Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 18


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Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 18

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vermachtnis legacy! We are slooowly approaching the finish line as Veronica the 8th generation heiress has just moved home. Last chapter we saw Veronica and two of her siblings complete their college and the lives of all the spares. Now let’s check in on Veronica and see where she takes the legacy.
  2. 2. Veronica invites her fiancée Ericka over, and while she’s waiting, she greets Aiyana the newsgirl, her former teenage girlfriend. Because she’s one of Veronica’s 20+ best friends, Aiyana reaches out for a big hug and then stands around enjoying the sun while Veronica makes out with Ericka. Awkward.
  3. 3. Here’s Ericka after her makeover. I’m not completely unbiased, but I think she looks awesome. Again, not unbiased, but I love a good short cut on a woman. Veronica seems to think she looks pretty good too. Ericka is fortune/family, an excellent match for family/popularity Veronica, and her personality is 8/2/7/1/4. She has a LTW of being a criminal mastermind, which isn’t entirely in line with her business-y persona and her squeaky-clean wife-to- be, but it won’t be her LTW forever. You can’t tell from these pictures, but Ericka has green eyes, so I’m hoping some of the kids may have recessive eyes.
  4. 4. Lexie is still a big creep when it comes to her son-in-law Hayden, and she still follows him around like a lovesick puppy with three completely unnecessary bolts. Also, she has apparently decided to live forever and is just one big headache in general.
  5. 5. “Huh, that’s weird, Veronica. I could have sworn I heard the lullaby, but it still says we can ‘try for baby.’ Oh well, one more time!” Later . . . “Okay, Ericka, I definitely heard it that time. We better go get ready for the wedding now that I’m good and knocked up.”
  6. 6. Wedding time! It’s a bit smaller than past weddings, but still plenty of people to have a good time. The guests are Veronica’s siblings and a few of her very best friends. From this side of the lot, we have my simself, streaker Chris Phelps, Aiyana, Vanessa, Vance, Valerie, and Marc Vermachtnis, a gen. 5 spare. From this side we have Vincent, his wife Debbie the placeholder, Victoria, and Carrie, the alien daughter of a gen. 2 spare who’s been in college pretty much since the beginning. Now let’s get started!
  7. 7. Ericka’s all about red and Veronica’s a fan of darker tones like purple, and they couldn’t agree so we used both colors for the wedding. It was a beautiful and well-attended ceremony. Let me introduce you to the gen. 8 couple: Veronica and Ericka Vermachtnis!
  8. 8. Sasha, Lexie, and Ericka all got points for the wedding. Strangely, and despite me trying my hardest to get her to do so, family sim Veronica would not roll up a want for her own wedding, so she felt just kind of ‘eh’ about the whole thing.
  9. 9. Even though Veronica was already pregnant, the new couple still snuck away for some private time upstairs.
  10. 10. Meanwhile, the party went on downstairs. The musical instruments were popular, as was the bar, and Sasha gave Hayden another backrub. Will he ever get the hint and give her one back? Probably not.
  11. 11. “So we thought we heard the lullaby, but it still said we could try for baby, so we did. Now Veronica’s pregnant and you’re going to be a grandmother.” “Oh great. Don’t you foolish girls realize what you’ve done?” “No? What’s the big deal?” Yeah, what could possibly go wrong with this scenario that the controller might have been forgetting about? Huh, it’s a mystery . . .
  12. 12. Veronica is definitely pregnant, though. That evening, after the party has died down, she gets her first wave of “morning” sickness.
  13. 13. Oh my god, Lexie got abducted. Could you guys, y’know, keep her? “Sorry, Earthling, she’s just as annoying to us. Here, she’s all yours.” Drat.
  14. 14. Well, Lexie, I tried to get rid of you but you’re still hanging on. “Yeah, I’m a trooper like that. I’ll just keep subtly hitting on Hayden until I’m so old I disintegrate into dust on the wind.” Gross, Lexie. How about you don’t. “You’re no fun!”
  15. 15. Pregnancy! Super fun! I didn’t realize it until I laid out the pictures, but Veronica managed to hit every toilet in the house at least once. Way to spread the . . . er, love, Veronica.
  16. 16. “How are you feeling, sweetie?” “I’ve been better, Ericka, but I think it’s starting to resolve. How are you?” “Oh, I’m good. Felt a little under the weather, just a little tired. I’m probably fighting a cold or something. No big deal.” “Can you believe we’ll be mommies soon?” “I know! Exciting, isn’t it?”
  17. 17. Pop!
  18. 18. Pop! Damn you, same-sex pregnancy hack! I did this the last time I had a lesbian heiress too. Believe it or not, this was completely on accident. To top it off, Ericka never got sick, so I didn’t realize they were both pregnant until Ericka popped.
  19. 19. Ericka has to change clothes because her previous outfit didn’t have a pregnancy mesh, which wasn’t a problem before since I never planned on her getting pregnant. Grumble grumble. Our two pregnant ladies sit down for some parenting studying since they’ll soon have at least two babies to care for.
  20. 20. While Veronica and Ericka gestate, Sasha works on the official portraits for generation 8.
  21. 21. And here they are! They turned out nice, right?
  22. 22. Veronica and Ericka are very much in love, but instead of fawning over each other, they’ve now turned to cooing over each other’s bellies. Meanwhile, Ericka heads to work in the business career. We’re still waiting for criminal to come up so she can complete her LTW, but working in business will help her fulfill some of her go-to-work and money-making wants in the meantime.
  23. 23. Veronica’s LTW is currently to have 6 grandchildren, so I decided to have her be a stay at home mom, so she won’t be getting a job. Thus, she has time to play chess with Sasha, who does not play nice. “Can you believe this, Lexie? She’s cheating again!” “Who, me? I wasn’t cheating!” “Sorry, honey. It must be tough being so nice in a house full of mean sims.” “You have no idea.”
  24. 24. Hayden! That is not how we carry puppies!!
  25. 25. They’re so in love. Just to warn you, there will be lots of pictures of these two loving up on each other. I think they make the most adorable couple and I just love how devoted they are. On another note, their bellies aren’t quite touching yet when they slow dance, but that will change soon.
  26. 26. Pop! Pop! Within minutes of each other, Veronica and Ericka get their second bumps.
  27. 27. Oh, I thought this day would never come. I mean . . . Oh, how sad, Lexie has died. What a tragedy for the family. “Don’t you think you’re laying it on a little thick?” Sorry, Lexie. You were a good wife to Palmer except for lusting after your son-in-law, and you did provide five wonderful children, including Sasha, one of the most beautiful heiresses of the line. Your family will miss you, even if I won’t.
  28. 28. Lovey-dovey double pregnancy pics.
  29. 29. Here’s some job happenings. Ericka keeps going to work while pregnant and reaches a financial milestone in the business career, which makes her quite happy, and Hayden reaches the top of some career which I seem not to have written down. Hmm. Well, congrats anyway, Hayden!
  30. 30. Everyone (including Sasha’s brother Sammy, who is also in the SCIA and so comes home from work a lot) is there to witness the birth of Veronica’s babies. Yes, babies! Veronica has the lifetime perk from the family track that increases your chance of having twins, so it’s not surprising to see them despite no cheesecake.
  31. 31. Both babies have lovely grey eyes and black hair. The little boy has S1 skin and is named Yves, and his sister has S2 skin and is named Yasmine.
  32. 32. Even as everyone is still exclaiming over the new twins, Ericka goes into labor as well. Yves and Yasmine are dumped on the floor as Veronica rushes over to her wife.
  33. 33. And here we have our little plus one, the reason for the chapter name, the baby that wasn’t planned (though we’re happy to have her anyway): an S1 girl with brown hair and eyes named Yuliana.
  34. 34. Quick! Everyone grab a baby to play with! Aw, poor Hayden is left out. Yasmine, Yves, and Yuliana get a headstart on their relationships with their family.
  35. 35. After the babies have been passed around for playing and cuddling, they’re set down in the baby chairs, where all three promptly fall asleep before I can take a picture of them playing.
  36. 36. “Well, all three of the kiddos are in their cribs now. Shall we . . .?” “No time like the present!” I’ve decided to go for 10 kids this generation. I can’t believe I’ve never done it before in this legacy, although one generation did have 8. This is the last chance for it anyway, since the baby born to the generation 9 heir will be the end of the legacy. Even though they have three newborns, Ericka and Veronica try again right away – and this time I’m careful to only let Veronica get pregnant!
  37. 37. Alison finally grows up and she’s the exact same dog as Peach from the Hues legacy. Like Peach, she is quite messy, so her first action now that she can get down the front steps by herself is to go root around in the garbage. Nice.
  38. 38. Ericka is getting a promotion nearly every day in the business career. She works hard to keep up with her skills, and despite having had to start pretty low on the ladder, she’s getting close to the top.
  39. 39. Yves, Yasmine, and Yuliana get a lot of care from their moms. Both Veronica and Ericka are delighted to spend time with their children, and Veronica in particular rolls up a lot of wants to play with and cuddle the babies.
  40. 40. Veronica is definitely pregnant. I have a hack now that allows more than 8 sims in the house, so it should be easier to fulfill this want, which both mothers have locked. I plan to have them keep trying for kids fairly frequently until I get overwhelmed or the house gets too laggy.
  41. 41. Birthday time comes for the twins and Yuliana. Both of their mothers are beautiful, so I’m expecting cute kids, but I’m excited to see whether any of them get Veronica’s eye shape. Veronica was the only one in her generation to get it from Sasha.
  42. 42. Yves and Yuliana both look a lot like Ericka, but Yasmine is definitely Veronica’s baby! I’m so excited the big eyes got passed on right away. Yves’s personality is 8/2/7/3/6, Yasmine’s is 7/10/8/1/3, and Yuliana’s is 7/8/10/1/4. I’m also pleased with the recessive eyes. We’ve never had an heir with recessive eyes, despite the fact that I’ve tried to breed them in for generations.
  43. 43. This picture is here because it is adorable and that’s reason enough for me.
  44. 44. Lots of teaching goes on over the next few days. To help move what will be a lengthy generation along, I’m not going to document every time a toddler learns a skill. All of the kids eventually did (I’ve played ahead) so as a reader, you can just assume that the teaching happens and I won’t point it out unless I have something additional to say about it.
  45. 45. Likewise, lots of friend-making will go on over this generation. I don’t want to write 10,000 iterations of “Sim A and Sim B made best friends” and I doubt you want to read them all, so this works out better for both of us. Rest assured, none of the kids wanted for best friends.
  46. 46. However, I will include lots of pictures of these two being adorable because it’s my chapter and I can. As you can see, Veronica is very close to having another baby.
  47. 47. This close, in fact!
  48. 48. Oh, it’s twins again! Huh, that perk must really increase the odds. The S4 baby is named Yvette and she has all the same coloring as Veronica. The S1 baby is named Yvonne and she also has brown hair and eyes.
  49. 49. Without the extra sims hack, this would be where we take a pause from kid-having until a grandparent dies or a kid heads to college. With the hack, however, these two can get to work on the next one, and so they do.
  50. 50. Yet another thing that won’t be documented every time it happens: skill maxing. Not all the kids maxed all their skills because it got a bit hectic later on, but skill-maxing happened often enough that it would get redundant to feature them all.
  51. 51. Oh, sweetie. You’re not going to make it easily to 10 if you start getting afraid of vomiting on number 6.
  52. 52. “I would have thought you’d be thrilled about all these grandchildren, Mom.” “I am thrilled! Why, don’t I look it?” “Uh, not really.” Oh, you silly mean sim.
  53. 53. Birthday time has come for Yuliana, Yves, and Yasmine. As you can see, Ericka is also thinking about another promotion that she’s brought home. Criminal still hasn’t come up, but she’s working towards the top of business steadily.
  54. 54. Here’s the oldest three. They turned out really nice. Yves and Yuliana look so much alike in face structure, you’d think they were the twins. Sometimes the large eyes can look weird with normal eye colors, but the Vermachtnises have been blessed in this regard – their big- eyed progeny just look like cartoon characters instead of freaks.
  55. 55. All three of the older kids are quite neat, so first thing in the morning is bed-making time.
  56. 56. Yasmine got Hayden to read to her, but for some reason, instead of sitting down by the bookcase on the second floor, they went up to the third floor where we keep reward objects, and which is hardly ever used. Strange.
  57. 57. Pop again! Here comes baby number 6.
  58. 58. Okay, one more announcement: homework-learning will not be documented every time it happens. All the kids learned their homework skills.
  59. 59. Ericka has reached the top of the business career and has hit another financial milestone. She’s still waiting for criminal to come open.
  60. 60. And she brought home . . . this, lol. This sim, named Carissa, is actually the wife of a gen. 4 spare, and when I deleted some custom content she got this hairstyle as a default. It cracks me up, so she got to keep it. You’d think it wouldn’t fare too well in the business world, but apparently she does okay for herself.
  61. 61. I will be writing about every time the kids get into private school. It didn’t happen that often, and I have another reason. With the Masterpieces, none of the kids got into private school because I was so overwhelmed. My goal this time is to get all 10 into private school before they leave the house. This particular visit was a success and the older three got in.
  62. 62. Birthday time for Yvette and Yvonne . . . but we’ve reached the end of the chapter! Check back next time to see how the second set of twins looks, what baby #6 looks like, whether any of the kids ever get green eyes, and just generally how the Vermachtnises progress towards the end of the legacy, which is creeping ever closer all the time. Thanks for reading and be sure to check in at SiMania!