Encore act 4 scene 2


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Encore act 4 scene 2

  1. 1. Welcome back to SiMania Admods: the Musical! When last we checked in, heiressMarty and her three sisters had a successful run through college, and then thesisters and their two brothers settled down with happy families. Finally, Martyarrived home at the lovely house Katie had built. By the time I loaded them again,the family found themselves on a new lot with a new house, because I am ahouse-building addict, y’all. I cannot help myself. They’re living in Veronavilleagain, where this whole legacy began back with Aria, so I built them what Ithought was a suitable Veronaville-style legacy mansion.
  2. 2. Here’s the inside, for any of youbesides me that are interested inthese kinds of things. Upstairs,there is a great room/playroom inthe middle, surrounded startingbottom left clockwise with: adultbedroom, elder bedroom, masterbath, children’s bath, boys’ room,girls’ room, and nursery.Downstairs, starting from bottomleft clockwise, is a living room,dining/kitchen, pet room, study,sunroom, front hall, and anangular little bathroom squeezedinto the middle right there.Okay, enough with the tour, right?What about the story already?!Well, we’re getting there . . .
  3. 3. At the new house, Marty quickly invited over Steven, who had inexplicably changed into a pink maid outfit instead of his usual white. She quickly moved him in and got him into more sensible clothes.While Marty prepared drinks forthe upcoming wedding party,Steven apparently thought toimpress his future bride by cookingthem a little lunch.
  4. 4. It didn’t go so well. Poor Steven. He may have maxedcleaning but he doesn’t have much in the way of other skills.
  5. 5. Isn’t it bad luck for the groomto see the bride in her dressbefore the wedding? Thesetwo weren’t worried aboutthat apparently, as they ranaround the house pre-partymaking out.Marty’s parents, Rolfe andMartha, were outside doingpretty much the same thing.
  6. 6. The guests were all five of the other Encore children. I didn’tdo it on purpose, but I dressed them all in black, red, andwhite so they actually looked kind of coordinated when theyall arrived. Of course they rushed in the house to do stupidstuff before they could be corralled off to the ceremony.
  7. 7. Whoops! Looks like someone (who is definitely not me) planted thetrees too close. Steven’s probably got a mouthful of pollen rightabout now.
  8. 8. With the trees retreating to a safe distance, Steven breathed indeeply while Marty walked down the aisle. All of the guests exceptSandy made it into seats. Despite there being more than enoughseats, Sandy decided to stare down Betty throughout the wholeceremony instead of paying attention.
  9. 9. Marty and Steven said their vows ,kissed, exchanged rings . . . . . . and became Marty and Steven Encore, the generation four couple.
  10. 10. Steven and Rolfe are family sims and Martha has a secondary familyaspiration, so the wedding made three quarters of the house extremelyhappy.
  11. 11. Marty and Steven shared their first dance together right in front ofthe arch.
  12. 12. Meanwhile, Marty’s sisters stood off a little ways and gossiped aboutSteven burning his food. Ah, mean sims, never change.
  13. 13. The wedding party mostly consisted of juice drinking and playingwith the family’s three dogs: Doody, Putzie, and Frenchy.
  14. 14. A little bit of this helped drive the party score up too.
  15. 15. By the time the (roof raiser) party wound down, Steven and Martywere back in their regular clothes and attending to everydaybusiness, namely scheduling a vacation and training the dogs.
  16. 16. “Bye Mom and Dad! I’m going on my honeymoon with Steven! Wishme luck!”“Wasn’t today a beautiful sunny day, Rolfe?”“Right then. Don’t mind me. I’ll show myself out.”
  17. 17. Afraid the legacy might get a bit too . . . dignified? Don’tbe.
  18. 18. Marty and Steven brought the education bookcase with them and spentthe first part of their vacation studying. Steven was severely deficient inskills, and if he was ever going to make Captain Hero like his lifetime want,he’d need some skills. Marty maxed hers as a kid, so she studiedparenting and stuff like that to keep Steven company. Not much of ahoneymoon, huh?
  19. 19. They soon got back on track and spent the rest of the vacationrelaxing and being romantic.
  20. 20. For Marty, an avid romance sim, this meant having publicwoohoo at least once daily. I think they desecrated prettymuch every clothing booth in Takemizu.
  21. 21. They hit all the regular hot spots inTakemizu, eating foreign food,combing the zen garden, relaxing inthe hot springs.
  22. 22. They also made it out to TheTemple in the Shadows (is thatwhat it’s called? I think it is . . .)and met the wise old man.While Marty chatted him upabout her favorite pastime,Steven jumped rope nearby.I’m the sure the wise man wasvery impressed with these twoerudite scholars.
  23. 23. They finally got to hear the story thanks to Marty’s scintillatingconversational skills. She actually did this rather quickly so I thinkshe and the wise man must have had a lot of interests in common.
  24. 24. The rest of the trip was a bit of amixed bag, really. Marty wowedmullet-kimono guy with tales of hergreat wedding. We also got towitness a local pouring soap in thefountain, which was quite amusing.Finally, Marty got the itches fromgoing on a tour. That’s what shegets for going without Steven!
  25. 25. Finally, with Takemizu explored and thoroughly woohooed-throughout, Steven and Marty took to the bedroom at thevacation house to conceive their first child. Problem was, itjust wasn’t happening. Although Marty loved all thewoohoo, both of them were getting pretty tired but nolullaby was forthcoming. Finally I just sent them to sleep.
  26. 26. The next morning, the couple discussed their sudden brush withinfertility.“Maybe public woohoo would help? Couldn’t hurt to try.”Sure, Marty. Very convincing.
  27. 27. So . . . I tried the cheater’s public woohoo (aka a photo booth at home) andnot only did they have another dream date and made Marty platinum, thelullaby played and the couple officially got to hear “the music of the night.”Even though it was daytime at this point. Look, just go with it. Theirvacation over and their one job fulfilled, Steven called for a ride for thecouple to go back home.
  28. 28. They left the vacation house . . .. . . and arrived back home safely.Marsha rushed to hug her daughterso maybe she and Rolfe did noticethey were gone.
  29. 29. It is not very respectful to pee in the graveyard, Doody. I am notimpressed. Neither is Steven, who had to go clean it up because Ididn’t want weeds in there.
  30. 30. Both of these couples are verrrrrry affectionate. They aren’t always inthe same room as each other, but if they’re left alone, both of themend up like this.
  31. 31. Pop! Marty is definitely pregnant with the first child of generation five!
  32. 32. Love the ghost dogs playing together. This is Bernice and Cacophony,in case you wanted to know. They’re so cute and a little sad. At leastthey’re having fun in the afterlife.
  33. 33. “Mmm, my wife is so hot. She could not be more attractive to meright now.”Seriously, Rolfe?
  34. 34. It’s time to bring in the next generation of puppies, so we need a littlespace in the house. Frenchy and Doody went to Danny here. We keptPutzie in the hopes that he would pass on his blue mask coloring.
  35. 35. Meanwhile, the Encores adopted a new dog, a little beagle namedDiva. I still am tightly holding on to possible names for this generation,so I’m going to name the dogs something related to opera.Diva and Putzie got on great right away.
  36. 36. However, Diva didn’t start off great with the family. I’m afraidDiva is a Bad Dog. She peed everywhere around the houseand didn’t stop until her training bar was completely full. Shealso attempted to destroy furniture quite a few times. As aresult, she got trained in these two areas pretty well, but herfirst days in the house sure were rough.
  37. 37. Because she had to be constantly scolded, Diva didn’t start out with thebest relationships with the family. In order for there to be puppies, shehas to be friends with someone, so Marty began buttering her up withtreats and strokes and they were soon friends. Diva came to usknowing ‘sit up’, so I had Marty command her to do that a few timestoo because that gets a pretty good relationship bump for a successfulcommand.
  38. 38. Pop again! This time Marty was making friends with Putzie, since sheneeds good relationships with both dogs and she didn’t really knowPutzie very well. If everything goes well, we should have puppies and ababy in the house at roughly the same time.
  39. 39. Aria is the first non-dog ghost to appear at the new house,fittingly since she is the founder. I think she makes a ratherdignified-looking ghost.
  40. 40. She also found her way inside right away, dashing my hopes that theghosts might stay out for a bit. She proceeded to enter the study . . .
  41. 41. . . . and scare the third trimester pregnant sim. Not cool, Aria. As if shedidn’t need to pee enough already. Actually, Marty had a pretty easypregnancy and didn’t even get sick once.
  42. 42. A few more pregnancy shotsfor you. Marty never fearedher wedding or theimpending birth, whichmakes her a good romancesim in my book. She actuallyrolled a want for this childwhen she came homepregnant from vacation, andyou better believe I lockedthat right away!
  43. 43. Marty may be happy despite being aromance sim, but Steven is over the moonwith his new wife and their baby. Both simsare waiting for their LTW career tracks toopen up (Law for Steven, Oceanography forMarty) so they spend a lot of time togetherat home. Marty actually found her job thesecond day of her pregnancy, but I decidedto let her stay home until she was un-pregnant since romancing with Steven kepther in a good mood.
  44. 44. Later that day, Diva and Putzie finally try for puppy. Like theirmasters, it took them a few tries to get a lullaby. Immediately afterreturning inside, Putzie became an elder. Luckily he’ll be able to getto know his puppies since he’s just now becoming an elder. I decidednot to use the kibble of life on him since Diva and his puppy orpuppies will still be around. Besides, with the way this family’s beengoing, we’ll need the space to get enough kids to get the skin.
  45. 45. That evening Marty goes into labor in the study. I can’t wait to seehow the baby turns out. I’m hoping for blue skin obviously, but I’malso hoping we’ll see a redhead since Steven and Martha both havered hair.
  46. 46. Missed the aspiration points but you can see from the influencepoints that the baby made the household very happy, includingMarty.
  47. 47. Oh my goodness! We actually got a blue baby the first time! I cannotbelieve my luck after two generations where the skin waited until thesixth child then didn’t appear at all. Picking Marty as heiress turned outto be the right choice, because the skin skipped a generation and shedelivered a potential heir on the first try. For once, I’m nearly as excitedabout a birth as the sims – I literally clapped my hands together and said“Yes!” when Marty had her baby girl.
  48. 48. And here she is, Miss Christine Encore, with the family eyes and brown hair. Guess shegot all her genetics from Marty.Christine Daae is the main character of The Phantom of the Opera, an orphaned girl wholives in the opera house and works in the dance corps until chance (and the phantom’smeddlings and tutelage) give her the opportunity to become the opera’s new soprano.She comes to meet again a childhood friend named Raoul and is left with a choicebetween the controlling but compelling phantom or building a life with Raoul.
  49. 49. Everyone is delighted with the new baby. I love the look Rolfe and Martha are sharing in this first photo. “We did it,” they seem to be thinking. “The family delivered on its promise.” Or probably they’re thinking about making out, but let’s pretend they’re reflecting on the momentous birth.Steven is, of course, thrilled, androlls up wants to play with Christineright away. He does so, andpromptly winds up with baby spitup on him. From the pool to theshower, sir.
  50. 50. Now that’s she both trained and pregnant, Diva has transformedinto a productive and pleasing family member. Marty is particularlydevoted to her.
  51. 51. But Marty is also devoted to her new daughter. If I leave her aloneupstairs, I often find her rocking Christine or bouncing her. If it weren’tfor the frequent wants to meet new people and woohoo in public, Imight wonder about her aspiration.
  52. 52. So . . . I tried to get a cute pic of Christine in the dangler, maybe chewingon her feet or something, but instead she just laid there and screamed. Idon’t get it. Her diaper was clean, her belly was full, her mom had beendoting on her and she had just woken up from a nap. I guess she’s justcranky. Or maybe she hates the dangler. Who knows?
  53. 53. Another weird incident. Betty came over and invited herself in toplay darts. When I looked at Marty’s relationship with Betty, she wasfurious for some reason. I never did figure out what Betty did tomake Marty mad, but I had Marty apologize until the furiousnesswore off and their relationship returned to its previous heights.
  54. 54. Ugh, Putzie is finicky. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s somethingbroken in my game with finicky pets. Are they this bad foreveryone else? He won’t eat from the pet bowls but he will eattrash, drink pee puddles with a wolf (after the wolf rolled in it,naturally) and eat snow. But he won’t eat dog food.
  55. 55. Christine is still a baby but the presence of morning sickness andthe bump confirm that Marty is pregnant again. Now that wehave a potential heiress, there only needs to be three children, soI want them close in age so they grow up together.
  56. 56. Steven finally finds his job and with the skills he’s been working onduring vacation and in the meantime at home, he starts pretty high up.Soon he’s permaplat. Unfortunately, his next lifetime want is cultleader and requires a college degree, so this will be the only one hecompletes. Marty, meanwhile, is pregnant again. The days in betweenpregnancies all happened to be days off from work, so she hasn’tgotten a chance to go complete her LTW yet.
  57. 57. “Hello, little baby. It’s nice to see someone else with such a fetching skincolor. Not like all these peach freaks around us. No, we’re the specialones, aren’t we, sweetie?”
  58. 58. Marty had a very special relationship with Christine right off the bat.She had a high score towards her daughter since her birth, andChristine must have felt likewise, because with a pretty normal levelof interaction between them, they made best friends just beforeMarty brought her to the cake. I’ve never had that happen before.
  59. 59. Oh, wow. Red hair! That was a surprise! I guess the red eyebrows onthe blue skin just looked brown, because that’s definitely red hair andwhen I got her to the mirror, her eyebrows were also categorized asred. Well, that’s even better! Family skin, family eyes, red hair.How’s the personality? That’s good too! Christine is 7/3/2/7/10, avery nice, playful, and neat little thing. I like this kid.
  60. 60. Here she is with some better hair and clothes, plus some lightfreckles. Freckles on blue skin? She has red hair, so why not? I justthought it looked cute on her. She’s a pretty adorable little girl.
  61. 61. Cleve! I’m so happy to see you, you crazy sim. Luckilyyou’re still stupid and can’t figure out how to make itinside.Kea! I’m not so happy to see you! Please don’t be meanlike you were in previous chapters. :(
  62. 62. Of course Diva had to go and have four puppies. Of course. And the littlethings were so active that one of them jumped up and ran out of thepicture before the fourth pup was even done appearing, so I never did havea chance to take a pic of all four of them. There’s two girls named Sopranoand Contralto, and two boys named Tenor and Baritone. So far they allhave white fur and their mom’s yellow eyes. No blue mask. Too bad.
  63. 63. Some father! Putzie went and slept in the doghouse outside whilehis four puppies were tearing up the inside of the house.
  64. 64. I know you’re hungry! Just eat, you stupid dog! There are three full,clean bowls of dog food just in the other room!
  65. 65. Meanwhile, in less distressing and dumb happenings, Steven made friendswith Christine the day after her birthday. She’s very close with both herparents right away.
  66. 66. It was a family effort to trainChristine. Marsha started the potty-training and Steven finished it later.Rolfe taught her how to walk andMarsha taught her to talk. Finally,Marty taught her a nursery rhyme.
  67. 67. “Oh my, that was some kick! Look, honey, I just reached the thirdtrimester!”“Not now, wife, on my way to work.”“Hmmph.”
  68. 68. Steven made it up to her later, though.
  69. 69. Marty continues to defy herromancin’ heart, doting on herdaughter and spending lots ofher free time playing withpuppies. I guess most legacysims that are romance end upliving the family lifestylewithout too much fuss, butMarty really seems to take to it.The funny thing is, she still rollsa lot of romance wants. Shemay be pregnant and playingwith her daughter, but insideshe’s wishing to do publicwoohoo with three sims. Notlikely to happen, Marty.
  70. 70. Oh my goodness, four puppies.They are really a handful. Thehouse is basically full of peepuddles because we can’t alwaysget them out in time and theyseem to go in the middle of thenight when everyone’s asleepanyway. Other than that, they’renot bad, but they’re constantlyinterrupting sims for attention.
  71. 71. “So hot.”Stop being gross, Rolfe, and leave the poor woman alonein the bathroom!
  72. 72. In the middle of winter, despite being extremely pregnant, Marty decidedto clean the dog house – you know, as one does – and wound up givingbirth out on the patio instead. Steven is at work but Rolfe and Marshawere making out outside – again, as one does – and ran to theirdaughter’s aid. Amusingly, while Marsha took the straight path there,Rolfe elected to go through the pool to get to the other side of the area.See him climbing the pool slide there? Now that cracked me up.
  73. 73. Rolfe made it to the other side just in time to witness the birth,although now he was freezing.
  74. 74. Meet baby boy Raoul, with S2 skin, the family eyes, and what I’m prettysure this time is brown hair. He’s unfortunately not eligible for heir.Raoul was a childhood friend of Christine’s, and then met her again at theopera after being separated for many years. He’s the Vicomte de Chagny, aFrench noble, and a patron of the opera. They fall in love but have to hidefrom the possessive phantom.
  75. 75. Just like his sister, Raoul got plenty of attention. Stevenrolled up wants for him all the time and Marty spent timein the nursery as well.
  76. 76. Just an elderly blue man getting down to the sweet tunes of his wife’spiano concerto. Nothing to see here.
  77. 77. Marty has to wake up early for her first shift in theOceanography track. For some reason, even though heshould have slept in till six, Steven got up too. I guess hewanted to show his support for his wife. He’s a pretty goodguy, really, and he is totally devoted to his family as only afamily sim can be.I’m glad Marty finally has the chance to becomepermaplatinum. Between the way the days off lined up andher pregnancies, it was at least a week before she could go in.
  78. 78. Christine and her grandparents decided to have a STEM conference inthe nursery. Sure. That makes sense. Looks like the topics should bequite varied.
  79. 79. “And then he asked me why I wear blue makeup! Can you believe it?”
  80. 80. Viola stopped by and she isstill the responsible one ofthe Encore kids. Instead ofheading inside to play likeBetty, Viola takes some timeto clean up after the puppiesbefore showering them withattention.
  81. 81. Marty brought home a friend from work named Isaac so she didn’tdisplay the points, but she reached her LTW. Now all the adults in thehouse are permaplat. Her next lifetime want is to be a visionary.
  82. 82. Isaac is apparently bohemian because he greeted Rolfe with an earthyhug. It took me a little while to figure out that’s what was happeningbecause at first I was just thinking, “Why is Rolfe hugging this guy he’snever met before? Do they have some relationship I’m not aware of?”
  83. 83. While Isaac plays hacky-sack with Marsha in the background, Martyexperiences the first kick of her final pregnancy. Baby number 3, thelast one, is on its way. Let’s hope for blue skin so we can actually havea choice for heir for the first time since the second generation!
  84. 84. And now let’s end with a double birthday. In act four, scene three, you’llget to see how Christine and Raoul grow up, and what baby numberthree looks like. Will there be competition for the heirship or willChristine clinch it? Thanks again for reading and be sure to visit SiMania!