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SiMania Joint Duelacy - Chapter 10


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SiMania Joint Duelacy - Chapter 10

  1. 1. Hi everyone! My name is Katherine McMania, and I am the heiress of myfamily’s legacy. That’s me in the green top. The rest of my family, left toright, are my grandmother Menolly, my younger brother Lucas, my dadAdrian, my baby sis Kristin, and finally my mom, Aurora, the previousheiress. This is the story of my life.(Hey all! This is Taube, aka Roxanne. If I have anything to add, I’ll insert itdown here like this. Happy reading!)
  2. 2. We had just moved into a new house. The next day, grandma told me shehad a strange dream where she met her teenage self and stole the urns ofour ancestors. Weird, huh?(Actually, this kind of happened. The graves got glitched and some ofthem disappeared, so Menolly dropped by the house of an earlier versionof the family and ‘liberated’ the missing graves so that we would have acomplete set at the main house. I couldn’t resist having Menolly chat upher teen self.)
  3. 3. Grandma was waiting for us when we got home from the first day of ournew school. She wanted to hear all about it and wanted to know if wemade any friends. She was always kind like that.
  4. 4. Unfortunately, grandma was quite old and she passed away shortlyafter. We had guests over at the time, so her death was very wellattended. I took some comfort in knowing that she would finally get tosee grandpa Roger again.
  5. 5. Menolly McMania was a great heiress, a knowledge sim who lovedher family very much. She is survived by three children and manygrandchildren.
  6. 6. We were all close with grandma soit was a devastating loss. For a longtime afterwards, we would all breakdown crying, missing her andremembering all the great times wehad together.
  7. 7. We laid grandma’s ashes to rest in the mausoleum out back of the house.(It’s thanks to Menolly that most of these urns are there. Luckily they’renot glitched or missing any longer!)
  8. 8. The night after grandma passed, Mom was scared by the ghost of mygreat-grandmother Delia. I wondered if we would see Roger or Menollyany time soon.
  9. 9. Mom and Dad are still veryaffectionate with each other,just like they’ve always been.Kristin thinks it’s super gross, butI think it’s a little sweet . . . aslong as I don’t have to watch it,that is!(I don’t have ACR like Seera did,but these two immediatelystarted rolling up wants to makeout and flirt with each other. Iguess they’re just reallyromantic.)
  10. 10. Our parents allowed us to live fairly carefree lives as children, so mysiblings and I had a lot of studying to do if we wanted to get anyscholarships. We started right away.
  11. 11. However, I quickly got bored with all that studying. I thought, wouldn’tmy time be better spent studying at college? At least then I could alsoget in on some of the social scene. I am a romance sim, after all.Besides, we have enough money that we didn’t need those scholarships.
  12. 12. So it wasn’t long before I left for college. I decided to take my siblings withme to Sim State University. I thought we could live together there and studyand party as a family.
  13. 13. When we got there, Kristin insisted that we all go with her to the store andsalon and get makeovers and new clothes. That’s her on the left, then me,and then Lucas. You may not recognize me as much because I cut my hairpretty short. I was really nervous when the stylist took her scissors to myhair, but I’m really happy with the outcome!
  14. 14. The first time I saw Mom after cutting my hair, she gasped. “Oh,Katherine,” she said. “You’re not going through a tomboy phase againlike when you were a child, are you?” I had to laugh at her question.“No, Mom,” I reassured her. “I can still be feminine and have short hair.”
  15. 15. Back at school, my siblings and I hadrented a red and white house andmoved in. After talking together,we decided to start a Greek house.Lucas later brought home a letter“Hoh”, so we got one more andchristened our new Greek house,Var Hoh.We thought starting a Greek housewould be good for our social life. Asa romance sim, I was of courselooking for people to date. Kristin ispopularity so she was excited aboutall the friends she could make.Lucas, a family sim, went along withour plans but he was just reallylooking for one special person.
  16. 16. Once we were settled in, we had to do all that studying that wehad skimped on as teenagers. I also took up flower-arranging sothat we could have a few snapdragon bouquets around. Weworked really hard that first year to catch up to where weshould have been, but we knew that all that hard work wouldpay off in the other three years, when we wouldn’t beconstantly struggling to keep up with the rising demands of ourstudies.
  17. 17. Kristin and Lucas still got upset from time to time about theburglary we experienced when we were children. I wasn’t asaffected by it though, I guess because I was a bit older at the time.They both told me that angry thoughts about the burglary enteredtheir minds, even sometimes when they were thinking ofsomething else. It’s a good thing that burglar got caught! I can’teven imagine how mad they would be if she had gotten away scot-free!
  18. 18. It didn’t take long for Lucas to find someone he was head over heelsfor. Her name was Parvati and she was a student at the university justlike us. Like Lucas, she was also a family sim so they got along greatright away from the moment they met. Lucas was soon sharing his firstkiss with Parvati.
  19. 19. I was doing some romancing of my own, but unlike Lucas I wasn’t lookingto settle. My first date was one of my professors.
  20. 20. I had my first kiss with her. She didn’t mean anything special to me, butI was enjoying the dating scene and she was just the first of what Ihoped would be many conquests.
  21. 21. Kristin found someone pretty quickly too, but it’s kind of a funny storyhow they got together. Kristin had been checking out a lot of differentboys, but she hadn’t met anyone that she really clicked with. This guy,Castor Nova, was an exception, but he was kind of weird. For one thing,he showed up to the house wearing lipstick. I’m all for freedom ofexpression, but that was just a little strange. Anyway, Kristin checkedhim out and before she could even ask him on a date, he leaned in andkissed her. He stole her first kiss! They became a couple after that.
  22. 22. I met a girl that I had a lot in common with. We had been chatting on thephone a lot, so by the time we met face to face we were already greatfriends. Her name was Zethamae. We had very different aspirations, butotherwise we got along really well. I asked her to pledge to the GreekHouse since she was the first friend I made that I wasn’t dating.
  23. 23. Zethame and I became study buddies. While I worked on my skills, sheliked to sit down and do research next to me. We spent a lot of time ineach other’s company, quietly focused on our own studies. I got to feelso comfortable around her.
  24. 24. Since Zethamae was such a great friend, I asked her to move in once herpledge period was over. She gladly agreed.
  25. 25. I was still dating a plethora of different girls. The college was full ofsingle girls so it was easy to meet new people all the time. Thecollege directory was my best friend during these times.
  26. 26. Greek House life had its ups anddowns. On one hand, it seemedlike there was always a bit of aparty atmosphere as peoplehung out all the time. Especiallythe cheerleader – she wasalways there! Plus Kristinbrought home pizza all the timeso we were never hungry.On the other hand, the constantparty could be a bit of a downer.As Kristin realized, it’s really hardto get good sleep when someoneis yelling “Voooo Gerbits!” rightnext to your bed.
  27. 27. We were making so many friends during this time. Our Greek house wasreally rocketing through the ranks. We all spent a lot of time on thephone, and invited people over all the time. It wasn’t long before wereached rank 6.
  28. 28. When we weren’t working on other stuff, we all reallyenjoyed swimming in the pool out front. We playedMarco Polo or just floated on our backs, enjoying thesunshine. From all that swimming, I ended up gettingreally fit, which made me pretty happy.
  29. 29. During sophomore year, Lucas finally proposed to Parvati. They hadbeen a couple for just over a year by that point, so it was still prettyquick, but I know they both wanted it really badly. Lucas was sohappy that he just walked around the house beaming for daysafterwards.
  30. 30. I was still dating lots of girls, andpretty successfully if I do say somyself. However, something wasnagging at me in the back of my mind. After each date, I felt really strongly adesire to settle down.(Katherine’s secondary aspiration isfamily so she is constantly wanting topropose to everyone she dates.)
  31. 31. After much cajoling, Zethamae finally agreed to let me give her amakeover and to grow her hair out a little bit. I couldn’t help noticingthat she looked really gorgeous like that. Zethamae’s style is prettysimple so a white halter top and jeans was as wild an outfit as I couldget her into. She’s a really down-to-earth person.
  32. 32. Once she had moved in, Zethamaeand I made a pact to max our skillsby the end of college. We bothstudied hard, often together, and wemaxed one skill after another.
  33. 33. All that time spent together had an effect on us. We had become so close,and I could sense that Zethamae wanted more. She was a family sim, afterall. Even though normally family and romance don’t mix, we seemed reallycompatible otherwise, and I found myself wanting to take it to the nextlevel too. Zethamae felt different than all the throwaway relationships Ihad been in so far.(Despite different aspirations, they still have two bolts for each other.)
  34. 34. It took me some time, but I finally worked up the courage to askmy best friend on a date. I was terrified I had read the signalswrong and she would say no. However, to my delight, she wasexcited to go on a date with me and just about swooned when Ikissed her hand.
  35. 35. Our date went really well. Since we already knew each other so well,we felt comfortable together right from the start. We had no shortageof things to talk about. We had dinner together and then spent sometime walking around. By the end of the night it was official: we were acouple.
  36. 36. I had decided that Zethamae was the one I wanted to be with, so I stoppedseeing other girls. I still kept up making friends over the phone, though, butit was all innocent.(Doesn’t it look like Kristin just kicked Katherine? lol)
  37. 37. All that friend-making had an interesting payoff. I had met enoughpeople to become part of the campus’s secret society. It turned outthat, although I didn’t know it at the time, Zethamae was the firstfriend I made in the society.
  38. 38. “Sorry I couldn’t tell you, sweetie. It is a secret society, after all,”Zethamae said to me after my initiation.“That’s ok,” I replied. “Now it’s just another thing we have in common.”
  39. 39. Zethamae and I continued ourstudies, but now that we weretogether, that wasn’t all we didon the couch anymore.
  40. 40. After we had been together for several months, I decided to proposeto Zethamae. We were already best friends and we had discoveredthat we were compatible romantically. I had always known that Iwould want to be faithful to my spouse, so our differing aspirationswouldn’t matter in the end.
  41. 41. Unsurprisingly, Zethamae agreed to marry me and we began to plan ourlife together. Being a family sim, she was eager to have kids, and since Iwas a legacy sim, that was already in the plans. Everything was looking up.
  42. 42. The end of sophomore year was coming fast. The Greek house hadcontinued to be a constant party, but we decided to step it up anotch. We decided that what we really needed was to throw a realparty, the biggest one on campus. It was time: Toga Party.
  43. 43. The line to get into the party stretched out the door for some ways.Kristin was in charge of invitations and she invited all of her manyfriends, plus a few others that Lucas and I were friends with.(Kristin was the only one out of the whole party to wear ‘sexy’ togaattire. Outgoing sims just love being center of attention, I guess.)
  44. 44. Of course Parvati and Castor got invited. Both of my siblings werehappy to see their significant others.
  45. 45. Kristin can be a bit of a drama queen at times, so it didn’t surprise me toomuch that she and Castor woohooed in the photo booth right in the middleof the party. It definitely got her the attention she wanted.(Kristin rolled the want to have her first woohoo as soon as she had thrownthe party, so I figured she must have wanted her woohoo during the party.Take a look at Lucas’s horrified face in the background there – lol!)
  46. 46. Most of the party guests ended up smustling out on the sidewalk andstreet in the middle of the night. It’s amazing that none of our neighborscalled the cops! I know it’s a college neighborhood, but still, that was onecrazy party.
  47. 47. Once again, Kristin commanded everyone’s attention by getting ‘arrested’by the secret society right in the middle of the party. She loved it.(Seriously, she couldn’t wait until after the party?)
  48. 48. Zethamae and I mingled a little bit, but we had our minds on other things. Namely, each other. We slipped away to my bedroom upstairs duringthe party and spent some alone time. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Eventhough I’m a romance sim and I’ve been on plenty of dates, I still savedmy first woohoo for someone special, and that someone turned out to beZethamae. I’m glad I waited.
  49. 49. We finally decided it was time to return to the party when a tipsyprofessor found her way upstairs and sat on the couch after barging intomy bedroom. Alone time was over – for now.
  50. 50. The rest of the party went well and itwas a total success. There werepeople all over the house – playing ourvideo games, blowing bubbles. Momand Dad even showed up and spent agood amount of time chatting withKristin and one of her friends in thekitchen.
  51. 51. That night, after the party was over, Zethamae and I shared a bed for thefirst time. She moved into my room permanently after that. It felt so goodto have someone I loved to sleep next to each night.
  52. 52. After the party, things returned to normal. Junior year was starting, so itwas back to the grind of classes, assignments, and papers. Zethamae and Ihad maxed all our skills by this point so we had only schoolwork to focus on.Lucas and Kristin also worked hard at school and we all got straight A’s oneafter another.
  53. 53. Now that we didn’t have to study at the bookshelf any longer,Zethamae and I turned our attention to other pursuits. We wereinterested in the same things, so to begin with we both took upsewing. Soon we both had gold badges.
  54. 54. We also started practicingballet together. Zethamae gotgood at it much faster than Idid.It had been my idea to get asewing machine in the firstplace, so I wanted us to dosomething that interested hermainly. Zethamae was reallyinto tinkering so I got a robotbench and started working atit so I could discuss herfavorite hobby with her.
  55. 55. Although she had been living with us for a while, Zethamae reallykept to herself when she wasn’t with me, so it took until junior yearfor her to make best friends with Kristin and Lucas. Still, by thenthey were close and they soon spent lots of time together. Lucasespecially really liked Zethamae.(In fact, Lucas is attracted to Zethamae so I was constantly watchingto make sure he didn’t try to flirt with her or something. Zethamaehad eyes only for Katherine, and Lucas behaved himself, so thereended up being nothing to worry about.)
  56. 56. Since he was already friends with Kristin and me, Zethamae was the thirdperson Lucas needed to know to get into the secret society, and he was soonbeing marched off the premises to the Landgrabb Society too.
  57. 57. When he wasn’t spending time with Parvati or working on hisschoolwork, Lucas had become a bit of a bubblehead. He wasconstantly on the bubble blower and although other people cameand went, he was always there. At least he didn’t slack on school.
  58. 58. Senior year came and went and we allkept busy. We worked hard on schoolstuff but we also played pretty hardtoo. Soon we had graduated and it wasalmost time to head home.
  59. 59. Throughout the end of our school career, Zethamae and I continued tobe absolutely in love with each other. Zethamae was so sweet – shewould always seek me out to give me kisses or hugs, just because. Iknew I had chosen the right person to spend the rest of my life with.
  60. 60. Finally the time came for me to part ways with my siblings. We allhad significant others and big plans for after college. Lucas andParvati were engaged and could hardly wait to get married. Kristinand Castor had saved up and purchased a big house to move intoafter college, and Kristin told me she thought Castor wouldpropose soon. Before we all moved out, I gave my sister andbrother a big hug and told them I loved them. I would miss them,but I was also so happy that all of us had wonderful lives waitingfor us.
  61. 61. “And as for you,” I told Zethamae. “I’ll see you soon, and then we’ll getmarried too and start the rest of our life together.”“I can’t wait,” she replied.Zethamae was a semester behind the rest of us, so she still had to finishher degree before she could move home with me. It would be hard to beapart, but I knew we would be together again soon.
  62. 62. The three of us got ready to moveon, now as full-fledged adults.Some of us dressed a little betterfor it than others.
  63. 63. Zethamae told me over the phone that she missed me terribly.She said the first night sleeping in the big bed by herself was thehardest. I knew it was especially hard on her to be alone, but itwould all be worth it, so that’s what I told her. She agreed.
  64. 64. While I was waiting back at home for Zethamae to graduate, my siblingswere getting on with their lives. Lucas and Parvati moved in together.Lucas told me he was the happiest he had ever been in his whole life,just being with the one he loved.
  65. 65. Because they just couldn’t wait any longer, Lucas and Parvati gotmarried in a private ceremony in their backyard. I know that gettingmarried was one of the biggest things Lucas wanted out of life, so Iwas so happy for him.
  66. 66. Lucas and Parvati make a great couple, and they were so happy together. The only thing that could make them happier would be children, butthose would come with time.
  67. 67. (Lucas and Parvati’s woohoo was so hot the bed is still sparking severalhours later!)
  68. 68. Lucas and Parvati first had twins who inherited Parvati’s red hair. The boy they namedFëanor and the girl was named Galadriel.(I finally got to name a sim Galadriel! Yay! The naming theme for this generation ischaracters from my favorite books. Fëanor and Galadriel are both characters from TheSilmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien, which tells the tales of Middle Earth and the surroundingworld before the events of the Lord of the Rings. Both are elves. Fëanor is a greatleader and has a fiery temper and a skill for creating things, especially the Silmarils,jewels for which the book is named, while Galadriel was the epitome of grace andgoodwill. She learned refinement from Melian, a minor goddess, and eventually cameto rule Lórien in Middle Earth.)
  69. 69. Soon after Fëanor and Galadriel grew into children, their parents calledeveryone together for a family meeting. They had an announcement tomake: their family would be growing by one more.
  70. 70. Lucas and Parvati’s third child was a blonde little girl named Melian.(Melian is also from The Silmarillion. She is of the Maia, a minor race thatserves the Valar, the gods and goddesses of that world. She marriedThingol, an elf, and they ruled over the kingdom of Doriath together. Shewas a great singer and a beautiful and graceful person.)
  71. 71. That brings us up to date with Lucas and Parvati. They’re both rightwhere they always wanted to be, and couldn’t be happier.
  72. 72. Kristin and Castor moved into their new house together, and it wasn’tlong before Castor proposed. Kristin of course said yes. She had wantedto wait for him but she was starting to get impatient, so it made her reallyhappy when he finally proposed.
  73. 73. Kristin and Castor came together somewhat on accident, but they’ve beendevoted to each other ever since. Moving in together was great for them,and they started planning their wedding together. I could hardly believeit when I saw Kristin’s plans, but she was preparing for a wedding thatwould be much bigger than the one I was planning. Just like her to go allout on something like that.
  74. 74. Kristin’s huge wedding got her just the sort of attention she desired.
  75. 75. I have to admit, though, it was a beautiful wedding.
  76. 76. I complimented Kristin after the service and she told me that shethought I would be an even more beautiful bride. I did forgive her alittle bit for out-doing me on the wedding after that.
  77. 77. The whole family plus a bunch of friends from college were inattendance. Zethamae was there, of course. It was the first time Ihad seen her since my graduation, and we could barely keep ourhands off each other at the reception.(Zethamae and Katherine were guests so they were uncontrollableand they really did spend the whole time flirting with and kissingeach other.)
  78. 78. It was fun to get together as a family. We all came out from the mainhouse, and Lucas was there as well.(Who wears black to a wedding? The McManias do!)
  79. 79. In the months after their wedding, Kristin and Castor soon found outthey were expecting. Both of them were excited to meet their newaddition.
  80. 80. Just like Lucas and Parvati, Kristin and Castor had twins. Unlike Lucas andParvati, that’s where they stopped. They named their children Fabala andFiyero.(These characters are from Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Fabala is thenickname of the main character, Elphaba, who eventually becomes knownas the Wicked Witch of the West. She is smart, sarcastic and opinionated.Fiyero is prince of the Vinkus and a love interest of Elphaba. He has bluetattoos over much of his body and is thoughtful and kind.)
  81. 81. (And that’s the end of the college and spares chapter. Please check backnext time to see what Katherine and Zethamae get up to after college. Inthe mean time, make sure to stop by SiMania to chat with the greatestgroup of simmers on the net: )