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Presentation group5 d_thinking_1st_task


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Laurea University

Published in: Design
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Presentation group5 d_thinking_1st_task

  1. 1. Design  Thinking   Researching  for  Inspiration   Jane  Vita,  Tiia-­‐Marina  Silva,  Markus  Saks,    Petri  Tiainen,  Theodoros  Haile,  Ekaterina  Zhiteneva  
  2. 2. Our  approach  Existing  museum  services  How  can  user  experience  be  improved?  Target  users  profiles  Benchmarking  Results  of  the  interviews  &  questionnaire  New  service  concept  ideas  
  3. 3. How  do  people    use  museums?  
  4. 4. Problems  museums     experience  How  to  make  it  more  accessible  to  people?  How  to  attract  new  visitors?  How  to  attract  visitors  to  the  museum  on  top  of  exhibitions?  How  to  make  use  of  new  technologies?  
  5. 5. What  can  be  improved?  Museums  should  be  easy  to  access  for  different  groups  of  people.    Not  only  the  content  should  be  attractive,  but  the  whole  experience  including  the  surroundings  &  performances.    Museums  should  benefit  from  new  technologies  available.      
  6. 6. If  people  can’t  go  to  the  museum,  the   museum  should  go  to  people.  
  7. 7. Who  are  the   potential  users?  Existing  users   Families  with   Older  people   People  with   of  museums   small  kids   People  with   limited  access   limited  mobility   to  museums,   countryside   residents  
  8. 8. What  are  their   problems  &  needs?  Lack  of  diversity   Limited  time  Limited  time   Limited  information     Museum  should  be:  Museum  should  be:   Participatory  Active         Limited  access  Limited  energy  Limited  access     Limited  information       Museum  should  be:  Museum  should  be:   Accessible  Convenient    
  9. 9. Benchmarking    existing  services  The  Itinerant  Museum  of  Art,  Key  cities  around  the  world    •  Bringing  inspiration  through   art  to  the  daily  life  of  people  of   all  ages  •  Making  it  convenient  •  Inspire  creativity      Museum  on  Wheels,  Mississippi    •  Introduces  audience  to  visual   art  •  Educational  tool  for  the  local   residents    
  10. 10. Benchmarking    existing  services  PIAG  Museum,  Florida  •  Bringing art and music to the communities•  Provide art education to local residents
  11. 11. Benchmarking    existing  services  Mobile  Library,  Finland    •  7  in  capital  region,  2  in  Vantaa   &  Espoo,  3  in  Helsinki  •  Open  Monday  to  Friday  •  70%  customers  are  families   with  kids  •  Most  of  customers  are  loyal   customers  •  Each  bus  has  a  theme   (Vantaa:  Tarina  &  Haave)  •  Most  of  the  books  are  for   children            
  12. 12. Potential  users   Researches  
  13. 13. Online  questionnaire   61  respondents   Sex:     36  male,     Age:     25  or  less  –  8,Country:     24  female   26-­‐35  –  43,         ,    Brazil  –  32 36-­‐45  –  7,    Finland  –  24,     46-­‐55  –  3,     Profession:     56  or  more  -­‐  0 1,       G ermany  –   Teachers,  developers,   eden  –  1,     designers,  house  wife,   Sw accouters,   UK  –  2,     administrators,  lowers,   US  –  1   human  researchers…  
  14. 14. If  yes…  (50  responses)  
  15. 15.   What  is  the  best  place  to  visit  this  kind  of   museums?   Close  to  your   Other   home  (located   5%   there  for  2   days).   29%   In  the  city   center  (located  there   for  15  days).   66%  
  16. 16. Group  interview   4  participants   Sex:       1  male,    Country  /  City:   3  female   Age:       o   26-­‐35  –  3    3  Fin land/Espo umi   36-­‐45  –  1   kun1  F inland/Ker Profession:     2  administrators   1  Chemical  engineer   1  English  teacher  
  17. 17. Group  interview   Quotes  resume  Two  of  those  interviewed  people  didn’t  like  to  go  to  a  normal   museum,  because  they  find  them  far  from  their  places,  the   opening  hours  are  inaccessible.  The  other  two  interviewed  people  like  to  go.  One  said  that   expend  with  her  family  a  day  to  visit  different  museums  and   sometimes  she  went  to  visit  more  than  3  museums  in  the   same  day.  The  other  said  that  goes  at  least  1  ever  2  months.  All  them  found  interesting  the  idea  of  an  itinerant  museum.   The  ones  that  said  no  thought  that  they  could  go  to  a   museum  with  this  model.  
  18. 18. Group  interview   Quotes  resume  They  expect  to  see  in  the  itinerant  museum  real  antique  artifacts.   They  don’t  think  that  an  itinerant  museum  could  have  so  many   technologies  inside.  About  the  design  of  the  museum  two  found  the  Circus  format  more   attractive,  one  for  heavy  truck  and  the  other  the  double  deck   bus.  
  19. 19. Group  interview   Quotes  resume   Ideas  that  come  up  with  the  interview,  told  by  them:     “It  needs  to  have  advertise,  we  never  know  when  a  good   exhibition  is  happening.”    “One  good  website  with  more  information  needs  to  be  build.”  
  20. 20. Services  providers   Researches  
  21. 21. Interview   01  respondent  Responsibility:    Staff Where:   Työväenasuntomuseo   C ountry:     Finland     City:     Helsinki  
  22. 22. The  idea  of  offering  an  itinerant  exhibition    interesting  to  your  museum?  Why?  No,  because  the  whole  idea  of  our  museum  is  to  present  a  certain  house  for  our  visitor.  
  23. 23. Our  thoughts  about  the  meaning  of  the  answer:      Even  the  results  for  the  visitor  has  been  positive  maybe  the  museums  could  have  an  certain  apprehension  about  the  itinerant  service.  Because  they  need  to  be  convinced  about    the  whole  propose  and  how  creative  is  the  ways  to  present  their  content  without  any  trouble.  The  service  needs  to  be  personalized  for  each  museum  needs.  
  24. 24. Our  concept:   “Museum  on  Wheels”  Heavy  truck  with  2  (or  more)  containers:  real  artifacts  from  the  museum,  audiovisual  equipment  to  show  2/3D  films    Provides  full  experience  of  a  chosen  theme    Reference  to  the  main  museum’s  collection    Route  is  designed  in  cooperation  with  cities,  events  and  involved  authorities  (users  can  vote  on  the  route  on  the  museum  website)  
  25. 25. Services  could  be   available  for  users  Artifacts  from  the  main  museum  collection  Description  of  the  artifacts  Visual  material  for  more  exploration    2D/3D  films  on  a  chosen  theme  
  26. 26. Services  could  be   available  for  users  Virtual  tour  of  the  main  museum  A  professional  tour  guide  A  small  cafeteria  outside  of  the  museum  A  diverse,  changing  programme  allows  the  museum  to  reach  different  audiences    
  27. 27. Thank  you!  Group  5  –  Design  Thinking  Students:  Jane  Vita,  Tiia-­‐Marina  Silva,  Markus  Saks,  Petri  Tiainen,  Theodoros  Haile  and  Ekaterina  Zhiteneva.  Teachers:  Mariana  Salgado  and  SannaMartilla