proce dies Fu tures stu no vation Open in rch Med ia resea de sign ciety Service net work so con omy and Expe rience e
  14. 14. Dicole Ltd. – Contact Us for Details. Fredrikinkatu 61 A, 8th floor +358 9 2316 4424 Po.box 955 sales@dicole.com FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland www.dicole.com dicole Working digital communities and strategies