Reality Bites: Chapter Two


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Reality Bites: Chapter Two

  1. 1. Reality Bites: An OWBCChapter Two: Family Things
  2. 2. “Hello, and welcome back to Reality Bites:An OWBC! Im your host,Ginger Newson!”“Last time, we met the founder, Elijah, watched him find love, andhave two children – twins, Ben and Beatrice. If it sounds unfamiliar,you might want to catch up. Just a thought.Now, onwards!”
  3. 3. “Shes good, isnt she?” Charlie beamed at her co-producer. Matthewsighed.“She needs a co-host. Every show has a co-host!”“Not every show,” Charlie replied truthfully, “I think she does fine onher own.”“Were not discussing this now. Look, the shows starting.”
  4. 4. We return to the Mirror family, just in time to catch a twin crying.A familiar sight for the family. Its chaos taking care of the twins, I satthere wondering why I had cheesecaked them.
  5. 5. But when they are both quiet and amused, they are adorable andcompletely worth the cheesecake and hassle.I also like the fact they grew up in matching pyjamas.
  6. 6. Ben is a little troublemaker. If hes not messing with cat food, hesplaying in the toilet, or dancing to the stereo in the lounge.Hes going to be fun when he grows up.
  7. 7. Edith began showing signs of another pregnancy. A pregnancy that willgive us a bad apple. :)
  8. 8. And soon, its time to throw the toddlers into childhood.Elijah was too busy working in order to help.
  9. 9. And here they are, smustling it up. Ben looks a lot like Elijah, exceptfor his nose, while Beatrice looks quite a lot like Edith.I love them both! Theyre very twin-ly.
  10. 10. The twins spend all of their time dancing. Such is the way of OWBClife.
  11. 11. I know the pregnancy flew by, but I lost quite a few pictures forreasons I will explain later.“My wife is still hot when she gives birth!”
  12. 12. And with that line of encouragement, Edith brought the familys badapple, Olivia, into the world.
  13. 13. “Hooray! It snowed!”They may live in the desert, but I still have the seasons set for winter.
  14. 14. And so snow day pursuits begin.“Have you SEEN how many flamingos there are in our yard?”Yes, yes I have, Ben.“Its beautiful!”It is indeed.
  15. 15. Soon, Olivia was thrown into toddlerhood.She looks almost completely like Edith. And doesnt have the elf ears.
  16. 16. Olivia is adorable.She basically continued the traditions the twins set – spending hertoddler years dancing.
  17. 17. She did spend some time crying though.Probably because Elijah and Edith spent a lot of time gettingdistracted by each other, rather than teaching her to talk and walk andstuff.I guess aspiration failure makes for a more interesting bad apple,right?
  18. 18. Edith started showing her final pregnancy too.I checked using the pregnancy scanner, and shes expecting twins. Mypunishment for cheesecaking Ben and Bea, right?
  19. 19. Heehee, the twins even sleep in sync.I love the twins.
  20. 20. Goopy drops by to distract Olivia while Edith and Elijah prove theyhave no self control at all.Talk about scarred for life.
  21. 21. I think this sums up the Mirror family. Lines of flamingos, and a meansnowman.Now, I was curious as to who built the mean snowman, and there wasonly one way to figure out who was to blame...
  22. 22. A snowman building competition! Held at night!Edith was too pregnant to join in, and Olivia does whatever she likes,whenever she likes, so she didnt join in.
  23. 23. Ben won, finishing his perfectly nice snowman first, with a view of theflamingo army in the background.
  24. 24. Bea finished second with a snowman to match Bens – which doesntsurprise me in the slightest. They are very twin-ly twins.
  25. 25. “Well, I was beaten. I see no point in finishing it now.”Elijah! You cant leave a faceless snowman outside with the perfectsnowmen your children built!
  26. 26. “Fine.”So it was Elijah who built the mean snowman before. Elijah alsofinishes in last place.
  27. 27. Of course, with the snowmen built, it was an open invitation for thepenguin to drop by.
  28. 28. Although, I find it hard to believe this penguin is cute most of the time.This face scares me. :/
  29. 29. Olivia grows up, with no one watching.They were too busy woohooing, or smustling, or being confused bytheir snowmen not melting with all the other snow. Glitches, hey?
  30. 30. Olivia looks a lot like Bea, in my opinion.
  31. 31. Later on, Edith goes into labour in the middle of the street.This doesnt surprise me in the slightest.
  32. 32. Elijah didnt inappropriately hold thoughts about having a hot wife thistime, as Edith brought the twins into the world.This brings the kid count up to five. -headdesk-
  33. 33. Ill introduce the twins in a moment, but its time to pause and payattention to Olivia.I keep catching her doing the “-sigh- I am such a nice sim” thing.Hooray for figuring out a bit of the bad apples personality!
  34. 34. Apparently, I dont have any pictures of the twins as babies. Thatmakes me a bad simmer.But, I do have adorable pictures of toddlers! This is Opal!There was a sim in my last OWBC named Opal. I had to recycle Onames. This Opal seems fairly different. She looks a lot like Elijah.
  35. 35. And this is Octopus.I ran out of O names. I did have one planned, and forgot it in time forOctopuss birth. Predictably, I remembered the name when it was toolate.I think he is the only shy child.
  36. 36. I swear we are not trying to bury Octopus.Edith is just looking for the map to the Hidden Burrow at Three Lakes,because thats where the family holiday is going to be once thetoddlers have grown into kids.
  37. 37. Its time for a quadruple birthday! Ive never had a quad birthdaybefore.The older twins are growing into teens, while the younger twins aregrowing into children.
  38. 38. Ben rolled knowledge and I think Bea rolled romance.“Bea, the twins have the right idea.”“What do you mean?”“I think we should smustle...”
  39. 39. Twin Smustle Party!
  40. 40. Theres only one family member missing from this picture. Even thecat made it into the living room. And where is Olivia?
  41. 41. Olivia was too busy splashing in the downstairs bathroom.The drew rule means I hardly ever remember to fix anything.
  42. 42. Good to see they cleaned up the cakes before heading off to ThreeLakes. Or not. I think those cakes have been there for three days,which is really bad.But oh well! Three Lakes!
  43. 43. Let the family fun begin!
  44. 44. “Haha,” Ben laughed, “you fell in and we havent even played oneround yet!”“You talk tough for someone who is going to fall in head first!” Beachuckled, “I challenge you to a log rolling competition.”“In order to defend my honour, I accept your challenge!”
  45. 45. A family holiday just isnt a holiday until a brother and sister declarewar on a rotating log over a pond.“Come on, come on, come on,” Bea chanted under her breath, “Fallin!”Ben worriedly moved his feet, terrified he was losing his footing. Hestumbled, and fell into the water, face first.
  46. 46. “VICTORY IS MINE!”A well-deserved victory. Bea is clearly not above beating her brother inorder to defend her honour.
  47. 47. Opal, meanwhile, amused herself by reading the initials on thewooden tree log.“Look, Octo! This D.L person has loads of friends! I want loads offriends!”“Mummy says she doesnt want us to have lots of friends,” Octopusanswered, truthfully, “wed have to be normal when they came over fordinner.”
  48. 48. OWBC families, hey? They act so inappropriately abroad.
  49. 49. Meanwhile, Olivia talks to strangers, and...
  50. 50. ...jumping in flowerbeds. Total nightmare.
  51. 51. “Well apparently the taxi wont arrive for another hour or so,” Elijahannounced, entering the strange house, “I wont try my hand at mapreading again. What did I miss?”“How would you feel if I said Ben and Bea were slapdancing with astrange hairy man? And that the strange hairy man has invited himselfto live with us? That his name is Garrett?”Elijahs eyes widened, but before he could speak, Edith interrupted,“Excuse me one second,”
  52. 52. “Octopus! Get OFF Mr Bigfoots bed...I mean hammock....thats notpolite!”I remember my parents telling me off for climbing on stuff as a kid, too.
  53. 53. Edith and Elijah then began behaving inappropriately.
  54. 54. And then for no reason, Opal and Octopus had a fight.
  55. 55. The family then saw this tourist being stalked by a penguin.Its not a good vacation until youve seen a tourist being stalked by apenguin, right?
  56. 56. Then who should show up, but the pick pocketer!
  57. 57. Mr Charlatan quickly gets to work on the poor tourist.
  58. 58. “What just happened here?!”
  59. 59. Meanwhile, the penguin found a different tourist to follow.Just in time for the Mirrors to return home.
  60. 60. Back home, the family found Garrett waiting. He immediately went towork on the family farm.Im hoping for plantsims next generation.
  61. 61. Life continues as normal for the family, even with a bigfoot living withthem.Somehow, Opal got herself into another fight. This time, she definitelylost.
  62. 62. Olivia grew up, too, once the family had settled back into life. No party,no friends, no family, just her.Olivia rolled family.
  63. 63. Opal also decided on the best place to play with bubbles.Apparently, its the middle of the road.
  64. 64. Luckily for the Mirrors, they live on the quietest corner of town.
  65. 65. When the twins birthdays come round, the entire family celebrates.Even the cat.
  66. 66. Octopus and Opal grew up well! Opal rolled Romance, and Octopusrolled Fortune.
  67. 67. Those were the only pictures I got of them as teens, because I had torebuild the hood after that. But there is good news as well as badnews – the rebuild is finished, and the neighbourhood is ready to playagain.I just need an heir. So the heir poll is now up.
  68. 68. “Thats all we have time for, join me next time as the next generationtakes over!Thanks for joining us!”