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Design Thinking - at BMW Summer School


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The slides set was used for a breakout session at BMW Summer School. The content was built to introduce Design Thinking principles in three hours.

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Design Thinking - at BMW Summer School

  1. 1. Design Thinking What? Why? How? Who? When? BMW Summer School 2017 Breakout session@janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  2. 2. Agenda 15:00 - - - - - - - - - 10min break 15:10 - - - - - - - - - Hands on work - part 2 Persona - life situation Customer journey Stakeholder map Problem Worth Solving 14:00 - - - - - - - - - Introductions 14:20 - - - - - - - - - Introduction to Design Thinking 14:40 - - - - - - - - - Hands on work - part 1 Pick a topic Find a problem Choose the target group 15:40 - - - - - - - - - Hands on work - part 3 Brainstorm about the solution Cluster and choose the best idea Elevator pitch Service Ad 16:30 - - - - - - - - - Groups presentation, Q&A and Feedback 17:00 - - - - - - - - - Breakout session ends @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  3. 3. Intros 1. Draw something unique about yourself. 3min @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  4. 4. Intros 2. Name Country of origin Country where you live University Subject of study Explain your drawing 2min @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  5. 5. Design Thinking What? Why? How? Who? When? @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  6. 6. What? Design Thinking @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  7. 7. The origin of the term •The first mention 1969 by Herbert A. – book, The Sciences of the Artificial. •1987, Peter Rowe, Design Thinking book, described methods and approaches used by architects and urban planners as a term in the design research. •80s and 90s, McKim’s taught Design Thinking as a method of creative action for the students at the Stanford University. •David Kelley from IDEO popularized the term in 1991 by adapting Design Thinking for the business purposes. @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  8. 8. Marketing and advertising, Product dominant Making people want things From Before 2000 @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  9. 9. To Making things People want Design Thinking Service-dominant logic People centric After 2000 @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  10. 10. “Design thinking is a system that uses the designer's sensibility and methods to match people's needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business can convert into consumer value and market opportunity.” TIM BROWN, CEO OF IDEO, HBR, 2009. @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  11. 11. Design Thinking Who? @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  12. 12. Imagines the world from multiple and different perspectives. Empathy Thinking Like Designers There is always a potential solution to be found. Optimism Can accept completely new directions, takes risk taken, looks for the problems worth solving. Experimentalism @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  13. 13. No lone creative genius, benefits from other discipline collaboration Collaboration Thinking Like Designers Constructively faces opposing ideas that lead to models that will satisfy all. Knows how to create and facilitate dialogue. Integrative Thinking @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  14. 14. Design Thinking How? @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  15. 15. It is CONTEXTUAL, talk with customers and other people involved in the context of the problem. Find WORTHY PROBLEMS, the ones that inspire critical and creative thinking. It INSPIRES, but is also COMMITTED to great outcomes. It is SIMPLE, it has a clear and directing value proposition. TANGIBILITY RULES, visual facilitation and storytelling are great ways to make the abstract, clear and concrete. It TOLERATES FAILURE and it is optimistic. It is HOLISTIC, creates a model that examines complex problems, benefits from system thinking. It is PEOPLE CENTERED, focuses on user’s experience, specifically the emotional ones. “Some” Design Thinking Principles @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  16. 16. Focus areas of design Broad goals with social & cultural corporate implications. Directing designers and interdisciplinary teams. Organize tasks, products, information, services, and manage time and process efficiency. Strategy Management Planning Execution Converting strategy and insights into objects, images and actions. @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  17. 17. How to perform a more … People centred… Person centred… User centred… Human centred… work? @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  18. 18. Behaviour lens • Focus on individuals • Experience is shaped by choices and attitudes, drivers and barriers • People and their activities exist in a context • People are the actors • People have choices • Etic – viewed from outside people’s worlds @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  19. 19. Socio-cultural lens • Focus on people as carriers of practices • Experience as an outcome of dynamic mixture of elements • People and their activities co-produce the context • Actions are distributed • People make decisions resulting from their localized activities and participation in a practice • Emic – viewed from inside people’s worlds @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  20. 20. Patterns from Big Data • Identify behaviour patterns • Answers what is happening / but not why • Numbers / Detailed / Specific and focused • Helps identify issues in the past and present • Predict the future based on patterns • Reliability and generalizability • Algorithms do the interpretation • Shows reality • Behavioural analysis – what people do and what drives this • At a distance @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  21. 21. Insights from Thick Data • Understanding context and personal-behaviour • Answers what does it means • Stories • Helps to inspire possibilities for the future • Credibility and transferability • Interpretation is a collective process • Constructs reality • Cultural analyses – social meanings • Close in and interactive • Open ended • Holistic @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  22. 22. Co-creation Make your customer an active part of the business and services creation by including them in the creation process. How? • Interviews / Deep dives • User panels • Social communities • Closed communities • Design sprints • Workshops • etc. @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  23. 23. Ready Steady Play! @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  24. 24. 5min Choose one of the next 100 years BMW’s future views 1 . MOBILITY IS BECOMING VERSATILE. Seamlessly connected and diverse. 2. CONNECTIVITY IS BECOMING SECOND NATURE. Many different areas of life will be linked and take advantage of the exchange of information. 3. MOBILITY IS BECOMING TAILOR-MADE. Mobility becomes a very personal experience and therefore something special. 4. TECHNOLOGY IS BECOMING HUMAN. Easy to use and learns, personalised, personal and familiar. 5. ENERGY IS BECOMING EMISSION-FREE. The impact of climate change will be noticeable and people and nations will commit to using environmental resources responsibly. 6. RESPONSIBILITY IS BECOMING DIVERSE. Continuous responsibility for people directly or indirectly in its sphere of activity. @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  25. 25. Target group @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  26. 26. Discuss in the team about target group and personas you are focusing. 3min @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  27. 27. Use the Persona canvas to deep dive in your customer’s life. 7min @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  28. 28. Life situation @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  29. 29. Brainstorm individually and select three life situations when your service can deliver value to the customer. Ideate and pick up the best. One life situation per post-it. 5min + 10min + 2min @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool Post-its brainstorm Discussing and clustering Select 3
  30. 30. 10min Customer journey Together with your team create a customer journey, including: before, during and after the service/product usage. Identify interactions, context, places, objects, people involved, influencers, moments of joy, critical moments, emotions, etc. @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  31. 31. 10min Stakeholder map @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool Who are the other people involved with the service. Who influences and are involved with the customer, service experience and lifecycle.
  32. 32. 10min Finding a Problem Worth Solving 3min/individually identify to problems 5min discuss and cluster the problems 1min choose the area to improve 5min decide about the worth problem to solve @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  33. 33. Break 5min sharp @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  34. 34. 10min Brainstorm Answer the questions about how to solve the problem with solutions. Go wild! @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  35. 35. 20min Clustering the ideas 2min/individual (10min) Cluster the post-it while presenting 3min Choose an area of preference 7min Combine the ideas to create your new service @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  36. 36. 5min Elevator pitch @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool Making your idea visible
  37. 37. 10min Service Ad @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool Making your idea visible Service name + logo Concept Illustration + Headline Slogan Service short description Main features
  38. 38. 5min + 2 Q&A Presentation Pitch your idea to the others and get feedback. @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  39. 39. Wrap-up and Q&A @janevita #Digitalist #cocreation #bmwsummerschool
  40. 40. Thank you! Jane Vita Service Design Lead @janevita /
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