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The Morgan Legacy, Interlude I: Misfire


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The first interlude of the Morgan Legacy.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The Morgan Legacy, Interlude I: Misfire

  1. 1. The Morgan Legacy: Misfire by fireflowersims A brief interlude in which the Morgans deal with the consequences of my computer problems.
  2. 2. Once upon a time, there was a lovely simmer named De. She loved to play The Sims 2 and invested many hours in the pixelated families she created. Then one day she stumbled upon the concept of the legacy challenge, and immediately decided to try her hand at it. After completing the Carter legacy, she began a dual legacy for the Pierce family, which she lost and later recreated, and abandoned both the Selwyn and the Cameron legacies. Then she decided to create the Morgans, a legacy written in story format. Unfortunately, De was also addicted to downloading custom content. After awhile it was just too much for her computer, and all of her families got glitchy. Since Bodyshop hadn't worked in months, she used SimPE and thought that she'd gotten everyone she needed. Then she spent a day uninstalling and reinstalling her game, not to mention time downloading a reasonable amount of custom content. And this is where our story picks up...
  3. 3. De grinned in anticipation as she opened CAS. "So what should I do first?" she said happily. "Recreate the Morgans? The Pierces? My own simself family? Hmmm..." Once the program had loaded, she immediately started looking for the sims she'd saved so that she could start the recreation. Slowly her smile faded, replaced by an incredulous scowl. "Oh ^$()*%$)&*$!" -
  4. 4. Faye woke slowly, her head aching at first. As it faded, she began to realize what was happening. She was... on the lawn? But that didn't make sense. How could she have passed out outside?
  5. 5. She slowly lifted herself up, taking in her surroundings a bit at a time. The first thing she noticed was that Angelina and Cory, of all people, were lying on the grass next to her, and that they were both still unconscious. She gasped and was about to revive them when she looked up and completely froze.
  6. 6. They weren't at the Morgan house anymore. No, this home was smaller and completely unfamiliar. A sick feeling formed in the pit of her stomach. Where was the rest of the family? And why had the three of them been brought to this... whatever this place was?
  7. 7. She gulped down panic and knelt next to her sister, almost afraid to touch her. "Angelina?" she whispered. "Lina, come on, wake up. I don't know where we are, and I don't know what to do, and I'm so scared..." Much to her relief, her older sister's eyes flickered open. "Faye?" she asked blearily, then looked around. All signs of pain and tiredness faded from her, and she practically leaped to her feet.
  8. 8. "Faye, what's going on?" she asked quickly. "Where are we?" Faye shook her head. "I don't know. Really. I woke up, and we were here." Angelina glanced back at the house, frowning. "I've never seen this place before. Have you?" Faye shook her head, and the older woman's frown deepened. "I'm going to go inside and see if they have a phone. Then I'll call home. All right?" "All right," Faye said unsteadily. Then she took a closer look at her sister and gulped. "Angie?" "Yeah?" "What... what happened to your hair?"
  9. 9. Angelina didn't answer. Instead she turned quickly and ran into the house, not even knocking. Faye stood still, starting to shake as she realized what had happened. "Where's Roxy?" she murmured, a sob caught in her throat. Her stomach hurt even more at the thought, and she pressed it, hoping that she wouldn't be sick. That was the last thing she needed. "Aunt Faye?" Cory sounded so quiet, so young. "What's going on?"
  10. 10. She turned quickly and found him gazing at the house. "Cory," she said in a rush, hugging him. "We don't know. Your aunt Angelina's inside right now." "Inside by herself?" he asked worriedly, hugging her back. "We should go in in case something else happens." "Well, I was waiting for you," Faye explained. "But now that you're up, we can go." He nodded quickly, and they went to the house.
  11. 11. Angelina pressed a familiar set of numbers, then held the phone to her ear, expecting to hear it ring and then be picked up on the other end by Roxy, or Veronica, or even her father. Instead there was a mechanical voice. "There is no listing for the Morgan family. Please try again." Her eyes widened, and she quickly dialed the number Stephen had given her for his dorm room. "We're sorry, but there is no student under that name enrolled at the Academy." She set the phone down, then picked it up one last time. Her fingers were shaking as they dialed the number. "There is no Jake Lam listed. Please try again."
  12. 12. "Lina?" Faye whispered. That feeling was back, and worse than before. "Did you get ahold of Dad?" Angelina didn't answer for a long moment. "No," she finally said. "I couldn't get ahold of anyone. None of them..."
  13. 13. "I'm so sorry," said a voice from behind them. After everything that had happened, Faye didn't even react with surprise. Of course De would turn up. "What happened?" the youngest Morgan sister asked instead, looking over at her. Angelina didn't move, just kept staring at the phone. De sighed. "Come on, let's go sit down. The living room's this way." The Morgans followed, not even thinking of arguing with her.
  14. 14. Once they were seated, De set in on her explanation. "I had way too much custom content in the game," she began. "I thought I could wait until the legacy ended to get rid of it all, but there was just so much... And then my family started to get really glitchy, and then everyone got glitchy, so I decided to just uninstall and reinstall the game."
  15. 15. "Wait a minute," Angelina said, frowning. "If you did that, then how are we still here? Shouldn't you have lost us?" De sighed heavily. "Bodyshop stopped working for me back in January, but I still had Sim PE, so I extracted all of you. Then once the game was reinstalled, I put you all back in the game and ran around getting your custom content back." "So that's why her hair's gone," Faye said inanely, indicating Angelina. A stupid thing to worry about, but it really was strange to see her sister without her typical headscarf. De nodded. "Exactly- and I will track that down again, by the way. Anyway, I thought that I got everyone, but..." She sighed heavily. "Me being me, I forgot most of the important ones ."
  16. 16. "What do you mean, forgot?" Angelina asked warily. "Are we the only ones still around?" "Oh, no," De said quickly. "Your parents are both still around, but they're living with my other recreated legacy founders somewhere that they can all be immortal." "Mom's back?" Faye gasped.
  17. 17. De nodded. "I thought it was the least I could do. And Stephen's still around, too- I just haven't gotten around to recreating him, or his school, yet." "What about Roxy?" Faye asked. The simself hesitated. "I'm sorry, Faye. She's one of the ones I didn't get. Her... and Veronica." "And what about Jake?" Angelina managed to choke out. De shook her head. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
  18. 18. Cory sank further and further into the chair as De spoke. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His cousin and his mother were... gone? His brother, stuck in some sort of limbo?
  19. 19. His aunts both began to cry, but Cory just stood up unsteadily. De walked over to him, her eyes serious. "Listen," she told him quietly, "I may be able to recreate your cousin and your mother. Maybe. But it won't be right away, and they might not be exactly as you remembered them." "It doesn't matter," he said, shaking his head. "Just as long as they come back. Please bring them back." "I'll do my best. In the meantime, I need you to take care of your aunts. Can you do that for me?"
  20. 20. He looked over at them. Seeing them so upset made their family's situation seem even worse. They'd always been the ones to take care of him.
  21. 21. He looked up at De and nodded quickly. "I will, I promise." "Good," she said with a tired smile. "I'm so glad you're all back, Cory."
  22. 22. She shook her head and began to walk away, then turned back. "Oh, Cory?" "Yeah?" A hint of a smile touched her lips. "Go look outside, okay?" He blinked, taking in her expression, and then ran.
  23. 23. He stopped short just outside the front door, staring in disbelief. Somehow the thought of his family's pets had completely slipped his mind, but he couldn't help being almost as glad to see them as he would have been to see his mother, brother or cousin. Especially Henry. Just seeing his loyal dog made him feel much better about the whole situation.
  24. 24. "I'm not sure if I got their eye colors right," De explained. Somewhere between his first sighting of the pets and his rush to get to his dog she had followed him outside. "I'm sorry if I did get them wrong. But I wanted to start making this up to you all as quickly as I could." Cory just grinned. "It doesn't matter, De. Just as long as they're back."
  25. 25. The simself walked away, calling a farewell over her shoulder, but Cory barely paid attention, instead rubbing Henry's belly. "It's so good to see you," he told him, choking past a sudden thickness in his throat. "It feels like it's been forever." Henry woofed quietly, giving him a satisfied doggy grin, and Cory patted his stomach. "Good boy."
  26. 26. Then Fitzroy batted at his shoulder, looking for his share of attention, and Cory lifted him up obediently. "Hey," he said, stroking his back. "I know Roxy's not here, but don't worry about it, okay? She'll turn up soon. De will recreate her, and Mom, and she'll put Stephen back in the game, and everything will be normal again." He just hoped it would happen soon. -
  27. 27. So yes, that's the story of what's going on with my game. If you're reading the Pierces, you may be interested to know that I've got quite a lot of time in with them, so they'll probably get the next album written. The male half, that is- the female half only has one day of gameplay down. What can I say- this generation bores the pants off of me. (Sorry, Casey!) And if you want to know all the sims I forgot to save, here's the list- Roxy, Veronica, Vaughn, Amanda, and three sims that I use for photo shoots. But no worries, Vaughn and Amanda are both reborn. I'll get to work on Roxy and Veronica.... soonish? If I get unlazy. So no, the Morgan legacy isn't dead after all! ^_^ Hopefully I'll get an actual album up for it soon. Until then, happy simming!