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A Walk Through of User Experience and User Interface


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Keep hearing these buzz words: UX and UI? Want to get a better understanding of what User Experience is and how it effects your site? Take a look at this top-level overview from Network Affiliates, the legal marketing experts!

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A Walk Through of User Experience and User Interface

  1. 1. Presented by: Emily Frickey A WALK THROUGH OF USEREXPERIENCE
  2. 2. • Does this website give me value? (content) • Is it easy to use/navigate? (usability / accesibility) • Is it pleasant to use and view? (design) Ultimately, it comes down to one thing: How users perceive your site WHAT IS (UX) USEREXPERIENCE? UX
  3. 3. FROM A 30 FOOT VIEW: • Usability • Design • Accessibility • Human Factors • Marketing UX WHAT GOES I N T O
  4. 4. USABILITY• Is it easy to use? • It is about task-based interactions — The ability to do something easily and intuitively • Can the user fill out a contact form easily? • Can they find your contact info? • Can they find the information they were looking for? • Are there click-to-call numbers for mobile users? • Live Chat feature? • Maps/direction feature?
  5. 5. • You want a site with multiple conversion points- the easier for the user to reach out to an attorney, the better • Helpful tips and information on what the user will need for their case • Having someone to answer their questions, whenever they end up calling • Make sure users who prefer contact forms are reached out to in a timely manner USABILITY REMOVES ROADBLOCKS FOR USERS
  6. 6. EQUAL UX USABILITY DOESNOT Usability is just one feature that goes into UX Just because something is easy to use, does not mean it has great user experience • Experience is more about feelings & emotional connection to the task
  7. 7. DESIGN IS IT USER CENTERED? • Users want pleasant, hassle free experience when interacting with a site • Easy to use navigation • People like white space- Don’t try and put everything on the homepage • Don’t fill screen with non-related content • Desirability- typography, imagery, media use, placement • Most important thing on screen should be focal point “Most important” should be determined by user, not by law firm
  9. 9. ACCESSIBILITY Can your site be viewed properly on all devices? Do your videos have transcripts for those who are hearing impaired? Navigation simplistic & Consistent? — For those with visual or cognitive disabilities
  10. 10. HUMAN FACTORS Psychology Behind How and What People Interact With Color is a major influencer for user interaction • Orange encourages immediate action • Blue builds trust and security • Red increases energy and sense of urgency • Green promotes growth and relaxation • Yellow gets attention and creates lower levels of anxiety
  11. 11. • Active words create active users- Words like “Get Started” “Download Now!” “Call Today” • Using 1st person tends to have higher conversion rates* • People’s eyes are drawn to where they see images looking- try to choose an image of people looking directly at your CTA • Colors don’t necessarily change the conversion rate- it has to do with the color standing out on the page, ensuring that it is in a logical place and doesn’t have to compete with other things on the page CALL-TO-ACTIONS
  13. 13. DESIGNING FOR HUMANFACTORS• Human brains tend to avoid sharp corners — While designing buttons, try to round off the corners • Make things large enough to be clickable on a mobile device to decrease anxiety • Apple recommends a button size of 44x44 px • Humans are inherently unpredictable- That is why testing is soo important! Test, Test, Test!
  14. 14. MARKETING • This truly comes down to findability - How easy was it for a user to find your website? • SEO plays a large role in this • Word of Mouth — Review Platforms — Social Media • Brand Management — Ensuring that you have the best foot forward for your brand MARKETING
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